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Wild animal on a rampage at the Rancor Auction!

rancor_001 The Auction start off like any other auction.  It was hot as usually but that is normal being on Mos Espa.    The Rancor was brought out in chains.  He stood about 16′ 5” (5 m) or less.   He gave out his furious growl as if to say he didn’t like to be in chains.   The bid took off with Mad being the moderator.  “Alright.. thank you all for coming, I know you all have places to be so I’ll make this as fast as I can.. can everyone hear me? if not then I guess it will be hard to bid.”  he said, as he give big grin.  We were told by the Moderator that the Rancor was a male in  fine condition, quiet testy, needs to breed, but he kept it sexually frustrated for a very long time.  We were told that the fund being made in this auction would be going to help find Tompunka Bareesh.

The Moderator start the bid off at 5 thousand credits.  He said, ” 5 k and you can have a killer that rips arms off droids better then a rammed up wookie.. do I have any bidders? 5k”  Then I  saw ρⓗєє Reaver raise her hand.  Not to bid but to ask a question.  The moderator asked, “Yes.. Ms Pirate Queen.. a question?”  She said, “Yes, Does it come with the nifty laser chain, or does the buyer need a means of security for it?, or in other words how do we get that sucker home?”  Mad replied, “We could supply transport.. for a price.. but it is not included with the Rarancor2_001ncor.. any other questions? before we resume?” Then ρⓗєє Reaver  joke, “can we keep it in the casino.”  no takers at 50 credits!?!? moderator said.  Then ρⓗєє Reaver raise her hand bidding 50 credits. Sunny wonder how it drop down from 5k to 50 credit.  I was thinking the same thing but didn’t say it out loud.  “50 credits for a full grown.. baby eating snot stomping Rancor… finally.. 50 credits to the Reaver.. do I have 75? 75 credits?,” The Moderator said.
Sunee the Hutt snorts “100” “100 credits to Sunee Besadii… the stunning and smartest.. do I have 150? Look at this Bull rancor.. he killed three grandparents just trying to help them cross the road.. I assure you he has no conscience.. just a killing machine.. 200 credits.. do I hear 200?”   Moderator said, “Or maybe 200 to set it free?” Looking at us Jedi as he said it.  Phee shout “150!” Sunee the Hutt (sunny.simmering) chuckles at Phee,  then said, “Hey 200 and I make rancor steaks for barbecue.”  “200 too Sunee.. for Rancor steaks.. another fine use for all this Rancor tongue.. do I hear 250 for a little Rancor bacon and eggs?,” Mad said.

rancordoa-posterAll this talk about  Rancor steak and Rancor bacon and eggs didn’t sit well with the Rancor. He got more restless then before as if he knew what was being said about him and didn’t want to become someone meal.  Mad Reaver said to the Rancor “whoa whoa big guy… not everyone wants to eat you.” The bid jump to 300 credits without anyone bidding for 250.   Then I herd the snap of the chains being held by the Rancor and then Rancor laid out the Moderator who was Mad.  All those there  including myself accept for Sunee the Hutt attempt to take down the Rancor.  After few bruise and open wound, we manage to take it down but that only stun him for minute or so.  He got back up and took off making Rampage though Mos Espa.  5000 credit is being offer by the Bareesh and the Besadii clan to catch the Rancor  dead or a live.

Editor’s Letter

kinsa-party_001On yesterday, GNW was salute by the Besadii and the other Hutt Clan.  The Event start off with me getting introduce by Mad Reaver.  Then I gave this great speech. I said, “The job of Journalist is about getting the news out, gathering all the facts. letting the viewers see and know what is going on. Its all about the people. Den Dhur and Hallis Saper were two notable journalists, and The Perre Needmo Newshour was a famous journalistic HoloNet show. Who were way before my time. I think all reporters who report the news should inspire to be like them. The reason why I do it is because I care about the people. In all honesty, I do it to support the people in what ever events they may have going on. I want to gather as much people who view GNW to get involve. I am always focus on the community when ever I do a story.

When I first became a reporter for the community, there was a vacuum of stories being reported. GNN had been missing for some time. no one knew where they were. It was Kaelee One Editor of Star News and a dear friend who was concern about this. She pulled me in to this life style and the both of us set out to bring back GNN by doing stories and hopefully given them stories but it unfolded to a whole new news group when we could not find GNN reporters Daana Kira and Rakiko Lowtide.

My first interview, I recall was on Yavin IV. It was with Grandmaster Iria. We talked about the history of the Kalway order and my second story was about Padawan Haden sacrificed his life. The story was entitle DJE says farewell to one of their own. It was the first time I ever seen a Jedi being lay to rest in the traditional Jedi cremation burial. I went on to do more stories.

Being a reporter, has it fatalities. If Madhi Vaandt was a live today she would vouch for that. she ounces said, “There’s something called a journalist’s instinct. Some people call it a nose for news. My instincts are saying that this contact doesn’t mean me any harm. I’ve been in worse situations than this, Shohta. Really, I have.” I know what she meant but sometime your contact does mean you harm. I remember doing a story on Ord Mantel. interviewing a slave trader. After the story, she wanted to capture and sell me. I am lucky I got out of their a live.

One of my favorite stories for GNW was title What would happen if a giant planetoid actually hit Yavin IV? The whole story was about what would happen if the asteroid hit Yavin. I did a lot of research of what happen to a planet being hit by asteroid. It gives viewers something to think about. I know it hasn’t be on front lines as of late but the asteroid is still heading to Yavin. I only hope that Yavin IV finds away to stop it and you know GNW will be their to get the story because it what we do. You can quote me on this. ” The news is not planned with time or a place! It happens unexpectedly!”

After the speech, those at the celebration asked me a few question.  Phee Reaver asked do I get emotional involve in my stories.  I told her that I try not to.  Master Pearl asked do I share my wisdom as being a reporter with my padawan.  I told her I do.  Mad Reaver asked how do I get my stories.  I told him that  I go looking for them or sometimes people call GNW on the holo com.   At the end of Questions and answer,  I end  it by saying if anyone wish to join GNW, All they need to do is send me a story and picture and then I would take look at it and see weather or not I should hire them.


GNW would like to thank all those who showed up and the Hutts that honor GNW.  We also  would like to thank all our viewers.


Dantooine: The aftermath of the plague

For the safety of our reporter, GNW did not go to Dantooine to bring you broadcast of the Plague. what we learn that the symptoms of the plague were change of eye pigment to blue pigment. blue vain appear on the skin and the body became weak and fatigued.

jess_001When we learned that Dantooine stop the out break of the plague we took transport to Dantooine there we met former member of GRAE and now member of DJE Sir Jedi Jessant who confirm are reports that Dje was free of the Plague. Jessant Cassius (Lightning) “The plague has been contained and cured. We also renovating and adding some additions to the enclave..But we are currently seeking some more supplies from allies soon.”

We asked  Jedi Jess about the addition to the enclave and the supplies that was need by the enclave. His Responds was, “Most likely buildings around the enclave here will have some structure changes. Not really sure fully but it is in discussion. After the plague hit it left us with very limited medical equipment and needs in the medbay. We’re restocking little by little but it will take much more help and less time when allies come through for us I hope.”

sir Jedi Jess said he been training more and more member of DJE in becoming Jedi Shadow. He said he also been raising his 3 year old daughter Nima Tann with his mate Jedi Master Galise. Jess said that he works hard to make sure the darkside remain off of Dantooine and he fights to keep it clear of it. “In my midst of training here I learned much of certain enemies and I am trying to put their actions against us to a end.” Sir Jedi Jessant ended our talks with this message, “If there any allies of DJE loyal wish to help aid bring our Enclave better health supplies for medical aid it will be greatly appreciated.”