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Two side of the same Coin

Darth Shadowsoul_001We all know that there is always two sides of every story and GNW brought you one side of the story from Lady Thalia’s view. Post that story, GNW contacted a member of Triumvirate group on Caamor who were involve in the capture and torture of lady Thalia to get their narration of the events. GNW met Darth Shadowsoul in cantina at Mos Espa on Tatooine.

Darth Shadowsoul start off by saying, “Well the story on Thalia really does need both sides to be brought to the light. She has caused us a few problems in the past and it is best the rest know.”

When asked what problems he told GNW that since her initial capture in the Undercity of Byss by one of the ISN Admirals, the one recently rescued by the Triumvirate. Our temple on Caamor was visited by both jedi and sith hoping to rescue her. Members of Malrev accompanied jedi to rescue her as well as cause a small disturbance that required her to be fought off.

GNW wanted to know was that the only problems that Lady Thalia cause for them go out of their way to capture her and torture her. We were told That any and all jedi found on byss are either killed or captured. Why she was transported to Caamor though He tells us he is unsure. “He said, ” As for her torture, It was because of the others coming to the planet for her, but more specifically the sith that seemed interested in her. A bit odd that sith would want to free a jedi instead of come torture or beat her up themselves. I suspect that she has ties to the sith on Malrev. I am the one that removed her finger nails and then her hand for Grand Master Iria. The nails were to find out the names of the sith but she decided to keep her mouth shut and resist giving the names of her enemy. As for her hand, That was a present for the Grandmaster along with a message for all jedi to turn away from the jedi ways and join us or be slaughtered for causing more damage to the galaxy. ”
This interested GNW so we wanted to know more about Malrev being involve in the rescue. We wanted to know that did they find anything else on Malrev and what lead him to believe that she had ties with them.

Darth Shadowsoul said, ” I’m afraid not. Because she was resistant to giving me information on Malrev. I went there myself and spoke with the Dark Lady there. Even ran into the two Malrev members that had come to the temple. One denied even being there while the other was scolded for going there helping the jedi. As for her ties, as i stated before jedi were seen with this sith member and he even stated he was sith. Either way though, the sith of Malrev are at least friendly towards us and we should not have any problems with them in the future.”

GNW wanted to know was security tighten after Lady Thalia’s rescues and did her escape make Triumvirate look bad and were they planning to recapture her. Shadowsoul shook his head and told us that they were not planning on recapturing her anytime soon. He said, “As for security we have increased it to the point anyone coming to Caamor is noted and stopped. As for her escape. We chose to let her go because something far better came up. Master Tanira fought and lost to her old apprentice Camaxtili. Since he is my apprentice I felt that it woudl be a good chance to see how far from the jedi way he has come. Since some jedi ran into the storm we left both Tanira’s body and Thalia’s body in the snow. ”

Darth Shadowsoul ended our interview with these words. ” I want the rest of the galaxy to know that the Triumvirate is making itself known. We have already walked all over Bespin, Korriban, and Kesh. We are working on subjugating a few sith orders as we obtain more strength. Anyone wishing to join us contact me otherwise they can kneel before us and become willing subjects to our order. This goes for both Jedi and Sith groups alike. “

Congressional News

moderator_001Today at the Galactic Federation of Free Republic (GFFR) Congressional meeting the floor was open up by Moderator Ehob’jani who said, ” the IGO has reported starting operations regarding the enemy and until they have something to tell us, that’s as much detail as they’re going to get. Now we come to pitches for the Chairperson position, all applicants, I believe there’s just one at the moment, but that might change if others decide the policy platform they hear is egregious enough they them selves want to run, anyway, let’s hear some policy pledges.”



The candidate unopposed for now is the Senator from Yavin IV Senator Tiplaria.

She said, ” Greetings senator of yavin_001senators. As you know at the last meeting, I talked about running as chair or vice chair if the former chair runs again. I talked to her and she plan not to run again, so I will step up as your candidate for chair. to my right, is Maiasar if I should win, she will take my place as Yavin IV’s senator. As chair, I plan to devote my time and talent to work for the citizens of the federation. To have a open door policy to all members of the federation. to have an open free trade with our Maiasar_001allies. To help support growth. I plan to set my office here on Yavin IV but will continue the meetings on all the planets and moon that are part of the federation. I plan to put the GFFR first but still be a leader that will provide aide to our allies. If any senator have any question for me I can answer them now.”


There was one question from the senator from the Republic of Balmorra who was Senator Nox.

nox_001Nox clears her throat then speaks clearly “You say you plan to open free trade but can you elaborate what you mean by that, cause I don’t see how trade will grow if costs are not covered.”

Tiplaria responded, “Tiplaria said, ” I will have a economic policy of not discriminating against imports from and exports to foreign jurisdictions. Buyers and sellers from separate economies may voluntarily trade without the federal government applying tariffs, quotas, subsidies or prohibitions on their goods and services. This does not mean that each planet or moon can’t not set up they own taxes it just mean the federal government will not.”


There was no follow up question from Nox. The Moderator move on to other congressional business.

Ehob’Jani asked, “Alright, if that’s it for questions for Tiplaria, I now ask if anyone would like the vote to be put off to next session to come up with more questions or if the chairperson vote should occur now.”

Senator Cymiria from New Alderaan raised her hand was called upon by the Moderator

Senator Cymsenator of New alderaan_001iri ta said, “We should wait to next meeting before we vote. This will give us time to make up our minds if we have not already before we vote. I would also suggest that if no one else comes forward to be candidate be side Senator Tiplaria by time we vote at the next meeting then they are out of luck.”

It was voted on that voting for the new chair will be at the next session. The moderator asked for any other business there was none so it was voted on to close this congressional session and the next session will be held in two weeks on New Alderaan, Sunday at 2 PM SLT unless notified otherwise.

Taken, Captivity,Escape The Lady Spintrus Story

Hope when darkness and despair loom large

Thalia Spintrus_001Many times we at GNW bring you reports after traveling to many different locations to find great sources of News for our viewers. Today we bring you a report right from our home on Yavin IV. Some months ago we at GNW had the opportunity to speak with padawan Thalia, now Jedi knight Thalia, and lots of things have happened since we last interviewed her.

GNW noticed a lot of changes to Thalia’s appearance since our viewers last saw her, so we asked her to tell us what happened.

Thalia Spintrus said, “Obviously the skin is the most striking feature to change..That is the result of a Sith curse or alteration performed by a Dread Master of Malrev as punishment for daring to investigate the murder of a fellow Jedi on that world. The other more temporary changes I had during the times you ask about are more classified and I will not be at liberty to divulge at this time. That brings me to the arm.. It was forcibly removed on Caamor.”

GNW asked Lady Spintrus to tell us about her time of being a prisoner on Caamor

Thalia Spintrus said with a frown, ” It all started when I was captured by a then unaffiliated rogue YSF soldier.. he took me to Caamor to turn me in to the Sith under the command of Lord Zerafon.. thinking it would ingratiate him with the Sith there.. I was disarmed and held captive..” She looked down.. “During that time.. I was forced to fight Sith without any weapons.. and was beaten each time… one after the other.. with varying degrees of pain and suffering.. all for the amusement of the Sith Darth and Lords.. ” Then she went silent for a moment.

Since Lady Sprintus declined to name the YSF Officer GNW at this time did not press the question but we will investigate deeper into the antagonists behind the incident

GNW then asked Lady Sprintus if she was questioned by her Sith Captors.

Thalia Spintrus said, “then the next day.. they did start questioning me.. when I did not answer to their satisfaction.. they removed three fingernails of my left hand.. then.. they removed my left hand as a message to send to Grand Master Iria..they did nothing to bandage my wounds.. I had to use a piece of my own clothing to stop the bleeding.. after a few hours slowly bleeding to death.. they finally treated the wound but only to stop me from dying.”

The thought of going through something like that would be overwhelming for anyone so, we asked if was she angry with her captors.

Thalia Spintrus said, ” Actually I forgave them.” She admitted to GNW that the longer she stayed there.. the less she wished she had forgiven them. She said, ” There were nights I would look up into the cold sky of that world and feel the presence of darkness just waiting to feast on the light if I gave in.”

GNW listened more as she talked about her imprisonment.

She said, “I was their guest five days, before Master Tanira led a team to rescue me. All of whom fought bravely, and were outnumbered. We were eventually routed and forced to flee, but not before Tanira and I were gravely wounded..” She paused. “As for what they asked me.. I am not completely at liberty to divulge that.. but I will say one thing.. the Sith on Caamor and from what I can only Guess Byss itself are in no way assisting the Sith currently occupying Nar Shadaa.. I may be wrong on that.. but it is the impression I got.”

GNW thanked Lady Spintrus for taking the time to speak with GNW and we asked if she had any final words for our viewers.

She said, “Only that in times where treachery is all around.. there is honor as well.. and sometimes that honor is in the darkest and most unlikely places.. Those of whom I speak of know who they are so I will not name them.”

We were inspired and honored by our interaction with Lady Sprintus and indeed Hope can emerge even when darkness and despair looms large. GNW will bring you the Caamor side of the story as well, so stay tuned.

A New Ryloth for All Twileks

build on Ryloth_001 build on Ryloth2_001 build on Ryloth2_002 supisy_003

In the Outer Rim Territories, on the homeworld of the Twi’lek species, GNW traveled to Ryloth once again. On this visit, we met a familiar face, Supisy T’arkona. When we first met Supisy T’arkona, she was running a cantina on the Odessen space station now she is Governor of Delvus IV on Ryloth That is great accomplishment from running a cantina to now running the government of Delvus IV.
Governor Supisy T’arkona told GNW that She was on Odessen when her father died. Glie T’arkona was on the high council for the T’arkona clan. His last wish was for her to have his seat, and to keep that seat in the family name. We were told that the council did not like a female on the High council, but they had to accept Glie T’arkona wishes. This is how Governor Supisy got to sit on the high council, and is now Governor of Delvus IV”

Governor Supisy T’arkona said that she had made contact with Imperials, and that they will ensure the Hutts behave when here and only take slaves that want that life, no more will the just take who they want. She said, ” .. some girls love this life of being slave, it is in Twi’leki blood somehow, but many do not, and she will protect both paths for our people, Imperials can help much in this way, also many Humans when in the outer rim territories can come to Ryloth for some nice times, we are very kind people” she added with a wink. So GNW wondered if Ryloth was a Imperial Territory. Governor Supisy T’arkona assured us by saying, ” No but we are a protectorate, and will remain so as long as it is beneficial supisy_002to my people”

Governor Supisy T’arkona then escort GNW around Delvus IV. South of Lessu city on the east and sourthern side of the city was a lot of construction. she took us to the Main street next to the intergalactic port. Where we saw a lot of houses, large growing market and a cantina named Hirani Nima.. she also show us the ships port. She said, ” We are the only port city on Ryloth capable of handling large freighters, and our city also has enough entertainment and market to appease even the most posh traveler, we are really happy with our ability to please almost any appetite.” She want our Reporters to a stay a few days but as we had other engagements we had to take a rain check.

Governor Supisy T’arkona said, ” that she thinks this new Ryloth is good for all, time will tell, but people happy here, and secure, and we are open to all shipping and freight in this sector, I think this good for all races yes?” I don’t usually give my opinion on any story. I told her becaubuild on Ryloth3_001se I allow my viewers to make up their own minds but I did say that it looked like a good place for all to enjoy.”

Governor Supisy T’arkona said, gave the Lead Editor of GNW Kinsashala an open invitation to visit Ryloth adding that “Ryloth is were dreams come true” she beamed She ended our interview with this statement. ” Ryloth is the home of the Twi’leki people, it is our place, all Twi’lek are welcome here, it is time for us to come home, we have specials for relocating Twi’lek to new houses, please come see us and decide for yourselves” she smiled “Twileks are back” she grinnedon Ryloth_001

THE REMNANT – Does the Sith Race still exist?

council room one_001 Vergils throne two_001  Remnant laboratory 3_001

On the request of a person named 1Vergil1, GNW travelled to an uncharted and hence unknown planet . There were astonished to meet an ancient race of Sith who were created by the Dark Lords of the Sith a thousands years ago to be a replacement of the current sith if they were all wiped out.

new sith_001 1Vergil1 said, ” The planet we are on is a planet that has been in secret for hundreds of years. Our race is ancient and one of the original prototypes created by the Dark Lords of the Sith. Thousands of years ago they created us to increase themselves Just in case they were ever destroyed so that the bloodline could live on. Our civilization has been kept in shadow by some of the greatest force infused technology ever made, but Unfortunately the galaxy is changing due to certain shifts in the atmosphere. Some of our advantage Technology has gone dormant allowing our position to be revealed. This disturbs us greatly as we strive to remain unknown.”

1Vergil1 told GNW that they were instructed by the Dark Lords of the Sith, which he also calls the Gods to remain hidden but due to the fact that their technology is now breaking down it seems it can’t be helped that their existance and location is now being revealed.

1Vergil1 also informed us that his people are asleep in deep stasis and that he was awoken from stasis because of the malfunction. He He told us that some of the others are still asleep and that they were not scheduled to wake until all the current sith were wiped out.. Also we learned from him that the malfunction of the technology prohibited the download of information their minds needed to pick up from the fallen Sipat and veg_001th civilization.

1Vergil1 said, “Since I have awoken, I have attempted many times to use the force of the old ways to interact with our technology, but my many attempts have failed. The others can not awaken from stasis until the proper technology is used to fixed the problem. The weather changes in space above us has meddled with this planet and caused a great punch hole in our ways. normally one is awoken and the awakened wakes the others through the technology. I too was in the same stasis as they, but only I and a few others have awoken. Our original plans were to wake after the old Gods were destroyed and then learn their history and apply it to our lives. See we were made in a laboratory located in the upper levels of this area not far from here. We were made by a mixing of their DNA genes and force energy. the midichlorians and other enhancements to be stronger then they were but we was held in sleep by the Gods and meant only to arise if they should fall…it seems they have fallen since I do not see anyone resembling their faces since I have woken.”

1Vergil1 told GNW that “I hope to find help from a trustworthy company that could aid us in fixing our technology lest we wither and die with the old Gods of the sith if we do not get the planet fixed soon, I feel we will need to flee from this planet and seek out new worlds or die…. if you know of others like us, or have the power to help us fix our broken world, I will grant access to the security systems once i recognize who is here.”

REMNANT lounge 4_001 Rmenant throne hall 5_001REMNANT spaceport 6_001