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The most powerful crime family of Hutt clan met this weekend at Hutt Night

Sources reported by RNN  states that:

Snapshot Hutt NightHutt Night was held over the weekend and for the Hutts, the stars seemed to align. It was a packed house in the Inijic Casino located in the city of Wayfar, Tatooine and the night began with Council Leader Throbon Inijic declaring that Hutt Night would continue to be held every two weeks and rotate between Wayfar, Nar Shaddaa, and Mos Eisley and possibly more if requested.

Since being voted the Council Leader, Throbon Inijic has declared his intention to assume control of all of Tatooine.

Supreme Chancellor Tes has spoken out in opposition of the Hutts goals stating that Mos Eisley is a long-standing outpost of the Republic through the former Imperial Remnant based there which joined the Republic officially some years ago.

When asked, Throbon stated that Tatooine has always been Hutt territory and that he has no quarrel with the outpost remaining on the planet and would speak with the Supreme Chancellor to meet an agreement both powers would be satisfied with.

RNN noted that some key members of the Council have been absent from Hutt Night for two events now. Namely Bwukath Desijilic Tiure, Prilla Bareesh, Kruumak Besadii, and Shaka Dlugacz.

Throbon and Doqelba assured everyone that those Kajidics are simply tending to important matters elsewhere and will return soon.

The Pirates Guild of Nar Shaddaa also made an appearance and struck a mutually beneficial deal with the Hutts.
Captain Minx Bade, Shari Vrenn offered the services of the Pirate Guild to be eyes and ears in regions outside of Hutt Space.

In exchange, the Council awarded the Captain membership to the Black Hand Reapers – The Hutt Army. This was a deal of a lifetime and the crowd watched in awe.

The Black Sun faction located on Corellia also sent an agent in an effort to re-establish relations with the Hutt Council. Some months ago Prilla Bareesh ventured to Corellia and managed to strike a deal with Prime Minister Victoria Scatter. While there Prilla was also attempting to establish relations with the Black Sun leader Kabriel Le’Sanit. The local Corellian gossip states that those attempts were sabotaged by an exiled Hutt who had moved in after Prilla. Only time will tell if these two powers meet.

– Thaeth Ni’lur for RNN