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Uproar on Ryloth?

After the Senate meeting with Galactic Republic (GR), GNW spoke with a representative of New Galactic Republic (NGR) for Ryloth who was their. Senator
Una’Nima’Sama’Alask who replaced her
previous predecessor for Ryloth Senator Aowotnohus.

“Senator? How has your installment as Ryloths new Senator gone? can you give us any information on your predecessors status, where is the previous senator GNW Reporter asked?” Senator replied, “That is a state matter and not public business, was there other questions you have for me?”

“Yes Senator, What do you have say about rumor that Ryloth is a troublesome planet, and that there are uprisings of Your own people, causing domestic terrorism. Do you have anything to say about this?”

Una’Nima’Sama’Alask said “Ryloth is not a troublesome planet, YES we’ve had our problems in recent history, troublesome is a rather serious accusation.”

The Senator continue, “Recent events have not been because of the Twi’Lek people themselves, they are very much Victims of circumstances beyond our control. Ryloth attempted to contain this egregious Ai that caused havoc to the planet. Ryloth is very grateful for the aid and service given in assistance of planetary recovery.”

When asked by the Senator, was their more questions GNW replied, “One more thing Senator, what about the uprisings and domestic terrorism?”

The Senator replied, “Yes there are very small cells of Twi’Lek purists that are causing small disturbances, rumors of domestic terrorism are highly exaggerated, personal holos being used to promote their movement are nothing more than fabrications, that look like some thing they are not. Our Security forces are looking into the cells that keep turning up. I would recommend however for non Twi’Lek planning on visiting Ryloth, now is NOT the time”

GNW will keep you updated on status of Ryloth and their new Senator.

Surprise Attack on Sullust

A chaotic scene is recorded over Sullust, We warn the viewers what you’re about to see is graphic

An Air raid horns sound off over Sullust.   Sullustan  Troopers and Regular Storm troopers from the Eternal Syndicate rush to defend the main gate as Mandalorians from Prudii attack.  Mighty Slurm Ortho’s Forces also counter attack from Crimson Dawn as the battle rages and buildings are bombed by Prudii air forces.   The Mighty Hutt Slurm Ortho was escorted out safely during Surprise Attack but sadly his hover balcony is seen crashed on the battle grounds.


Slaves and cargo and precious valuables were seen evacuated into a Lambda ship as fires roar over destroyed buildings debris  and  Pleasure temple which hosted the Slaves before they were  relocated to safer location.  Other Lambda Ship took off from the scene carrying  Eternal Syndicate Diplomats ,Officers and troops.

As the air raid continue,  another air raid horn sounds off as the Syndicate’s alchemy lava gates are set open and wall of Lava flow from out the gates take out  Mandalorians  who were not prepared for this kind of retaliation.  Some troopers Remain behind to continue to fight so that their fallen brother would not die and vain.

As the flooding continues, a Crimson Tie interceptor which appears to be The Supreme Leader, Darth Toruk’s is noticed flying over the flooding battlefield escorted by three other TIE fighters and and fending off other foes as they make their escape. A golden Prudii Mandalorian Fang Fighter is also seen fleeing the scene.  Most likely on board were a top family member or officer of the Clan.

After the after math, there was nothing but  silenced and a roaring lava and magma rivers covering the area.



Today’s Race extended from the city of Nabat Ryloth, Through the canyons to Tar’kona clan land, around the spaceport, and right back to Nabat. It turned out to be a hell of a race with three speeders on the track. Miron soron, Trogo, and Jedi Knight Kalos. Miron has a partner on the back of Miron’s speeder. the crowd cheered on as the speeders raced down the tracks. All three racers fighting for the spot to be declared the winner. oh no! It looked like Trogo will be taken out of the races by a wall. looks like he going to walk away from this unharmed. it would seem like he is going to be ready to race again next time around. Good for Trogo. Miron comes in first place and Miron hands the trophy to the pasture that was riding on the back of Miron’s speeder. Here comes Jedi Kalos and look, he greeting Trogo and welcomes the newcomer to the games. What great sportsmanship out there. Until next times races. GNW will keep you updated as they come.





The War to End all Wars

The war to end all wars is what he said. Anytime that word is used it meant great slaughter and destruction. No other person than a Jedi could sense the pain of such an outcry of bloodshed that war brings and we only take the path to go to war when we have no other option but this was no Jedi that spoke those words.

It all started when I received notification on my comm to come to Sullust. My padawan Shaala and I were escorted by Grand Moff Thrawn and no not Grand Admiral Thrawn but distance relative to his. our introduction with him starts off with him speaking about GNW’s last feature A Sith Wedding somewhere on Sullust. What I was told by him was that the wedding couple did not last and that Lady Gelsti Toruk was deemed a traitor by the Syndicate and she was executed. He wouldn’t tell me what she did to be deemed a traitor but said that I had heard it from the supreme leader himself.

Grand Moff Thrawn bites his lip softly “She was deemed a traitor to the Syndicate and executed” he said lightly “I think this is best to ask the Supreme Leader himself..” he nodded” In the meantime note we’ve now fully staffed Sullust and have Many Sullustan’s crosses from Republic to our side and aid us here making it Syndicate home territory”

We travel to a tower and head up to the throne room of Darth Toruk and his new wife Countress Kaa’lla Toruk which Darth Toruk said is his true wife. it really piqued my interest to know what happen to his first wife and I was told by Countress Kaa’lla Toruk that she caught Lady Gelsti Toruk selling Syndicate Info to Prudii Clan and possibly GRAE and that Grand Moff predicted that this would happen.

Countess Kaa’lia Toruk “I caught her selling Syndicate Info to Prudii Clan and possibly GRAE ” she hissed lightly “Thanks to Grand Moff’s prediction that foul woman has been eliminated and I took her place” Countess Kaa’lia is Supreme Hand to the Supreme Leader. Heir to a spice family who was killed by Jedi thinking they were sith.

I then went on to ask what is the Syncicate up to now? He went on to say “Regrowing after the damages my former mate’s betrayal…The Countess and I have been blossoming our relationship moving to territory planet by the planet and making sure everything is fortified our war preparations with GRAE and Prudii” he said nod softly ” This will be a war …to end ALL wars” he grunts “a Bloody final battle”

Now we are back where we first started this story. What we learned that the Syncicate has with the help of Grand Moff Thrawn has unburied old forces from Korriban that has been reprogrammed and add to their forces, they have awakened Grand General Darcrux’s old trooper army that had many alchemy modifications and are preparing them to be transferred into their forces.

Darth Toruk said, “that any and all allied forces should reconsider their ties with GRAE with our Criminal Empire at play…We’ve grown and anyone whose anyone in the way will face our wrath but we welcome anyone who wishes to join our troop forces, for we are like no other imperial syndicate”


A Sith Wedding Somewhere on Sullust

GNW received a holo feed of a wedding coming from somewhere on Sullust.   A large guest showed up to be at the wedding of Darth Toruk and Lady Geisti.   Captain Thrawn was there to married the two couples who also gave the guest a warm greeting as they took their seats.   The wedding took place in an area surround by several lava falls.   As the groom stood and honored the guest, Lady Geisti walked down the aisle escorted by trained guards. She smiled as she looked out at everyone and then greets her soon to be husband by saying  “hello my love”  He chuckled as he looked into the eyes of his soon to be wife and then took her by the hand and he said,  “hello darling you look beautiful”  Captain Thrawn smirked as He watched the two and then nods gently.  He said,  “Welcome to the Bride and Groom ..” He nods gently and motions his hand out towards the few guests scattered out about and then goes on to say welcome guests, friends, and family We are gathered greatly to this fine place for a great event. He then continues and said, “We are gathered here this evening to bring together a powerful couple in Dark side matrimony .. Master and apprentice .. Follower and leader,” he said loudly over the winds “The Supreme Leader and his Hapan Bride will marry and become one ” he nods ” Their bond in the force I have heard has already been made but not their full ceremony ” he nods “I’ve been honored to proceed marriage by both Imperial law and dark side decree”

Then couples spoke their own vows to each other.  A vow that was written from the love pouring from their hearts.  Darth Toruk  ” My darling Lady Geisti, you are my soul and my everything … You bring me the feeling of eternal life when I am with you..I feel I could be immortal with you by my side,” he said looking deeply into her eyes “You bring my Darkside to full power ” he chuckles “You bring Darkness to my burning light…You complete me ”  He then presses his forehead against hers “You and I are one and I swear you and I will grow stronger and stronger while you continue to learn from me,” he said with a warmness in his voice loudly
Darth Toruk  nods “I, in conclusion, love you with eternal undying love and you have my heart ..Spiritually and literally ” he chuckled

GNW would like to comment that no sweeter words could have been spoken by such great love.  Tears came down my eyes as I heard Darth Toruk speak his undying love to one he loves.

Ŀαdy ƓëĪstɨ TøяüҚ  Smiles warmly said, ” Yes I do! literally”



Ŀαdy ƓëĪstɨ TøяüҚ looked over at Captain Thrawn then back at My Supreme Lead, may I?

Captain Thrawn nods now almost chuckling as he takes a handkerchief and dabs his eye and nods “My lady by all means ”

Ŀαdy ƓëĪstɨ TøяüҚ  Nods  then said, “Thank You.”

Ŀαdy ƓëĪstɨ TøяüҚ takes a deep breath then said, “My heart so full of Love.  My Love, You have already given me the two greatest gifts of my life Your Love and Our beautiful children.  Today it is my honor to become Your Wife.  I promise to continue to build Our Loving Family And To Always Stand beside you in Every Challenge and Battle That Me come Our Way And To Face It together and Make Our Bond Even Stronger Everyday From This Day On As we Journey Down the Dark side Together As A Powerful Strong Couple. Celebrating Our Joy Comforting One Another in Hard times and strengthening Each Other And Our Family’s Future You Have Become My Everything.  I Vow to Love and Cherish You For All the Days of My Life As We Now Become One Soul These Rings are the Never Ending Circle Of Our Love and Bond Us For Today We Become One Forever!”

Captain Thrawn then said, “You two I can feel the great passion from and proud of, even without a strong connection to the force.  I can tell you two are quite compassionate for one another,” he pauses and lets the lady continue

Ŀαdy ƓëĪstɨ TøяüҚ continues then said,  “I Closing I will Say this My Love …..I Love You With All Of My Heart !”

Darth Toruk (Snake Childs) smiles ” that was beautiful and Indeed you will take my name with great honor” he chuckles shaking his head at the Captain then nods “And I love you”

Captain Thrawn wipes a bit of sweat from his brow and chuckles ” Now then do the two have their rings?”

Ŀαdy ƓëĪstɨ TøяüҚ  laughed then said, “mmhmm we sure do.”

Darth Toruk chuckles now and nods taking the customized ring for his prosthetic hand and passes it to his wife smiling proudly ” These rings have been modified so we can track each other not just by bond but tech too”

Ŀαdy ƓëĪstɨ TøяüҚ  smiles as they placed the rings on each other fingers

Captain Thrawn said, “Beautiful as tradition let it be so ..” he nods ” Darth Toruk do you promise to take this one follower till death you do you part ?”

Darth Toruk (Snake Childs) “I do,” he said smiling at his wife

Captain Thrawn  said, “Lady Toruk do you promise to take the Supreme Leader’s name and help him lead the Syndicate for the greater good and bring him passion love and follow his command through sickness and darkness ?”

Ŀαdy ƓëĪstɨ TøяüҚ  Yes I Do!! And Beyond smiling at my Husband

Captain Thrawn turns to his Leader said,  “My Supreme Leader do you promise to provide for you bride for as long as you live and protect her as she will for you?” he chuckles

Darth Toruk (Snake Childs) nods “I do,” he said stroking her hand as the ring clicks and jolts into his and he watches it lock into her finger as it does on his metal hand

Captain Thrawn grins ” Wonderful !” he said deeply nodding ” By the Imperial and Syndicate decree and powers vested upon me I pronounce you’re husband and wife…You may your bride great Supreme leader!”

Darth Toruk  then  grabbed his wife and kisses her with a deep passion

As the two kissed with great passion, the  lava waves crash behind them showing in the force their bond is extremely strong


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