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Monthly Archives: November 2015

Knighting ceremony on Tython.

Tython is beautiful and powerful, enigmatic and dangerous, filled with mysteries and open to those comfortable with the Force. It was here long, long before us, and these mysteries persisted with no eyes to see them, no minds to contemplate them. And that is why I fear Tython. It means everything to us, and yet we are nothing to it. We are merely passing through.―Je’daii recluse Ni’lander   That is what I felt as I step on the surface of Tython.  GNW was there to report a knighting Ceremony that New Jedi Order of  (NJO) were having.  Becoming a Jedi knight is not easy task and we were happy to be there to celebrate with NJO. Continue reading

Trouble on Talus with the Tome clan

Talus was one of the Twin Worlds located in the Corellian System that orbited Centerpoint Satation. During the Clone Wars, the planet was contested between the Galactic Republic and the Confederacy of Independent Systems. Mallie and Kento Marek  fought on the Plater during the conflict.  Like Corellia, Talus remain largely neutral in the early days of the Galactic Civil War. The Galactic Empire monitored Talus for Rebel activity, but allowed Fed-Dub to operate independently and didn’t interfere with the planet’s major corporations. Although Talus wasn’t as well known as Corellia, it had a vibrant economy that revolved around starship manufacturing.  GNW travel to Mephyt county on Talus, where we met with the Tome clan who were once on Bespin. Continue reading

Pirate King and Queen

The King or Queen of the Phosphura Belt Pirates, also known as the Pirate king, was the highest ranking leadr of the Phosphura Belt Pirates. Pirate Queens and Kings were assisted by Buccaneers. The first Pirate King was Arvo Norstrag. In the Galactic Civil War, Their King was Leo Bellsfar. For a long time the person that held held title of leader of all the pirates was Lord Tor’dok. Last night, weather have not said they were challenging his position, They have done so by calling them selves the Pirate king and queen. Last night on Nar Shadda, GNW had the opportunity to view pirate night in the old hutt chambers where the hutts held hutt night. Challenge in it self to take over the under world that was once held by the Hutts. To busy fighting each other the Reaver felt like it good opportunity to form union of pirates and steal what belong to the hutts. GNW was suprise to see Sunee the hutt there at pirate night. Continue reading

Pirate Night!!!

Have you ever seen a group of pirates all in one places? Well if you haven’t, you might just get your chance. With the vacuum of Hutts missing on Nar Shaddaa, The Reavers plan to make there mark by gathering all Pirate together in one place. Not just any place the Hutts abandoned council chamber on Nar Shaddaa. GNW travel to 19 Florrum. The Pirate hold out of the Reavers. There we talk with Mad Reaver. Continue reading

What would happen if a giant planetoid actually hit Yavin IV?

What would happen if a giant planetoid actually hit Yavin IV. The shock-wave travels at hyper-sonic speeds would destroy anything in its path. The debris would blasted across into low Yavin IV orbit and returns to destroy the surface of Yavin IV. The firestorm would encircles the Moon. All life would vanish into ash and fire. Within one day, the surface of the Moon would be uninhabitable Continue reading