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Monthly Archives: May 2015

An Altercation After Hutt Night

On the way out from Hutt Night, at the Casino entrance, I was witness to a bit of an altercation between two Reavers and a mysterious red latex clad woman with short a-line cut black hair.  With the red clad woman was what looked like either a battle droid of some kind or an armored escort. Nearby was what appeared to be a sith female, likely a twi’lek, who seemed to be observing the situation as well. Continue reading

Unusual Event at Hutt Night

Hutt Night 2015-5-17

When arriving a little late to Hutt Night due to traffic, I came upon a spectacle I’ve never witnessed at Hutt Night before.  A Togruta slave was being auctioned off.  She ended up being bought by Sunee the Hutt.  There was squabbling over the price as some other bidder made a large bid and felt that they should win the bidding, but it was decided that Sunee’s offer was best.  Sunee payed a ludicrously exorbitant amount.  Did the Togruta swallow something of great worth that would raise her price so high?

There was a bit of discussion about a spice product owned by clan Yunapu that they were putting up for sale.  The Reavers expressed interest and it was decided they would deal privately with the Yunapu afterward.

Then Sunee the Hutt made an announcement saying, “the Togruta is now free and will work for me as an employee. After she is healed she will entertain and let everyone enjoy her value as she see fit.” Some of the other hutts found this very amusing for some reason.

There was no other business after that and Hutt Night concluded.