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SWRP supports the SL Relay for Life at the Sci-Fi Con

Showing their support for the SL Relay for Life a number of SWRP sims had exhibits at the Sci-Fi Convention which raises funds through donations and the cost of tKOJ-Yavin 2016 SLSFChe larger Second Life plots.

The Yavin IV sim home of the Kalway Order of Jedi had a prominent exhibit in the form of their most recognizable place on the sim, their meditation circle. KOJ Master Tanira explained “..we have information holocrons for the group as well as What is a Jedi. The pillows are for sitting of course, for those that wish to come and just be quiet for a time amid the bustle and busyness of the other exhibits.” Master Tanira informed us that this is Yavin IV’s third year at the convention.

GNW then met with Aywin of the 13th Legion, a sim that has been supporting the convention for 4 years now. Aywin explained that their booth took 2 months of planning andSnapshot _ SL Sci-Fi! Purple Sector, New Arcadia (66, 55, 1004)2 that the “..outside shows the strength and stability of our bases, once we set up a base some where we stick with it and keep it going” while the “..inside halls are a representation of the mining facilities and the ore refineries” a further room at the top “..represents our station and drive yards for ship manufacturing and advanced technology development”

Tython’s NJO represented themselves at the convention with an exhibit of the temple on Tython with information balls thNJO Exhibit - External Appearenceat described each stage of a Jedi’s career. The exhibit also provided views of the enclave on the sim and the settlement when viewed from above. The exhibit also provided information of the various roleplay groups on the sim in addition to the Jedi namely the Tython Republican Guard and the Ka’ra Mandalorian Clan. The ceiling of the exhibit had a Z95 spacefighter a craft typically used by the NJO Jedi and the Tython Republican Guard.

This year was the Dantooine sim’s first time at the convention with Master Golds of the DJE informing our sources that they wSnapshot _ SL Sci-Fi! Orange Sector, Nimoy (89, 131, 1010) - Maere on the waiting list but fortune smiled on them and they had their booth up.

The Dark Legion of Sith of the Malrev IV sim had their booth in a representation of old Sith architecture with a Dark Temple theme. Lady Villone-Dagger explained “..the booth is very interactive on animations that show us in action and also stuff you can touch and get to help people understand what we are aSnapshot _ SL Sci-Fi! Red Sector, KIC 8462852 (175, 213, 1002)nd doing.” While builder Donney Dagger added “we also have a feature item, a 80+Meter lightsaber on the roof of the temple” In describing the Malrev IV sim Lady Villone-Dagger informed us that “We feature not only a sith group but a jedi one as well that has moved into the sim to do rp and grow of course so many parts you can have with the planet Malrev IV we like to make everyone’s dream come true.”

Both Lady Villone and Donney went on to explain their booth “this booth has two levels displaying many things that has happened on our sim and this is just a little taste of what goes on day to day. As you keep walking feeling as you do you see hauntings of the past from Malrev IV of things that occurred. The booth is a gateway to Malrev, On Malrev people can experience a variety of RP, From Sith roleplay to Jedi, Mandolorians, Smugglers.”

GNW gives the SWRP community a big salute to their support for the SL Relay for Life to benefit the American Cancer Society through their contributions.

Rundgrar trains for the bid for the title for UGFC.

Rundgrar_002I hope you remember Rundgrar.  He  had one of the biggest fights on New Alderaan at Friday Fight Night.  Rundgrar lost his fight against Klavox but GNW got a chances to see what Rundgrar was up to after his big lost.  Rundgrar was training while he was in the wilderness of Yavin IV.  Rundgrar will be fighting next Friday Fight Night.  He doesn’t know who he will be facing but he said he is ready.  He has been training by running up the slopes, swimming in the river and lifting heavy logs to strengthen his body. Which he said was weakened when he was captured by the Sith.  Rundgrar is not being sponsored by Yavin IV. When we asked him about it,  Rundgrar had this to say.

“My sponsor the bounty hunter Izi’Shizu has gone missing, but I am training in the hope that she will return or that I will find another sponsor, I chose Yavin IV as this wilderness seems a good place to train and the Sith are reluctant to come here because of the Jedi on this moon.”

Rundgrar said that he will use his strength to never be enslave again and the money from the Ultimate Galactic Fighting Championship (UGFC) will help him  build a better life, but he said its not about the money.

He said, “I want to prove to the Galaxy that I am the Ultimate Fighter, the Ultimate Galactic Fighting Champion.” 

For the Fighters that are biding to be called the Ultimate Fighting Champion Rundgrar ended our interview with this comment. “Some of them have been lucky, they may not be so lucky when it is their turn to face me.”


Klavox continues his unbeaten run – Friday’s Fight Night

The first round of the Ultimate Galactic Fighting Championship an event of the Fa’athra Hutt Clan at New Alderaan and promoted by Mara Starrdancer  was off to a great start with the independent Iridonian ship captain Xotru Klavox continuing his unbeaten run at the Friday Fight Night defeating the less skilled Fa’athra hired gun Fenri Keldau.


The fluid fighting style of Captain Klavox dominated the street fighting cunning of Keldau with the latter taking several blows to the mid-section leading to broken ribs and sore kidneys.  Keldau however did show how dangerous he could be in the ring catching Klavox with a low blow which in turn caused the Iridonian to display his aggressive side ramming Keldau with his horns much to the delight of the crowd.  Klavox then managed to end the fight by slamming Keldau unconscious against the stone archway of the arena proving he had a mix of outright power along with his skill.


Curiously the audience included what looked like Sith members of various groups though the authorities made no attempt to detain them.


The second match of the Fight Night event saw Shadow Sith Clan Inquisitor Lord Arlen against a huge beast.  The vicious beast did manage to wound the Sith with it’s claws however the Force attacks by Lord Arlen proved too much for the beast to counter and met its grizzly end in the ring strangled to death with its ultimate fate of being served up to the Hutts as a snack.


Despite this rather public appearance of Lord Arlen, neither the GRAE nor the New Alderaan security forces made any attempt to detain him despite the fierce war fought on Lehon between the Grey Jedi and Sith not too long ago.

Stay tuned for the exclusive reports on Friday Fight Night and the Ultimate Galactic Fighting Championship here on GNW.

Ultimate Galactic Fighting Championship

friday night fight night3 copyFa’athra Entertainment a venture of the Fa’athra Hutt Clan has announced the launch of the The Ultimate Galactic Fighting Championship, a series of fights in which the final winner will be crowned as the Ultimate Galactic Fighting Champion and stand to win 50,000 credits.

For fighters such as the Iridonian Rundgrar who lost against Captain Klavox in the much publicized Iridonian Smackdown the Championship is a second chance to make it big and earn a lot of credits.

The winner of the Championship has a lot to gain from sponsorship deals with various enterprises as well as the respect of the fighting community and its millions of fans. It would be interesting though how the contenders would be viewed by the various Mandalorian clans and as to whether any of them would eventually take part in the Championships.

Burk’ycdalyc the adopted Deveronian daughter of Javik the Hutt of the Fa’athra clan spoke to GNW saying. “Fight nights has become a great event for the citizen of New Alderaan and those who come far off to see a sport that involve a good kick down fight with blood and glory. And so, The Fa’thra clan decided to turn over a new table in the fight sport industries by given a fighter the chance to be the undisputed champion of the galaxy”.

GNW will be covering today’s fight at 7:30 pm SLT on New Alderaan which will be the first in the series of matches to determine the eventual Champion.

Jessant is a man on a mission

Despite their victory on Lehon, the GRAE are still in conflict with their arch-enemies the Shadow Sith Clan striving to rid the Galaxy of his evil threat. GNW Editor Kinsashala spoke to GRAE Lead Investigator Jessant Cassius to understand what threat the Shadow Sith Clan still poses and it was no surprise that Jessant is a man on a mission to keep the Galaxy safe.

jess 1_001Jessant explained how he visited Lehon in disguise during a temporary self imposed exile after attacks on his force mate and was battling Darth Toruk when the GRAE Leader Grand Master Arbitras had launched a full scale assault on Lehon.

While it is believed the Shadow Sith Clan fled to Korriban, Jessant revealed that they have lost track of them there and will be investigating further. Jessant also revealed the the Overlord Leader of the Shadow Sith Clan now has control over the power that was once in Jessant when he was cursed from the Force Saber artifact. “..That power in him is urging to make him absorb me so we can be whole again or the Overlord can be of more power..I Can’t have that happen” Jessant declared and added that “”DJE and us have arrest warrants sent to other allies of ours for the arrest of Darth Toruk and we’ll be arresting Allies and any other members of the Regime and Shadow Sith clan”

In conclusion Jessant said “I’ll be doing a follow up on my full experience through the war on Lehon with GNW more soon..but now the times of war have emerged to the times of heavy actions to prevent further war and we’ll be needing all the help we can get”

It would be interesting to see if this drags the Galactic Federation of Free Republics (GFFR) into a direct conflict with the Shadow Sith Clan. Thus far the GFFR has avoided a direct conflict by only providing logistical support to the GRAE.