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Fai’ra Tereschenko found to be guilty at her trial

trial_016 drawingGNW manage to get the public holorecording of Fai’ra Tereschenko trial on Bespin. Senator Ehob’jani was appointed to defend Fai’ra and Senator Maiasar was appointed to be the prosecutor. Senator Sai’to was the judge at the hearing. The trial started off with Senator Sai’to’s open statement. “Let us begin. For those of you who are unfamiliar with who I am, my name is Yuichi Sai’to, Senate Representative and Senator of New Alderaan, and today it is my great honor to be present as the Presiding Judiciary for this matter. It is my duty here, today, to hear the facts and arguments, witness and character statements. With these, I am then tasked to render a fair, just, and unbiased verdict either in favor or against the accused that stands before you.” Then asked the defendant to state her name, race, and age for the recorded followed by Defense and then the prosecutor.

The Prosecution was asked to declare the charges being brought against the defendant. Fai’ra Tereschenko was being charge with Treason of being a war criminal. Then Senator Sai’to informs the defendant what she was bing charge with. “Fai-ra Tereschenko, you are being charged today as a War Criminal, for the crime of Treason. Treason is defined as the crime of betraying one’s country, especially by attempting to kill the sovereign or overthrow the government; or in simpler means, the action of betraying someone or something. In this matter of circumstance, it is alleged that you have worked with the Seraphim Regime of Sith, and as such have acted to betray the Republic and it’s Allies. How do you plea?”

Fai’ra Tereschenko pleaded not guilty and so the prosecutor was asked to give her opening arguments. Maiasar clears her throat and addresses the assembly, “The Prosecution will prove that the defendant knew what she was doing when she chose to join the Sarapin Empire Sith and we have her own admission that she did this published openly in the GNW quoting her exact words. Also, we have the message sent from GAR to the Madam Chair We can also bring her Father as Character witness.” Senator Sai’to asked for the evidence the prosecution has to be submitted in order for them to be considered as reviewed. A copy of the evidence was submitted to Senator Sai’to. She was then asked to continue her open argument while the evidence was being over view. Maiasar added, ” We have a witness statement that implicates Fai’ra in engineering a war between the Federation and the Seraphim. The data we obtained from the holorecorders in her armor may show more. From what we’ve seen there’s at the very least murder on the list. Since Gar or their witness wasn’t present to give a statement nor was the holorecording they found wasn’t present it was stated inadmissible as evidence.” With less evidence, it made it harder for the prosecution to prove that Fai’ra was guilty of war crimes.

The Defense was ask to state their opening argument. Senator Ehob’jan said, “Right, so I was preparing to defend my clients interests against terrorism charges, treason I would argue doesn’t apply for reasons that will become apparent as we get into witnesses, and now we’ve had this new charge thrown in with no prior notice of conspiring to start a war with an attempt to submit a transcript of a video replacing the video itself if that even exists. I’m starting to wonder if we should just do a mistrial and either begin afresh or just forget it… In fact, more than wondering, your honor, I move we declare a mistrial.” The Prosecution ejected to a mistrial and Senator Sai’to denied the motion and then he said, “Defense Representative Ehob’jani. As you have chosen to use your opportunity to argue against the charges, to instead declare your objections to the evidence that I have already ruled on in a proper manner, and to challenge the validity of the basis to the accusations from what one might see as a biased stance against the Prosecutions efforts to build a case against the Defendant.. You can now make your way back to your seat and wait for your turn to question the Prosecution’s first witness.” He goes on to state, “Since it is clear that neither the Prosecution nor the Defense Representatives were prepared to try this case today, I am going to firstly declare that it WILL continue until a verdict is rendered.. and secondly I will have that mission report, Prosecutor.. While I begin reviewing it with hope of something worth validation for submission as evidence, you may call your first witness.”

The prosecution first witness was Baron Administrator Rhialto. Baron Administrator Rhialto was Fai’ra dad and he was asked by the prosecution does your daughter have a habit of getting into trouble? Rhialto stated yes, Her actions tend to land her in a bad situation. The prosecution then responded. “Would you give the court examples of types of situations?” He stated,“the prime example might be her involvement with the Seraphim Empire. In this regard, over the past few days a theory as to why all this has happened occured to me, due an event that took place shortly before Seraphim made itself known.” The prosecution continued, ” you had stated during the Federation Meeting on 2017/17/12 ABY, that she gets into almost anything, and it often ends badly and her judgment is questionable and that she often wanders off and gets into these ‘damned situations.’ can you please elaborate?” The Senator Sa’to then said, “May I remind the Prosecution and especially the Witness, that Seraphim is not on trial today. Reel in your answers, Mister Tereschenko to matters pertaining directly to the Defendant, within the scope of the questions. If you cannot do this, you will be asked to step down and your testimony will be stricken from the record. Understood?” The prosecution then explains that she was only trying to submit as evidence Fai’ra penchant for getting into trouble in the first place. the prosecutor was told to continue by Senator Sai’to. Prosecution continue by asking, “what specifically does she do that handles it poorly?” Rhialto tells the prosecution that he feels that confronting these people, associates of her former captors, was not a wise approach and that such behavior just asks for trouble.trial_018 drawing

GNW will show you the holorecording of the prosecution and her first witness.

Maiasar nods, “you had also stated during the Federation meeting that she associates with Spice dealers, these former slave owners, and she hunts for them, which leads to violent behaviors?”

Maiasar adds, “is this correct?”

Rhialto Tereshchenko said, “The outcomes are typically violent. It is why I think simply confronting these people is ill advised.”

Maiasar replies, “yet she continues to conspire with them, does she not? even with your advise not to?”

Rhialto Tereshchenko said, “To my knowledge she does not ‘conspire’ with them at all, but seeks retribution. This turns out badly.”

Rhialto Tereshchenko said, “She does this of her own accord, against my wishes, and thus I call her actions impulsive.”

Maiasar nods, “well, you did state you were at a loss as to how to handle your ward, so she is impulsive and acts on her own, is this correct?”

Rhialto Tereshchenko said,  “Yes, I do not know what to do.”

Maiasar replies, “Well, going against her own country would be considered seeking retribution. Prosecution rests, your honor.”

The Defenses was asked if they wish to cross examine the prosecution first witness. Defenses stated yes. The Fai’ra burst out saying “I DID TO CLEAN THIS PLANET OF CRIME!”
She was asked to be silent until called up on or be removed from these proceeding until a verdict be render by Senator Sai’to.

GNW will also play the defense holo recording of them asking questions to the prosecution first witness.

Ehob’Jani said, ” Rhialto, what happened to Fai’ra before the Seraphim Empire showed up?”

Rhialto Tereshchenko said,  “this is what has been eating at me….”

Rhialto Tereshchenko said, “Things were fine here, Fai’ra was living here in the city, no problems. then this odd woman shows up one evening….”

Rhialto Tereshchenko said,  “I was having dinner with Fai’ra in the cantina and this spooky woman enters. Friendly, but I felt a sense iof menace from her…”

Rhialto Tereshchenko said, “So, I am cordial, welcome her..and a discussion takes place. A weird one….”

Rhialto Tereshchenko said, “This woman several times mentions Fai’ra’s path and how it would be dark but she should not be afraid, she could help Fai’ra…..”

Rhialto Tereshchenko said, “A couple days later, the  Seraphim Empire takes control of Anoat staion nearby, makes it’s demand that the city remain neutral in any conflict….and I see that this woman was the consort of the Seraphim Emperor…a Sith.”

Rhialto Tereshchenko said, ‘ Fai’ra did nothing wild…until after being in the presence of this Sith woman.”

Rhialto Tereshchenko said,  “Fai’ra has some force abilities it seems. This woman saw it I’d say….I have had the feeling that this woman has influenced her in some way. I was just looking at Fai’ras actions until recently, when I thought about everything since finding her.”

Rhialto Tereshchenko said, “Nothing bad happened until after that woman showed up.”

Rhialto Tereshchenko said,  “And she was the consort of the Seraphim Emperor and present everytime we met the Seraphim.”

Rhialto Tereshchenko said, “Too much for me to think it mere coincidence anymore.”

Then the Senator Sai’to turn to the witness and stated, “You speak of assumptions and presumptions, but also of declaration… Which is it you would have us believe of this present testimony? That you believe.. feel inside… that this ‘mysterious woman’… was a Sith consort to the Emperor? Or is it more along the lines of you know for fact that this individual was such, because you had met her on multiple occasions?”

Rhialto replied, “I met this woman on several occasions, no doubt a sith, the next in line for power of the Seraphim Empire. She was introduced to me as such,.

The defense asked Rhialto did he remember hearing of any threats issued by the woman to Fai’ra? Rhialto said there was no threats but he believe that fai’ra was influence by the sith because Fai’ra was force sensitive and new to the whole thing not able to resisted the influence of a sith artifact let a alone a sith lord. He added, “This combined with the womans constant talk of Fai’ra’s dark path and how she would help Fai’ra, strikes me as very significant.”

Senator Sai’to turns focus on Fai’ra and asked her what was her side of all what her father stated. She said, “I am a force sensitive. I have used my abilities to toss a spice dealer off the carbonite building so she may die and pay for the crimes she has done.” Defense was asked to continue and she asked Rhialto was he detained by any hostile organization during the events being discussed in this trial?
Senator Sai’to reminded the defense that the Witness nor the Sith are on trial here today. Please reel in the scope of questioning to the matters pertaining directly to the charges against the Witness. Next time I have to say that, I will do the questionings my self. Understood?” Rhialto told the defense that he was not. then Defense rested and then took her seat.

GNW will also play holorecording of Senator Sai’tor questioning for the first witness.

“Mister Tereshchenko, before you are dismissed from the stand… I have a few questions of my own for you. You have stated as your testimony that you have no true paternal relation to the Defendant… you have stated that it is your opinion and belief that the source of the actions that led to the charges accused against the Defendant were rooted in their first meeting of an individual you have identified with hesitation first, and later certainty beyond a reasonable doubt, to be a member of the Sith faction of Seraphim. It is your testimony therein that the Defendant is by proxy not of their own control or decision. Is this then to say further with reasonable association that you, Rhialto Tereschenko, believe that this Defendant is innocent by reasonable doubt?”

Rhialto Tereshchenko said, “I do so believe. The defendant, prior to interacting with this woman who was later to be revealed as a Sith Lord…acted in abject fear of everything. Afterwards…her actions were bold and reckless. A total contrast.”

Senator Sai’to said, “With this confirmation, would you then also state with equal certainty, that the actions the Defendant is accused of here today, of Committing Treason against the Republic and it’s welfare, and participating in an Alliance with the Sith of Seraphim.. are true to have occurred?”

Rhialto Tereshchenko said, “yes, these events to my knowledge have indeed occurred. My only point of contention is the cause of them.”

Senator Sai’to nods and waves his hand lightly and said, “Your candor is appreciated. The witness may step down, and the Prosecution may call their next witness if they have any.”

The Prosecution stated that they would like to question the defendant.

GNW will also play the holorecording of prosecution questioning the defendant and the defendant answers.

Maiasar meets Fai’ras gaze as she begins, “Fai’ra, you had mentioned in your interview with Galactic News that you found out that the Emporer of the Seraphim was indeed your own Grandfather, so is it true that he is your Grandfather and you are related to him directly?”

Fai’ra Tereschenko nods “Yes. He is related to me directly.” She said to her

Maiasar nods, “and the testimony brought about by Baron Rhialto indicates the Sith of Emperor were in contact with you directly as well, so were you in fact willingly carrying out directives given to you by your own Grandfather?”

Fai’ra Tereschenko  looks at her “If you want me to say yes I will say so cause he told me to do so cause otherwise this planet would be ash and dust.”

Maiasar nods, “a simple yes is all that is required.”
Maiasar adds, “no further questions for the Defendant.”

GNW will also play the holorecording of defense questioning the defendant and  the defendant answers.

Ehob’Jani  stands saying “Okay, Fai’ra, what did that woman try to get you to do and what was her pitch?”

Fai’ra Tereschenko says “She trying to get me admit that I did such treason willingly.” She said and looked to her lawyer “That is my summarize council.”

Senator Sai’to looks to the witness and said,  “You are refusing to answer the question then?”

Ehob’Jani  Clearly should have clarified… “I’m referring to that Sith woman, the Seraphim Emporers consort? The one that was seeing you leading up to the events being discussed in this trial?”

Fai’ra Tereschenko looks at her “oh sorry but I however do remember the consort she did tell me about the path of darkness. But I am still remembering it that she did discuss the path with me.” She said to her “She said, ” she could help so I turned her down.”

Ehob’Jani said, “What was her next move after that?”

Fai’ra Tereschenko looks at her “She sent someone after the meeting with the GFFR a few months ago to collect me and I was held captive by the Sarapin and given the ultimatum that brings us to today.”

Ehob’Jani said, ” What was the ultimatum?”
Fai’ra Tereschenko speaks “The ultimatum was either work for them or watch bespin be destroyed by a large space laser.” She says

Senator Sai’to nods, gesturing to the Defense Representative and said, “I believe I have heard enough. Please take your seat, Defense Representative Ehob’jani.”

GNW will now play the holorecording of Fai’ra verdict.

Senator Sai’to lets out a soft sigh as he began sorting through the documents and submitted ‘evidence’ from the Prosecution. He sat in silence for a few long minutes as he sorted through the information procured from the the course of the proceedings. Then his head turned as he appeared to look around the room at each individual present, and finally he spoke…

Senator Sai’to said, “At the beginning of this trial, I stated who I was… I stated the role I would play in this matter here, today. I told you clearly my duty within this role. That I would hear the facts and arguments, witness and character statements. With them, I would render a fair, just, and unbiased verdict either in favor or against the accused that stands before you. The Defendant is a 34-year-old Amaran named Fai’ra Tereschenko. A resident of Bespin, a citizen of the Republic.”

Senator Sai’to said,“You have all heard testimony from the Defendant, that they are gifted with the ability to manipulate the Force.. you have also heard admission to their having willingly made the choice to commit acts of murder, and side with the Sith of Seraphim. You have heard mention of an interview with the Galactic News Watch syndicate, in which it is documented admissions as well to her actions and explanations therein.”

Senator Sai’to said, “You have heard testimony from the character witness, a human male who took the Defendant into his home and under his protection, about the concerns of influence rendered by agents of the Empire, to manipulate the Defendant’s actions for their own willingness. You have heard from the Defendant herself, that she felt she had no choice in the decision, and did as she was commanded.”

Senator Sai’to said, “However there is one underlying truth in every bit of this matter that cannot be ignored or excused. While the Defendant MAY have indeed been manipulated to act in a way undesired by the laws of the Republic… while the Defendant MAY have felt they did not have a choice in handling the matter, fearing for the safety of the planet they called home, at the hands of a malicious force headed by her own blood relative… She did, in fact, make a choice. She willingly, through fear and helplessness, acted against the welfare of the Republic, in the aiding of the Empire with an alliance to the Sith of Seraphim. She willingly acted maliciously against individuals within the Republic for personal means of vengeance.”

Senator Sai’to said, “It is by these recognitions, and by my duty to the Galactic Federation of the Free Republic, as the Judiciary Representative of these proceedings… that I find the Defendant, Fai’ra Tereshenko… Guilty of Treason, and aiding the influence and actions of malicious intent by the Empire. Furthermore, as she has presented clearly as a danger to the public and herself… I hereby sentence the Defendant to imprisonment by Carbonite Freezing… This sentence will be upheld until my own natural lifetime has come to an end. Guard, please transport the prisoner to the Carbonite Chamber for processing.”

Fai’ra was taken to the carbonite chamber by Yavin security force. While Master Thalia spoke out against senator Sai’to verdict stating that, “There is no doubt as to her guilt or innocence. My concern is the sentencing. I suggest something other than carbonite freezing… something far more appropriate to the the nature of this woman’s crimes… otherwise, when she is released, the hate that will seeth in her heart will only cause her to commit such crimes again. I suggest she be handed over to a group far better equipped to rehabilitate her and teach her how to control her impulses.” Madam Chair replied to Master Thalia by saying, “by law treason is death. carbonite is better than death.” Thalia answered by saying, “If we hold to that course, we are no better than the Sith. I suggest handing her over to the jedaii on Tython.” Madam Chair Tiplaria replied, “no The Sith would have had her executed.” Thalia then said, “The Jedaii are better suited to teach balance in all things which is what she needs… not the purist views of my order…” While all this was going down Fai’ra old clan wanted to take her out and wasn’t allow commander Yeldleyt to take her to the chambers. It took talks with the Madam chair Tiplaira to work things out with the Mandalorian clan. Fai’ra was placed in carbonite on 2017/ 27/12 aby against the different views of how Master Thalia wanted her punishment of her crimes to be played out.  GNW will keep you updated on anything else that comes out of this trial.

Fai’ra Tereschenko is allegedly in prison for Treason

Fai'ra Tereschenko_001 GNW interview a prisoner on Yavin IV. An Amaran by name of Fai’ra Tereschenko who was picked up and question by the Grand Army on Onderon. After being questioned, GAR transfer Mrs. Tereschenko to Yavin IV where she is being held right now waiting for trial. When GNW herd about Mrs. Tereschenko, we wanted to get her side of the story. When we met Tereschenko, she was in her cell meditating. After introducing myself, she told me who she was and I began to ask Mrs. Tereschenko some question. One of my questions was why was she being attained.

She told me that the events surround the Sarapin empire and GFFR conflict was the reason. She told me that during that time she was a soldier for the empire because she was made to fight in the name of the empire and had some regrets for doing so. I have seen Fai’ra Tereschenko on Bespin. So asked her aren’t you a citizen of the Federation? Why would you help Sarapin?

She said, “Remember the piece you did about Bespin pulling its ties from the GFFR it was a deal that was made between my dad and the Emperor of the empire. I also made a deal of my own when I found out that Emperor was my grandfather. He told me if I helped him bring down the GFFR, he would spare Bespin. So I joined the Sarapin empire as a mercenary for hire.”

GNW followed the next question about how she got captured and place in this cell on Yavin IV. She said, “Well… They found out I cFai'ra Tereschenko2_001ommitted war crimes and treason I was captured by means of force as I hid behind my security droid.” She told me she threw someone against the wall and then got her snout beaten in and she had to have surgery done after one of the bones in her snout was dislodged by a trooper of GAR called Snooper. We ended our interviewer with final remarks by Mrs. Tereschenko. She said, “I did what I did to survive and what I did I deeply regret and I hope that the GFFR and the galaxy can forgive me.”

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