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Mission Accomplished!

arbitras Rexsus II 1_001GNW had the opportunity to speak with  Arbitras Rexsus II at  Kaamos on New Alderaan.  He informed us on what is now taken place with GRAE. He said, “Since you last spoke to us we were in the bloody war with SSC or the Shadow Sith clan and their Regime the Shade Regime ..That war now as ceased and the Shadow Sith clan has perished after a long final battle against the Overlord and Darth Toruk”

We learned that The Overlord has fallen and been defeated and died to his wounds and that Rexsus II sent a massive energy of light to him. Therefore eradicating his darkness and leaving him unable to continue to hold on to his vessel body and vanish in the force. Darth Toruk was mortally wound but is alive and has join a new Sith group. Rexsus II has told us the Sith group is not active at this moment. Rexsus II said, “All other minions and troopers have perished in the war and some have parted and wander without a leader” 

We were told that Jess join Dje on Dantooine that he plans to migrate the rest of the Ewok’s from New Alderaan and the ones who’ve been in tribes with Back home. He plans to live out his days on Endor but he said, “While among Endor I will accept those who wish to learn from a Old Grand master and take them under my wing teaching them while my time as exile. Those who wish to find me I am there in the forest.. ”

GNW said, “Force be with you GRAE and accomplish well done.”

Wanted Droids and Honor among Pirates

Zaku the droid is wanted at a price of 100,000 credits. GNW has learned that the Reaver DrReaver2_001oid is wanted for crimes on Coruscant including murder of his former Master, however this was not clear to the DJE Jedi when Zaku and his Reaver accomplice Gideon Morse attacked Jedi Master Golds on Dantooine.

Master Golds gave us hdje with reaver_001er account of the incident on Dantooine saying ” they came up here looking for a refuel and a battery charge on Zaku. which I accepted. then Zaku simply acted completely weird and we had to make a short battle which ended on his arrest and his friend.” The droid Zaku and Gideon were then detained in a cell on Dantooine but were then subsequently released by Master Galise of the DJE.

Master Galise explained the release stating ” yes the Reavers did show to get one of their own, I released him in to their custody to keep the peace between us”

The Pirate King Mad Hax was more eloquent in his narration saying “…what Dantooine did was illegal capture and restraint. None of these actions took place on Dantooine soil, that can be proved at least. We Reavers are a soveriegn nation.. even if we don’t have the luxury of a planet and it’s indiginous people to plunder and over lord like the DJE. We will still demand our laws and rules be respected, to do otherwise is a declaration of war.” Mad Hax was of course referring to Zaku’s original crimes on Coruscant.

Zaku justified the killing of his former Master alleging that he had tried to take Zaku back into his service by force. Zaku of course has long been a champion of the free droid movement campaigning for droid’s rights and freedom. HReaver_001owever it does seem from these events that the movement has reached a crtical stage in his progress.

Mad Hax continued his threat to Dantooine stating “…. who are they to try to judge and rule over us. We have our own legal system that we demand be respected, and if not.. BAM. You will pay the price, and that includes putting up posters with Zaks lovely chrome dome without prior consent. In fact, I’m thinking lawsuit for using his image without prior written consent. Unless Dantooine surrenders.. unconditionally.. then they have started this war that is coming and it will be blood on their hands.. their own!”

Snapshot _ Dantooine [RHCS, AoWCS, SWRPG] - The Jedi Enclave &However with Zaku and Gideon already now in Reaver custody it is unclear if the Reavers will exact revenge for their detention and we can only wait and watch as this situation develops further.

Master Galise confirmed that if Zaku was to be tried for his crimes by the Reavers themselves the DJE would have no objection at all as it would be their internal matter.

Stay tuned as GNW brings you further developments on this story as it unfolds.

Noble House Politics

pollGNW reports that the race for senator is close.  The noble house Thul 28% and minor house Killesa 27%  It’s a surprise that the polls are so close. All the Noble house say that Noble House Thul was favor to win.  It would be real upset for The House of Thul if House Killesa wins.

House Killesa was a minor Alderaanian Noble House, vassal to the House of Thul in the time of the cold wars.  The citizen of New Alderaan  will go to the voting booth Wed.  GNW will keep you updated on the election as event progress.

Ad for New Alderaan Senator Candidate Eric Thul

e_001 copy

  • A Candidate that will be ready on day one
  • expand Free Marketing
  • building up our planet defense
  • bring new business to New Alderaan
  • Give authority back to the people

I am Candidate Eric Thul and I am running for Senator of New Alderaan and I approve this message.