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Monthly Archives: February 2019

An attack on the forest moon of Endor

It has been some time since GNW travel to the forest moon of Endor. Before our arrival, we were told of an attack by the Shade Regime. GNW spoke to Arbitras Rexsus II leader of GRAE.  He sent us a holo picture of the incident and explain to us what had happened.

He told GNW that they had been cleaning up after their war with the Shade Regime. We were told that it took weeks to clean it up. He said, ” Before you arMore damages on Endorrived we went through hell on Endor …Tie fighters of the Shade Regime launching out left and right attack at our Forrest grounds.” He was very sad about the incident that he growled sadly and then continue to tell us that there were some who were suicide drivers.  AS you see on the left of your screen, a holo image of exploding debris.

Rex continues by stating that he took much of his own energy to destroy their weapons with a former DJE Who’s no long passed away. He spoke with a sad voice as he spoke of his friend Jessant Cassius who kept watch over Dantooine, Yavin, and Tython from any attacks that came from Regime. We were told that it was Jess who help call in their strike when Regime came to seek Dantooine with their weapons. Rex said that Jess is a hero in his eyes but said not so much of his family on DJE.

Is Jess dead? Rex hope he isn’t but said, “He shot first for most the strongest weapon he could at the regime’s weapon and triggered it to self destruct ..its somehow force sensitive nature boost his hyperdrive leading him to an endless loop last we heard him in Hyperspeed”

Rex left this firm warning. He said, “The leaders Grand General Darcrux and Darth Toruk are very much still alive so DJE, Tython, and YAVIN you maybe still active targets by these leaders and even Endor and many others.”

GNW would like tell our viewers that we all must be vigilant and be on our guard from any attacks by Shade Regime. GNW will keep our viewers update if we learn anything new.