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Odessen’s orbiting space station Cantina Supisy’s


Here at GNW Newsroom on Meresh Valley out post on Yavin IV, GNW had the change to speak with cantina owner Supisy’tarkona.  Supisy cantina is at a space station orbiting Odessen.  Supisy told GNW that she opened her Cantina for Pilots and smugglers to have a place to relax. She told us that it is a good place for food, drinks, and other things.

I had the change to visited the cantina that Supisy calls Supisy’s.  Supisy’tarkona said, “Is called Supisy’s and because we are far out in the outer rim territories we ship supisytarkona_001in almost everything, but we can get Corellian ale, Twi’lek blood wine and many exotic drinks from all over the galaxy.  Supisy makes her special Mynock Coronet City fresh each day and also grow twi’lek herbs for smoking, and this station has many things for travelers. There are apartments, hotels with plenty of room, and then on the planet, there is a resort with nice beaches and clubs.”

Supisy’tarkona told GNW that she has been owner of Supisy’s for six weeks now and that two weeks ago they done striptease dance contest with 1000 credit prize and it was a good turn out, and that it was fun.  Supisy tell GNW how she got the cantina. She said, “Supisy’s father, Gsupisytarkona-2_001lie’tarkona, had arranged marriage with man Supisy not bapta…….love, yes that the word, so I leave and come to Odessen, is not far from Ryloth, and Governor Anders sell me the cantina, has been wonderful experience and make many friends. Supisy never think this happen to her but I very happy there.”

Supisy ended our conversation with this…. “Supisy is always looking for dancers and bartenders for all time zones, and all tips are yours to keep, but always enjoy meeting new people and keeping the place busy.” she adds ” We are always looking to buy slave twi’leks and give them their freedom, so if you are a slave, come see me.  I’ll buy you.”

Supisy’s is always opensupisytarkona-2_002 with bartender weather they be people or droid. If you like good food and drinks, a good show of dancers and a over all good time,  I would advice that you stop by Supisy’s.  GNW will keep you update on anything else we learn on Odessen and Supisy’s  (

Empire Kills Pirate King


( Dark Lord Infestus )

Byss, a beautiful lava filled hive of elite and godly, as well as the sacred meeting hall where every week the denizens of Khayal meet to talk business and hear their leaders addresses. In a rather odd turn of events Emperor and the Executor would not be making an appearance, so the center stage was taken by Dark Lord Infestus himself, with Dark Lady Periculosa and the lady who identified herself as “I am the Byss Sith” at Hutt Night, now revealed to be Siyala at either side.

Heralded with a booming voice, the meeting began: “First, I wish to welcome a new member to the Dark Lords of the Sith: Avix Cabaril… Hopefully, he has a good explanation for his absence. If not, I trust you will rectify this.” then he asked “What of your Order, Dark Lady Periculosa, any developments this week?”

“Nothing of interest this week, Dark Lord.”

“What of the Sith Triumvirate?”
Siyala responded: “Lord Jhin has returned after looking into a situation with the legion of Yulan, I am awaiting his report. We have also come across some…interesting findings on Korriban. I have message to deliver in Lord Zerafons absence he has words for the Imperial Meetings. He sees our Empire grow stagnate and Byss is not stagnate. He witnessed the weakness of those that claim to be Sith. Such as the false Sith of coruscant following the false self proclaimed emperors to the weakness of those that even boast themselves a empire. Therefore he would pay tribute to Destius and declare a Sith Tournament in the honour of Byss. Each order declare there champion and show there faith to the emperor and will of the Sith. A trial of combat… then there is the hutt matter.”

After hearing about the tournaments, the Dark Lord Infestus spake thusly: “This isn’t the solution to stagnation of the Empire as a whole, but I do see the benefits of a trial of that sort. Of course, the Emperor will have to approve also, but I am in agreement. The Jedi haven’t posted a real threat in recent weeks, so this may serve to keep the blades of our warriors sharp… As for the Hutt issue…” he fell eerily silent.

Siyala responded: “Of course it’s not, it will take more than that. It was merely a step in the right direction. Zerafon agrees, that with the jedi being vanished from the galaxy or nearly so there is a risk of becoming complacent…”

Once more like the sound of a thousand dying suns Infestus spoke about teh Hutt issue “…we will move on to that soon. I suspect some of those attending today are here to discuss precisely that matter… But first, let us hear a report from the Imperial Sith Military.”

TK-4715: “The Empire is stable, the under city pacified, and our borders strong, my Lord.”

Dark Lord Infestus nodded stoically in silence his approval, but then said: “Very well, then. Do tell us more about your findings on Korriban soon…Now then… on to our guests.”

A small consortium of travelers from Nar Shadda had been standing in the back, now the Pirate King stepped forward:: “If I may approach the Emperor” he says “Maybe we can shed some light on the ominous sounding Hutt issue…I have come on behalf of Ms Minx Bade and Rolga Bareesh, Minx brings the answers to your many questions regarding the attack on Hutt space”

A well dressed but out of place Sephi stepped up and started to say something, only to be corrected by the Dark Lord Infestus “I was not referring to you, Jesma. But rather the other four mumbling idiots.” it was obvious his temper was starting to grow as his patience shrank, he says to Mad Reaver “Maybe?! How dare you answer simply with ‘maybe’ when I ask you a direct question?!” his veins starting to pop from a rising anger that Sith are known for, then he says “Your insolence may be tolerated by your kin, but not by me. If you are here to represent Ms. Bade, she would be wiser to do the talking herself from this point onward.”

but the Pirate King had already started his sentence and for some reason felt compelled to explain himself “Well sire, I was answering maybe to Minx here when she asked if it was us.. us being Reavers.”

You could feel the tension in the room as people started to eye each other, muscles tensing for action and weapons being loosened… people started moving around … Dark Lady Periculosa chuckled softly…

Minx Bade took the floor “greetings, Dark ones, let me start by saying this is bar none, the darkest looking place I have ever seen, cept for maybe that crypt looking place on Dromund Tyne that Mari had to get me out from ……never mind that, so I’m here to explain the situation in Hutt SPace, and I have been instructed to release detailed information regarding the situation in order to alleviate and concerns that it is a war on all sith”

Then the Pirate King said or did something that was unseen by all except the great Dark Lord Infestus who bellowed “End his existence. Show this insect just how complacent we truly are.” then he turned to Minx “Your explanation will have to wait. You should have chosen a more diplomatic entourage, perhaps. Ones that understand their place when approaching this court.”

All at once the room lit up with sabers, as the Pirate King drew his sword “So much for peace and understanding. I didn’t come here looking for a battle.. I will retreat.”

Surrounded by Sith with sabers, I could see Mad looking around for a possible escape, but then the battle started, sabers clashing as the Pirate King attempted to defend himself, he made his way to a balcony and jumped off as sabers flashed around him, he then arced back and gunned his jet pack straight at the Dark Lord Infestus, who swatted off his attack and as the Pirate King Mad Reaver crashed to the ground he was surrounded by Sith who pummeled him into an unconscious bloody pulp before his mangled corpse was hauled out of the meeting chamber.

There was discussion, and a droid came out to clean up the fresh spilled Sephi blood off the polished marble floors.. a little talk and then back to business as usual.

Minx Bade raises her eyes to meet with Lord Infestus, “I was prepared to share detailed information with you regarding the evidence to the pending sith invasion of Nar Shaddaa, but you see loyalty is a trait among Lettow that is not easily dismissed even under such situations, judging from most of your looks you are not aware of Lettow and I would rather it remain that way, you killed my companion and this must be answered for, as for the information, if you require evidence I suggest you seek it out on your own, kill us if you wish but a Hutt armada attack is not an easy thing to live through, even for a sith Lord, your choice”

Dark Lord Infestus was not impressed “Perhaps you do not fully understand the reality of your situation, Ms. Bade. I am more than confident our Empire will triumph should it come to blows with the Hutt armada. Unless you speak, you will not leave this place alive. I will ask you once more to reconsider your stance.”

Minx Bade smirks, “so powerful the sith empire, and yet you have to find ways to keep your minions in practice, tournaments? lets be real, I sense the anger welling in all of you, and lets for a moment examine the origin of this anger, that would be fear”

but the Dark Lord Infestus had enough “Kill them.”

..then something happened, some people pulled sabers, I think a thermite grenade was produced by one of the Nar delegates… but it was stopped from going off.. something else happened.. and when I woke up the Dark Lord Infestus was speaking in a booming voice: “So much for diplomacy.”
then he motioned for the Sephi.. Jesma Pearl to step forward with her news… “Dark Lord, I bring news from Thustra which concerns Byss most directly. I’m afraid King Meyhoar Malgohnius has become troubled…He has become restless and dare I say paranoid. He is organizing an armada of his own with the sole purpose of attacking the empire.. I’m seeking ways to avoid this attack, but my hands are tied.” as she spoke she bowed numerous times to show respect

“How far along is he? Can we expect him to be ready soon, or is there time for a preventive strike?”

“He will be ready in a matter of days. I would have come sooner, but I only just learned of it due to having to see the king for personal reasons related to our culture’s political structure. He seemed agitated and distracted and so I did some inquiring and investigation. .. My aim is to save my people from madness.”

in the absences of the Emperor, Dark Lord Infestus thusly did speak: “I see. Thank you for informing us of this impending threat, the Empire will of course respond appropriately. Let the Hutt cartel and this mad King make their move, we have faced far greater threats. We will turn them to dust.”


Rolga Bareesh calls out Sith


(Rolga Bareesh)

It was a cold and rainy night on Nar Shaddaa, the pollution in the dark skies washed out into puddles and gutters with oil slick patterns making their way to the under city.
Tonight was a special gathering in the Hutt Chamber, Rolga Bareesh had called an emergency meeting and the room was filled with Sith, Jedi and much less savory characters from all slithers of life.

Rolga Bareesh said, “thank you Sunee and Gor’gon for attending this most important meeting… greetings to all and thank you for responding to the call to arms, Hutt space is in danger of invasion, while the Hutt armada is ready to do battle it is upon all of those living in or near Hutts space to to answer this threat, for some time we have observed a pattern of deception within the shipping lanes in and out of Hutt space, and recently we have discovered that the mining asteroid station is no longer receiving communications, we have sent scouts to the station but they have not returned, our concern is that the Sith threat that was rumored is quite real and will only escalate…”

“…We are building a militia in order to protect vital assets in Hutt space and to act as personal escorts should an attack break out, we need pilots, soldiers, logistics experts, your previous skills will be examined to determine where best you will fit with this post, who will step forward to answer the call to arms?”

There was some mutterings in the crowd before the first person spoke out “What pay are you offering?”

It was then that people started taking the speakers deal to pledge support after hearing the Hutts were willing to pay double the standard wage, Rolga went on to say “Hutts have very deeeep pockets”

However, there was a Byss delegation in the crowd and one unidentified woman spoke up and said:”...I am here to state attacking Sith orders is not a good idea. While we have no interest in which ever sith order offended you. Aggression against Sith will be noted. Hopefully, it will not effect you might have in imperial territory .”
She Identified herself as: “I am the Sith on Byss.” and went on to say “I’m suggesting you have proof when the Sith ask why you are attacking one of their orders, should you wish to carry on with it, you may .”

It was at this point the infamous Pirate King interjected, not happy with the show of ego he decides to up the ante: “If I may… This is the House of the Hutts, respect please, and secondly, since when has the Mighty Sith Empire controlled the Sith cults?” he looked around “Hear my words, Byss has grown complacent, allowing anyone to form a Sith cult and attack even their allies. It’s time some one stepped up, too bad it has to be the Hutts who .. excuse my wording.. man up…Byss only has words and bravado.. we need actions and courage” which drew cheers from the Reavers.

Again the question of proof of the attacks came up from the Byss delegate “Theres still no proof any Sith attacked your mine. You haven’t said anything at all but a call for free troops to die for you.” and ‘I am the Sith on Byss’ added “You assume we care about some small sith cult or what it does, however if it goes further than that it will not end well for the attackers.”

For a second the air was tension was thick as the Nar Shaddaa smog, then Zak the free droid Reaver was called to speak, but his words soon sounded like a cryptic warning of doom and despair. “I wish to say some thing I have been in the dark for so long it is eating me a live I was once with the sith I saw a organic get ripped in half bye a woman in red . her name or her given name was the red queen” he went on to say, ” I have seen things you might see in night mares they are a virus they wish to spread and kill us all … this virus scrams death to all light.  if you wont help may the sun set on your life and your kingdom “

Sunee Besadii then spoke up to hopefully answer some questions. “For the record Mighty Rolga did not say attacked, but that an outer station, asteroid was not communicating and that rumors were that the Sith were involved. When I say attacked us, I am referring to us, the Hutts here on Nar, not some asteroid… I find it questionable that Hutts have to provide proof to those unwilling to provide support. If you are in then evidence is provide, other wise you are just a spy., her voice trembling with indignation”

After everyone seemed calmer Rolga Bareesh closed the meeting: “My fellow Hutts, it would appear that we only have a few brave souls willing to defend the freedom of Hutt space, not to worry, I’m certain our armada will hold.”

GNW will keep you up to date on anything else that we learn about potential war between the Hutts and the Sith.


What is the New Alderaan Proposal Chair Substitute Act?

The New Alfederationsymbolderaan Proposal Chair Substitute Act gives congress the power to appoint a substitute chair when the chair is missing, absent, or is dead but only when the vice chair has not been appointed by the chair. In the case the chair does return then Substitute chair will take on the role as vice chair. In the case the chair is dead the Substitute chair will take on the role as chair until election can be held.

We spoke with New Alderaan’s Senator Cymiri ta who had this to say. “It is important and beneficial for The GFFR that we have emergency leaders in place just in case anything happen to the Chair. Now the emergency roles should start with Vice Chair and then scroll down to Sectary of State if anything happen to the Vice but if the current Chair hasn’t appointed a Vice Chair and Congress has not voted in The Sectary of State then that leaves us with out a leader. To keep that from happening, Alderaan proposal that we put in Constitution the power to emergency appoint a substitute when the Chair is absent or the death of the chair and only when Vice Chair has not been appointed by the Chair.” Bespin is in agreement of this act. Senator Rain told GNW that It makes sense. We need a leader at all times to guidcymiri-ta-3_001e us, if the others cannot be present during the times we need rain_001them.

Senator Rain also left with this statement. “Bespin would like your viewers to know that Bespin is interested in meeting with other leaders and forming trade relations with them. Our trade or Tibanna Gas, for something they have that we may need. We are open for any and all talks to discuss this.”