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Limmie is back!

LimmieIt was a popular sport played on many planets.  It was the favorite sport of Mandalorians and clone commandos. In Mando’ the game was called Meshgeroya the beautiful game.  In 0 BBY the Galactic Cup was put on hiatus after the destruction of Alderaan and Team Alderaan was dissolved.  Before the battle of Yavin, there were teams like Team  Alderaan, Bylluran Athletic, Team Coruscant, Team Fondor, Team Fwilsving, Team Kinyen, Team Kothlis, Team Kubindi, Team Ord Mantell, Team Ralltiir, Team Tralus, and Team Yag’Dhul.  Great Athletes like Cael Hanarist from Team Alderaan, Jipoly Numifolis from Team Coruscant, and Onila Richblum from Team Yag’Dhul were all stars of the game.

The sport was called Limmie, also called bolo-ball depending on the location.  Minx Bade, the liaison of the Affiliated Fress Systems to the Bareesh Clan and Great Council of the Hutts has told GNW that she has plans to bring the sport back.  The event, she said,  “will be played every other weekend opposite of the swoop races.”  The next swoop event will be on the 19th of this month. Minx is also in search for good athletes who are willing to play the sport.

The game is teams of 3 players, a center, and two forward positions
each half is 1000 seconds.  Two teams play against each other, trying to score a goal. Single points are awarded for minx_001each goal.  Actions like kicks, headers and physical contact in the form of tackles is allowed.  An off-side rule also exists and penalties are awarded for infringements. The game is referred by an on-field referee and two linesmen over two half-times. Minx Bade said this will be a sport that it’s going to be a fun event that everyone can enjoy as well as place wagers.

Nar Shaddaa Ambassadorial Complex

Snapshot _ Mos Espa _ Nar Shaddaa _ Ilum (SWRP) [ILM-CS only],The Kalway Order of Jedi opened the Zenmondo Institute of Diplomacy. The small gathering included Grand Master Iria Tuqiri, Rolga Bareesh, Masters Tanira Ramen and Thalia Spintrus, Jedi Knight Karma Meifft, Captain Minx Bade, Chiss Ascendency representatives Tilz’enro’sabosen of House Sabosen and Anaria Csapla, various others including a delegation for the Celestials.

The purpose of the embassy as stated by Master Spintrus was to open the doors of diplomacy versus perpetuating the myth that Jedi are out to impose morality on the galaxy but rather maintain peace and stability while defending those who need such defense.

It was also stated that the embassy is a natural, logical progression of the work done to negotiate the Nar Shaddaa Accords, as done by Jedi Council Master Zenmondo Wormser, who was also in attendance and for whom the embassy is named.

After the brief statement, Rolga Bareesh heard audiences from the Jedi and discussed a matter that was of importance, showing that the purpose of the embassy was respected by both Jedi and Hutts on Nar Shaddaa.

A Bounty on the Supreme Chancellor

GNWAnother news source reported that:  “ Rolga the Hutt has placed a bounty on the Supreme Chancellor. The Senate met this week and did not look kindly on such actions. Sanctions have now been placed on Hutt Space and all trade halted until the bounties have been lifted. The Republic also expressed it’s extreme disappointment in our allies, the Galactic Federation of Free Republics, most notably Yavin and the Kalway Jedi Order for standing side by side with Rolga the Hutt in a new alliance with the Bareesh clan despite knowing they intend to have the Supreme Chancellor murdered.
The alliance with the Galactic Federation of Free Republics was declared at an end
and sanctions placed as well for the time being.”

GNW Source reported that it wasn’t Rolga The Hutt that done it but a former member of byss who put a bounty on serveal people over a  grudge. Our source said, “One of Byss’s top ranking officials believes the person who made the bounties is a former member who has a long-standing grudge against all three people who got bounties placed on them. And the person who believes it’s a former Byss member got one on themselves.”  GNW was given the person name and we have records of the person who place the bounty on the Supreme Chancellor.   We were told by our source that person who made the bounty wanted to remain unknown.  Attention may raise between the Hutts, the Republic, the Galactic Federation of Free Republics so GNW will allow this person name to be known.

Bounty issuer name: Braelin Daggoth

Bounty target name: Valara Kira~Alayni Axelrad

ILM Credit bounty price: 20k

OOC note:  We were told that this person created a new account to place this bounty.  BraelinDaggoth Resident: I have posted marks. I wish my primary to remain unknown. Thus this alt name. I paid the prices. That is all. Thank you.

Nar Shaddaa Swoop Races (Aug 4th, 2018)

Snapshot _ Mos Espa _ Nar Shaddaa _ Ilum (SWRP) [ILM-CS only], Nar Shaddaa and the Mighty Rolga Bareesh recently saw the return of swoop racing hosted through their streets and tunnels. With a few prestigious Hutt onlookers and various other spectators, 5 racers took the calling to test their skills against one another, and seek top throne as swoop bike champion.

Each racer was given two laps each to qualify on their own for their starting position on the grid, starting with Karma Meifft, who experienced technical complications and was forced to retire her run. She would later try again and manage to set a time, only after Minx Bade experienced technical complications of her own that would hinder her lap. In the end, no racer could match Luke Carmona’s blistering time of 47.731 seconds.

The qualifying order went as follows:
1 ~ 47.731 – Luke Carmona
2 ~ 49.636 – Emmy Bloodbury
3 ~ 50.514 – Lulu Anjali Lemieux
4 ~ 54.039 – Karma Meifft
5 ~ 55.161 – Minx Bade

Race 1 began with each racer lining up on the grid and being started off via an automated countdown that would unleash them for a total of 6 laps. Luke Carmona would get off very slowly after having forgotten to increase his thrust, and found himself trailing the field upon arrival at the first corner. Emmy Bloodbury and Minx Bade would take the leads of the race and battle for position, with Emmy managing to hold her place at the head of the field. Luke would soon move into the third and find himself caught behind 2nd place Minx Bade, whereas Lulu Anjali Lemieux reported that she had later gone off course during the initial lap and found herself in a building, retiring herself from the round. Lap two would eventually see Luke Carmona make his way around Minx Bade through the tunnel section and find himself behind Emmy Bloobury, but being unable to catch her by the end of the lap as a result of avoiding blaster fire from 3rd place via the speeder’s built-in dual laser cannons. It wouldn’t be until midway through lap 3 that Luke would pass Emmy for the lead of the race, managing from that point to slowly extend his lead and ride his speeder home to a maiden victory, followed by Emmy Bloodbury in 2nd and Minx Bade in 3rd.

Race 1 Results:
1 ~ Luke Carmona
2 ~ Emmy Bloobury
3 ~ Minx Bade
4 ~ Karma Meifft
5 ~ Lulu Anjali Lemieux

Race 2 would include all 5 racers yet again, this time lining up on the grid in reverse order of their finishing positions from Race 1, placing Lulu Anjali Lemieux on pole position and Luke Carmona in the back. Upon race start, Luke would meander his way through a thick crowd of swoop bikes and take the lead in 2 corners, the others having gotten tangled up with one other. He would from there extend his lead by a sizable distance before yet again coming across the line in the top position, the 2nd and 3rd place positions being swapped from the race before, with MSnapshot _ Mos Espa _ Nar Shaddaa _ Ilum (SWRP) [ILM-CS only]2inx Bade coming home in 2nd and Emmy Bloodbury in 3rd.

Race 2 Results:
1 ~ Luke Carmona
2 ~ Minx Bade
3 ~ Emmy Bloobury
4 ~ Karma Meifft
5 ~ Lulu Anjali Lemieux

The Nar Shaddaa Swoop Races are expected from this point on to be a bi-weekly event using various race formats, including but not limited to Tournaments, Eliminations, and Team Efforts.

Filling the weekends between race events will be none other than Bolo Ball, which will be hosted at the Nar Shaddaa Bolo Ball stadium.

A Daughter and Mother reunited

Vice Chairman Pjaysiv and her lost Daughter Pelora Panteer_001Nearly 800,000 children are reported missing each year. That’s more than 2,000 a day. 57 percent of them come home alive and 40 percent are killed. The rest remain open cases. It is great news when a child is found and is brought home like the family GNW had the pleasure to speak to today. GNW was asked not to give the location of the family because of the fear that the child may be taken again.

Vice Chair Pjaysiv Panteer of the GFFR told us that before she got into politic, she was married to a Jedi and their home was on New Alderaan. She goes on to say after two years of marriage, they had Pelora. Then she jumps head to tell us how Pelora was taken. she said, “My husband and I was attacked by Sith. Though my husband tried to hold off the Sith, there was too many for him to handle. He was killed and I was left for dead and my daughter Pelora was taken.”

Pelora Panteer has no memory of what happened that day all she does remember is that they hurt her with light sticks as she calls it and blasters.

Our story continues with Vice Chair Panteer telling us how she found her daughter. She goes on to say that she was at the Senate meeting on Nar Shaddaa when the building was attacked. Being informed that they were in a safe place, she said she continued the meeting. After the meeting, she and another person who I am told will remain anonymous, found a young lady name Angel. Angel was badly wound and was rush to Mos Espa because the medbay on Nar Shaddaa had not been rebuilt yet.

Pelora Panteer who was going by Angel at the time told GNW that she didn’t know who attacked her but said she was at the Embassy on Nar Shaddaa because something kept telling her that she had to go to that place and that something or someone was looking for her.

On Tatooine in a medbay on Mos Espa,  Angel was fighting for her dear life. She had lost a lot of blood and to make matter worst the medbay on Tatooine was low on blood supplies. Vice Chair Pjaysiv Panteer allow her blood to be tested.

It might seem like blood is blood and it all looks pretty much the same to the naked eye. But although all blood contains the same basic components (red cells, white cells, platelets, and plasma), not everyone has the same types of markers on the surface of their red blood cells. These markers (also called antigens) are proteins and sugars that our bodies use to identify the blood cells as belonging in our own system. There are 4 different blood types. The most common blood type in the population is type O. The next most common is blood type A, then B and the rarest is blood type AB. The blood type of the donor must be compatible with the recipient. The rules for blood type in transplantation are the same as they are for blood transfusion. Some blood types can give to others and some may not. Blood type O is considered the universal donor. People with blood type O can give to any other blood type. Blood type AB is called the universal recipient because they can receive an organ or blood from people with any blood type.

The immune system produces proteins known as antibodies that act as protectors if foreign cells enter the body. Depending on which blood type you have, your immune system will produce antibodies to react against other blood types.

If a patient is given the wrong blood type, the antibodies immediately set out to destroy the invading cells. This aggressive, whole-body response can give someone a fever, chills, and low blood pressure. It can even lead vital body systems like breathing or kidneys to fail.

While testing Vice Chair Panteer’s blood, the medical droid discovered that Angel was the daughter of the Vice Chair. Pelora Panteer told GNW that she didn’t expect the results and that she is still is in shock of the news. Vice Panteer told us that she hasn’t been with her daughter in a long time and she plans to reconnect and that she was glad to get a second chance. She goes on to say not many families who lose a child can say that. Pelora Panteer is hoping that the Sith that took her will never take her back.

If one of your children have been taken, the best way to get them home safe is to get the child’s holo image in front of as many eyeballs as possible as quickly as possible.

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