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Issulla the hutt’s announcement

Today GNW travel to Nal Hutta where we got invited to speak with Issulla The Hutt.

Issulla the hutt on Jiguuna, Nal Hutta_001Issulla had a announcement to give. she said, “I Have taken liberty to assume the role of District Administrator or Jiguunna Nal Hutta and and all business’s doing business within the city will be expected to pay me my share of their profits or face dire consequences for their stupidity. Travel Restrictions in Place for Nal hutta can be waved by acquiring a travel visa from Nal Hutta. only people who don’t work for a hutt need visas”

Anyone one needing a visas can pick one up on the Hutt home world Nas Shadda. The city of Nal hutta provides casino, and a cantina. The casino is fully operated by slave auction. Any Hutts may use the casino to hold meetings Issulla the Hutt said.

NJO Knighting Ceremony

Today GNW had the pleasure of being invited to NJO Knighting ceremony on Tython.

“You will forever look back on this day as one of great joy, but also one of great sorrow. It will help you to remember that, in life, the two are often closely linked.”
―Valenthyne Farfalla

njo knighting4_001The Knighting ceremony was an ancient ritual dating back to the beginnings of the Order’s history. Becoming a Knight is one the greatest achievements that padawan is able to reach. It is a most difficult task. It is a road that a lot of people who wish to travel to become a knight but not many can say that they have done it. so It is a great honor to see a padawan become a Knight.

Today NJO honor sir Alanzo achievements. Who had these words to say after he was knighted ” “Thank you Grand Master, I’d like to also recognize my mentor and Master Max Dawnflame, I couldn’t do it without him, hes taught me many things and has showed me many of the ways, I’d like to also thank you Grand Master for giving me the opportunity to become a Jedi Knight, that is all.”

GNW will bring you the latest updates on Tython as they develop.

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