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GFFR Chairperson shot!

lady chair Tiplaria_001

Breaking News:

GNW can confirm that there was an assassination attempt on the GFFR Chairperson Tiplaria 3 days ago during the GFFR Congress meeting at New Alderaan. The official GFFR spokesperson informed GNW that the news was kept under wraps initially so that the hunt for the culprit was not compromised.

The attempt was not successful however the Chairperson was shot in the arm and lost a lot of blood. GNW was informed that the Chairperson’s condition was stable and that she will chair the next GFFR Congress meeting on Yavin IV amidst high security.

While there is speculation, a motive for the assassination was not ascertained, Commander Craw of the New Alderaan Navy was of the view that “…this does not look like an attack by the Seraphin Empire, the Sith are more frontal and brutal in their attempts, however we are not ruling anything out.”

Lt. Niyathi, of the Yavin Security Force (YSF) echoed similar views adding “…thus far there is no evidence of Sith involvement, I cannot reveal more as we do not want the investigation compromised.”

GNW sources have confirmed that the prime suspect is a red skinned male Togruta and our interviews of locals of Togrutan descent on New Alderaan confirm that the GFFR forces have been detaining and questioning red skinned Togrutans. “..It’s disgraceful” said one of the locals, “..You can be hauled away just because of how you look!” Neither New Alderaan nor the YSF have commented on these allegations, however Commander Craw did state that “…We will no doubt do all we can to bring the culprit to justice and we ask the public to bear with us as all travel in and out of New Alderaan will come under scrutiny.”

GNW can confirm that our crew’s equipment and luggage was thoroughly searched and our crew’s background was subject to intense scrutiny. Stay tuned as GNW will bring you more about the next GFFR Congress meeting.