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Sarapin in the Anoat Sector

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GNW received communication from New Tibannopolis  Stating:

Due to recent actions taken by Sarapin, New Tibannopolis must declare itself an Independent City State.

The Sarapin Emperor has set these conditions, believing that a neutral New Tibannopolis stabilizes conditions on the galactic scale, ensuring that all parties have access to tibanna and the use of the Corellian Trade Spine throughout the Anoat Sector and the Outer Rim in the vicinity.

Sarapin has moved a space battle station into the Anoat Sector, positioned in such way as to control the Corellian Trade Spine and all traffic in the vicinity of Bespin.

In addition, Sarapin has custody of Tetha Tannana, ward of Rhialto Tereschenko. She is unharmed and to be released when New Tibannopolis has become neutral and in effect out of the conflict.

By declaring New Tibannopolis to be an Independent City State, the flow of tibanna and general trade on the Corellian Trade Spine in the Outer Rim will be ensured as well as the safe return of Tetha Tannana, and hopefully a halt or decrease in the recent hostilities.

GNW will bring you more information on the war with the Federation and Sarapin as they develop.  In the meanwhile stay tuned.

Her Tomorrow is better than Her Yesterday

GNW travels to New Tibannoplis, Bespin Where we meet up with Amaran who started her life as slave. Her name is Tetha Tannana. She is the adopted daughter of he baron administrator Rhialto who is also a Ship maker.
Tetha tannana 2_001Tetha started her life as a slave she said. “I was born a little slave girl on Amar.” She didn’t want to go into much detail about her life as slave she told GNW that Something I rather not repeat for the readers but pretty bad stuff. She did tell GNW That she was abused by a pirate with blue skin and white hair fair.

But that was Tetha past, Tetha told GNW that Rhialto found her on Tattoine and raised her on Bespin. She said the best think was that he brought her to be his daughter. She said she travels with him to where he goes. She said today she went to a meeting with him today for The Galactic Federation of Free Republics (GFFR). She said, “It was uplifting to hear from the various Jedi and the republic representatives today about the problems ongoing on Tython.” When asked what are your plans for the future, She place the GNW reporter’s hands on her belly and then said, “To Be a mother and a wife.”  Tetha final words as we end the interview was, ” Find happiness and find joy in whatever you do.”

GFFR Meeting – 04-05-2017

federation logoEhob’Jani: Order order, first item is the election of our new chair, are there any new entrants to this election?

Cymiri ta (cymiri) said, ” none Moderator.”

Ehob’Jani: Alright, any new questions you would like to put to the candidate?

Cymiri ta (cymiri) said, ” New alderaan doesn’t have any new question to ask at this time.”

Ehob’Jani: Okay, any objections to proceeding with the vote?

Cymiri ta (cymiri) said, ” New alderaan has no objection.”

Ehob’Jani: Alright, on with the vote then, each member will in turn name their preferred candidate for chair.

Cymiri ta (cymiri) said, ” alright.”

Thalia Spintrus (taliousgotk) walks in and takes her place away from the table to observe impartially.

Ehob’Jani (ehobjani) receives the votes and says “that’s two votes for Tiplaria, so Tiplaria is hereby the new chair. Tiplaria, you have control.”
Thalia Spintrus (taliousgotk) takes note of the results and makes a note to inform Grandmaster Iria when she becomes available.

Tiplaria said, ” thank you for all those who voted for me. I hope to work with all the senators and citizen to make the federation a place of hope and a defense for the weak. With that said, are there any old business?”
your welcome

Cymiri ta said, ” new Alderaan doesn’t have any old business.”

Ehob’Jani: Tython’s been invaded again. Because the IGO is based there that will slow up access to their physical archives, but there are ways of routing intel around this problem.

Thalia Spintrus (taliousgotk) looks up.. “Tython’s been invaded?”

Tiplaria said, ” who has invade Tython?”

Ehob’Jani: Yeah, the Sarapin empire it seems, hased out of Mimban, that’s as much as I’ve gathered, my communications with the NJO have slowed up considerably, so expect details to be sketchy at the moment.

Thalia Spintrus (taliousgotk) nods.. “I will investigate.” She bows.. “If you will excuse me.”

Ehob’Jani: Okay.

Cymiri ta raise her hand.

Tiplaria said, ” very well Lady Thalia. I see the hands of New alderaan senator you may speak.”

Cymiri ta said, ” thank you lady chair. I purpose that we send troopers with the help of jedi from every part of the federation to help defend Tython.”

Tiplaria said it has been proposal that we send troopers with the help of jedi from every part of the federation to help to defend Tython. Can I get a second?”

Ehob’Jani: Yep.

Ehob’Jani: Seconded.

Tiplaria said, ” it has been second and now the vote. all those in favor state by saying yay and those who oppose say nay.”

Cymiri ta (cymiri) said, ” New alderaan said Yay.”

Ehob’Jani: Yay.

Tiplaria said, ” there are no nay so the yay have it. the federation will send trooper and ask help from the the jedi to defend Tython. Are there any more business from the senate?”

Cymiri ta (cymiri) said, ” New alderaan has no more business.”

Ehob’Jani: Neither does Tython.

Tiplaria said, ” if there is no more business then I close this meet and we will meet next week at 2pm on Bespin.”

Ehob’Jani: Sounds good.

GFFR Declare War on Seraphin

lady chair Tiplaria 3_001


Today, June 4th 2017 ABY Its has come to my attention that Tython has been invaded by Seraphin. This Invasion can’t not go unanswered. We the people of the GFFR can not allow another nation to take over and oppress the citizen of GFFR.. As your newly voted Chairwoman and with the votes by congress that we direct all measures be taken for our defense. I assert that we will not only defend ourselves to the uttermost but will make it very certain that this form of treachery shall never again endanger us. With confidence in our armed forces, Jedi, and allies with the unbounding determination of our people, we will gain the inevitable triumph.

–Lady Chair Tiplaria.