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Monthly Archives: July 2015

Max Dawnflame Knighting Ceremony

GNW was asked to come and report the  New Jedi Order  Knighting Ceremony.  We were happy to come and will  also come to any ceremony if asked.      Those at  the Knighting Ceremony was Members of Dantooine Jedi Enclave (DJE) New Jedi Order (NJO) and of course I was their representing  Kalway Oder of Jedi (KOJ) and Galactic News Watch(GNW) Continue reading

Urn of the Unknown Master

Dantooine, where DJE Jedi Master Golds’Hark during one of her meditations had a vision that the Sacred Urn of the Unknown Master would soon once more come under siege. The Urn is a relic dating back many years and clouded by mystery. All that is known for sure is that the Unknown Jedi Master helped shape the Dantooine Jedi Enclave. Continue reading

Byss Further Reassures. Federation Ambassadors? Deals with Clandestine

News coming to you from an unknown source from an unknown location, but apparently someone with access to GNW news feed.


Hutt Night started with a visit from acting Empress, Executor Rowe.  She gave the Hutts further assurances as to the intentions of the Empire and assurances that the words and actions of the sith Cyra were not to be tolerated.  Rowe was heard to say in regards to Cyra, “If she weren’t less than a wad of navel lint I assure you I would peel off her face and soup her brains out of her bleeding skull right here in front of you all as a show of good faith that she has zero authority within the empire.”  Kashyyyk was also discussed and assurances given there and even some arrangements for supplies to be run to the Byss outpost they say they’re maintaining there.

Next up were the ambassadors from the Galactic Federation of Free Republics.  They expressed a desire to open up friendly dialogs with the Hutts and presented themselves as the candidates to be the ambassadors to the hutts for the Federation, if the Hutts so chose to accept them as such.  There were misgivings from Anda the Hutt toward Jedi Master Jesma Pearl due to past occurrences. Nothing was really settled, but the gift of a precious metal called Iridesium from the planet Thustra in generous quantities to each of the Hutt Council helped to soften the Hutts somewhat.  The ambassadors were sent away with the message that to really improve relations between the Hutts and the Federation the key was good trade.

Lastly, Lady Clandestine, the one back from the dead somehow, and her entourage addressed the Hutts and discussed trade deals.  Her verbose spokesman had this to say, “”Greeting Great and Mighty wonderful Hutts, im here on Behalf of The Sith Consortium Mercenaries.  My name is Ghost Ion IronHammer. Sith Consortium Mercenary General Hammer to all of My enemys. Last week My Dark Lady came to you all to extend the Services of My Merc and My self to you all. We are Here to do Business with you all and try to keep the Peace with all dealing here in the Galaxy with out bumping heads and here on your Lovely Planet….. SO im here to introduce myself to  you all Great and Mighty hutts and let My voice be heard for all of you here to day.”  Rolga offered to hire them at a wage of 2000 credits a week.  They offered a gift of 50 pounds of Glitteryll, ten pounds to each hutt.

And Hutt Night was then concluded.