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For those that do not know the OOC back story of the planet Odessen, Odessen is a Star Wars planet that is located the Unknown Regions of the Star Wars galaxy. It is connected to the Force meaning that it is prime real estate for the Jedi and other Force-Sensitives. A world with significant oceans and mountainous continents, Odessen had a mild climate and a variety of native wildlife among its forested terrain. In 3632 BBY, The Outlander, aided by Lana Beniko, used Odessen as the base of operations for The Alliance, the resistance movement against the Eternal Empire and their occupation of both the Sith Empire and Galactic Republic.

Alex Anders, the current owner of the planet Odessen sim, is plausibly creating a new storyline of RP by inviting Sith Empire characters to ICly mine the crystal mines on the sim.

IC, things are still being negotiated between he and the Empire, who are promising to bring “peace” to the planet by segregating there operations from the rest of the planet and its inhabitants.

Alex Anders lover, bodyguard, and female Devaronian, Vuvuk’sai’N’Vihk, has concerns about the purported arrival of Sith loyalist to the planet surface. Her concerns are legitimate given the past treachery and betrayal of the Sith Empire, but Alex Anders ensures her that her that the planet is safe with hidden security features that will come in handy should the Sith get out of pocket.

OOC and IC, none of the inhabitants of the sim are arrives, to my knowledge, of the whereabouts of the Sith and the negotiations that are occurring at this moment; however, whatever may come, I am hoping for RP opportunities like this and others spring forth across all SWRP sims. I feel a season RP on the horizon with the imminent change of seasons forcing individuals to spend more time at home and in front of their computer screens.

I hope to see something transpire soon with the brewing Odessen and Sith storyline.

Until then, stop by Odessen and create your own storyline and/or rent a beach front property, office, or hotel room. There is also a casino in the Undertown to enjoy.

Until next time, the Sojouring Mirialan is signing out.

May the Force be your guide!

The Besadii Hutts Had a Special Hutt Night Meeting

hutts2_001The Besadii Hutt Night was held on Nar Shadda at The Black Hole Casino.  Master Jedi Galise greeted Sunee the Hutt and other Hutts that were present that night. Master Jedi Galise talked about a plague on Dantooine and request aid from the Hutts. Mysterious Kaleesh the creator of the plague plead with the Hutts not to give aid to Dantooine and he offered the Hutts the cure if they did not aid Dantooine.

Mysterious Kaleesh”This woman is a lair! The virus if she gets any closer to you will be highly dangerous. I’d know as I the scientists I stood behind made it and had my assistance. Allow me to remove her And I shall and willing to provide great services to you Honorable Hutts “ He then draws his rifle and had it pressed against the back of Master Galise. Mad Reaver told the General not to  harm her because she was a guest of the Hutts.

The Mysterious Kaleesh brought out his data pad and said, “I have the list here of when and what our bomb has done to DJE…But As of now this woman is a walking ,talking virus sack that could plaguing you all right now …Now I have the antidote and the cure for all of her but I’d suggest you’d have her wiped clean of this throne room” Master Jedi Galise told Hutt that she wasn’t infected and that she has been working on a temporary cure and it that the cure was working so far and that she was also taken precaution. She then turn looking at the Mysterious Kaleesh she said,  “now if your going to shoot someone who is half blind in front of everyone then you will show your true colors.” Mad yelled out No shooting in the Hutt chambers. then repeat what he said before that Master Jedi Galise was a guest.

Mysterious Kaleesh then said, “You’ve made a temporary cure ..You realize you mutated it and possibly made it worse and faster acting” He then inject himself with his syringe. then continue to say, “If you all want her in here with out my vaccine that’s on you.”

Mad then then said, ” How about we have them both removed? It’s probably just another Sith versus Jedi thing anyway. After what happened with the Sith taking over Nal Hutta.. I’m not sure any of us have the stomach for more of that poo doo.” Phee Reaver agreed and said, “right, if he says the word *removed* again I might have his tongue removed” under her breath and out of patience.”

Sunee the Hutt asked what species does it effect and she told the Mysterious Kaleesh that they just sorta made an alliance with DJE she then said as her skin goes deep pink “The Sith have taken over Nal Hutta, and I have a problem with that.” Gor’gon the Hutt respond by saying, “its not so much they took it over..they say they rebuilt it…since when did such a place need to be rebuilt I don’t know… human foolishness if you ask me.” Sunee the Hutt agreed. Mad respond to Gor’gon the Hutt by saying, “No way are they going to rebuild a planet or city and not make it in their image and with their ideals and laws. It is a joke to think they can run a Hutt world better then the Hutts”

After the talks about the Sith running Nal Hutta the topic jump back to the virus. Master Jedi told the Hutts that Dantooine was cut off from Hutt space and that the Kaleesh here……. She was speaking of the Mysterious Kaleesh.  She said that he would have nothing more then to bring pain. she continue by saying who know what planet they will infect next.  She also answer Sunee the Hutt’s question. she said, “not all races are effected several on Dantooine so no sighs of infections and I have been using their blood sample to figure out a cure” She then ask the Question As Rolga the hutt sled in and Sunee greeted him. “How many more will be infected if they hit here as there are far more people here then Dantooine, perhapes Dantooine is just a test run for the big event, now do you really want that?”  Rolga the Hutt apologies for being late told everyone his search for his brother takes a deal of his time.

The topic jump back to the Sith running Nal Hutta.  Mad Reaver said, “It is hard to believe that the Hutts would allow the Sith to control Hutt Night as well, but as Saurus stated last Hutt Night, yesterday , on Nal if things didn’t start picking up and bringing him business he was going to shut down Hutt Night. Since when has a Sith decided when Hutts can hold their business night? evidence that the Sith have taken over Nal.. and Nar maybe next.”  Sunee suggested that they ramp up defense on Nar.   Rolga the Hutt suggest a call to arms to send a message to the sith that they cannot have Hutt space and that he would gladly offer any all fighters in the Bareesh inventory, missiles, weapon systems. Gor’gon the Hutt said, “will see to this nar shadda will not be an easy target, this is Gor’gon city.”

The Hutts debated about how that the virus could be the first line of war from the Sith and that the Sith maybe sounding the drums of war. Will there be war with the Hutts and the Sith? Only time will tell. GNW will be there to keep you inform on what may or may not go down with the Hutts and the Sith.

Zaku Reaver the droid was on trial for allegedly Attempted Assault on Civilians, Espionage, and Murder

trial-2_001 trial_001Zaku Reaver the droid was on trial for allegedly attempted Assault on civilians, Espionage, and Murder which was open statement by the prosecution. The trial was held on Dantooine. Zaku plead not guilty to all charges. The defense in their open statement claim that  Zaku was a unique individual, the Free Droid Movement Founder, and an esteemed member of their community.

The Prosecution called their first witness. Master Jedi Galise. Master Jedi Galise allegedly claim that she witness Zaku attempting to hack the systems on Dantooine. She goes on to say when she approached him he ran. The Prosecution brought evidence from the witness of holo cam showing Zaku allegedly first-witness_001hacking to the systems on Dantooine. The defense cross examine the witness by attempt to punch holes in the Prosecution evidence. “Galise, you are security, and medic here, at least sometimes, right??, And perhaps you can tell us if there is a standard protocol for accident reports and full autopsy on possible murder victims?” The witness responded by saying. ” My lady that is something to question master Golds’Hark about, but as the crimes of murder was made here we would not have the autopsy or accident report, these crimes were told to me while he was in prison”

The Defense first witness was Master Golds. The defense asked is it true that there is no autopsy reports for the possible murder? Gold told the defense that they had his recording while he was in prison, telling them of the alleged murder he had done before coming to Dantooine.  The defense respond by stated that the records they were talking about were the murder of the Jedi that was allegedly killed by Zaku. The Defense asked was it possible that the Jedi was killed by friendly cross fire by other members of Dantooine security team. The defense want to know if there was proof that Zaku allegedly murder this Jedi. Gold said, “I have his records and I can show you.” she pauses then begin reading the record where it showed  Zaku askings if he was to be consider a monster, and then he reported that he and his friend at the occasion had committed many crimes.  Defense then stated “thank you, I take it you have no real proof, just a droid who could have blown a fuse..”  The Prosecution was allow to cross examining Gold. The Prosecution asked Gold what prompted the alleged assault that led to the arrest. Gold said that he asked for fuel and attacked her. she defended herself and  was able to defeat her attacker which was allegedly Zaku. She she said that she asked Zaku why he attacked her and she said that Zaku said that he had killed a Jedi and a Padawan.

The Judge stated since the murder that was talked about didn’t happen on Dantooine, that he was going to toss out all murder charges against Zaku and on account of assault and hacking that he  was going  with the time Zaku served on account of unlawful detainment and maybe a find to be imposed at some later date. He ended his statement by saying, “The Reavers and the DJE I know at times have been at odds.. a little stabbing here and shooting there, but the time for such hostilities are There is a bigger threat to the galaxy.. the Sith, they have already taken over Nal Hutta and are planning to further their power base. The time has come to stand united and against a common enemy.. the Sith on Nal Hutta. Nal Hutta must be liberated!”

Hutt Night: Forging a strong case to build an alliance to search for a legendary fleet.

gilbar-and-sunee-huttpinky-reavers-and-smugglers_001If you recalled GNW last article on the Legend of the Armada, last night meeting was about finding this fleet. The Legion of Sith attempted persuade the Hutts in pursuing to find this fleet.

it was even suggest that they find it before the federation find it. Greba Hestilic Sotto (crazyjoe Kingsley): “It would be a disaster if the Galactic Federation of Free Republic found it first”

Lord Sebren made His case by saying ” If we are to risk not finding the fleet first and bringing it under our control then hutt space is but a wink in the guns of this powerful enemy” He continue on to say “Do you wish to risk what you control to a enemy that even the empire and republic fear could return?”

Gilbar the Hutt was not move by this motion and he laughed it off and said, “I think even in the face of tales of destruction, my Hutt brethren would be more interested in what profits and promises being patrons of this quest would mean”

Lord Sebren continue to push his case to the Hutt Council. He said, “We need everyone help if we are to make sure that we all have safe interests, then I would suggest sharing the records of the eternal fleet that any Hutt may have because by doing so we will make sure the Hutts will have their interest well protected.”

Then it was ask by the Hutts how much did Lord Sebren knew about the fleet. Lord Sebren told the Hutts that the fleet was massive, That it it held enough fire power to make the Empire shake with fear as well as the Republic and the other core worlds. It was said that the fire power alone could not be matched by any arsenal the Republic or the Empire may have. Lord Sebran said that if we do not act and act together then we all shall perish or worse submit to its power.

Sarus Therongard told Lord Sebran that he will only tell him once, that the fleet is weak and gone. That he was only chasing a dream found in his imagination. that the Eternal fleet was blown to smithereens.”

In an angry tone Lord Sebran said to Sarus “Do we have true record of that sir? Do you dare call my own reports fally ask the Hutts yourself what they know of the fleet. Do you suspect that a enemy that vanished centuries ago does not figure out ways to rebuild itself or restructure itself I dare you to prove me wrong sir.”

By request of Pinkky and granted by Gilbar the hutt Pinkky will take the Diana, with full compliment and a research vessel to research these antiques of this fleet. If they find nothing, she said that she is sure Malrev will be accommodating in a fair price for 4 holds of slaves.