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Madam Chair of the Galactic Federation of Free Republic


GNW visited the office of the Madam Chair of the Galactic Federation of Free Republics. While we were there, We spoke with Madam Chair Tiplaria. Madam Chair Tiplaria was once the senator of Yavin IV.  She said, “The reason why I became senator of Yavin IV was because I wanted to serve and make a difference. I felt that Yavin IV needed me and I ran for chair because I felt that all member of the federation needed me. To be honest, I felt like the Federation was hanging on by a string and the weaving fabric of our system government need to be mended or the whole tapestry would fall a part.”

We at GNW wondered what made the Madam Chair come to this conclusion that the Federation was going to fall a part if she didn’t step in.  She Said, “The low numbers at the Senate meeting concern me. I felt that our former Madam Chair Alita need help and I would have ran as her Vice Chair this year if she had ran again.”

GNW learned that Madam Chair Tiplaria term will be up this month. We were wondering if she plans to run for a second term she had this to say, “My First term was a rough start. I wasn’t expecting a war with another nation and Bespin and Tython pulling away from the federation. Honestly, I felt like it was my fault that they  had left because being the leader and all blame falls on me and they left on my watch. Because of my desire for the federation to become a powerful force for freedom and democracy and to increase in membership with other govern bodies joining us and being part of same banner, I felt heart broken when they left and my vision for GFFR was crushed. I went out of my way to bring them back. I can say I felt happy when Bespin was liberated and brought back home. I am still working on bringing Tython home. I have much more I want to do so Yes I plan to run again for a second term.”

GNW heard about Madam Chair Tiplaria talked about how her vision for GFFR was crushed and we wanted to know what is her vision for the Galactic Federation of Free Republic. She said, “In my vision where there were few Govern System standing united I see a large number like the heavenly stars united under one banner. I see a united arm force defending and protecting its citizens and it allies. I see The GFFR as leading force for freedoms and democracy. I see the senate leading by example and not just holding a title. I see all our govern system prospering. I see many people gathering to Yavin IV, Bespin, New Alderaan, The Republic of Balmorra, Fel Empire and many more govern systems that will join us in the future. I even see things mending with Tython and people gathering to her as well.”

GNW will keep you updated on more events on Madam Chair Tiplaria as they come.