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Monthly Archives: June 2016

Rumblings in the Underworld

GNW learned through an anonymous source that underworld elements and various criminal gangs might be assembling on Nar Shadda at the Black Hole Casino to plan their operations and attempt to syndicate their efforts.

GNW managed to get hold of a secret image transmitted by secure datapads advertising the criminal congregation.

Stay tuned for more!

underworld unite poster

((This is an IC event at 6 pm SLT, 15th June at the Black Hole Casino, in the Nar Shadda sim))

Reaver Entertainment now holds the lease to the Black Hole Casino

mad c n phee_001It has been while since GNW has herd anything about the Reaver. This week we had the opportunity to speak with them about the reopening of the Black hole Casino on Nar Shadda. We were told by Mad that it will be staffed by Reaver Entertainment.
Mad Reaver Hax: “Of course, the casino will be run by Reaver Entertainment, who is also always looking for talent of various types” We were also told that the Casino will be open 24/7  The Reaver were very excited about their prospect which we herd from Phee “We are very excited for this venture”

With Reaver Entertainment having a lease to the Black Hole Casino, What does this mean for the Hutts and Hutt night?”

Mad said, “I wish I could say we own this truly historic building, but for now we lease it and everything inside.. which includes the room the Hutts usually hold Hutt Night in. But I don’t see a problem, Reaver Entertainment works directly with Besadii, and they sit on the council, so what ever. Reaver entertainment hopes the Hutts will continue to use the chamber with our blessings.”mad c_001

Mad also told GNW that they were looking forward to working with Cor’gon again. there was long and friendly working relationship with the Desilijic going way back with Besadii was on Nal Hutta. We also told that Sunee and Besaddii will also be thier at the Grand re opening.

A Beautiful Gem!

Lady Vestra_001It has been sometime since a hutt has had a meeting on Nar Shadda. GNW reports that last night that all changed when Gor’gon the Hutt came back to Nar Shadda to have hutt night.

The Crowd watched as Gor’gon the hutt cleared his throat and he spoke in basic for all to hear and understand him. Gor’gon said, “Nar Shadda, Beautiful gem, Many hutts and its clansmen once flourished here on her bright shinning surface….. But when all the hutts left to seek profit off world they left this treasure behind….Gor’gon has returned and Gor’gon is stunned and ashamed to say that with out Hutts to maintain it this gem has grown clouded and dark..”

Now that Gor’gon the Hutt and the Desijilic clan have returned to Nar Shadaa, Gor’gon the Hutt plans to host many events over the next week to raise funds to repair and maintain the moon. He plans to do this by having parties, spice trading, and good old fashion gladiatorial contest. He will also be hiring more staff.