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Royale Grand Opening

Galactic News Watch was honored to be invited to the most exclusive and exquisite Casino in the Upper City of Taris for the Royale’s grand opening. Even waiting outside in line to get in seemed elegant with photographers ready to snap photos of guests arriving in front of a branded wall in front of the location, and an elegantly dressed Hostess greeting and instructing guests as they prepare to go through a tight, but brief, security check intended to insure that all weapons are left off premises. Just inside the doors of the casino the halls were lined with Casino Security Droids, but also lavish decor including balloons, confetti, and other various embellishments throughout. Within the main hall of the Casino were gaming tables including Backgammon, Dice, Roulette Wheels, and much more. Atop the staircase within the main hall was a bar area serving fantastic drinks throughout the duration of the event, staffed with a knowledgeable and skilled bartender.


Many big names for the Republic showed up for the event including several senators and the Chancellor, Riyo Vashti, herself. The event as a whole was an amazing night to remember, but it was not without upheaval. At one point during The Empress H’ta arrived and caused a stir for the Hapan guests in attendance. The Hapans went head on for a confrontation with The Empress, citing orders but sounding to this reporter like a vendetta. Jeers from the crowd varied from motivating the conflict to escalate, to calls to take the brawl outside. The confrontation was however fairly quickly diffused upon the very prompt arrival of the Taris Civil Authority who escorted the Hapan guests off premises at the behest of the Hostess. Upon exiting Relina Zahn ordered over comms that by 2200 of the same eve, “…All assets levied to Republic space will be withdrawn”.  The evening went on and several friendly compliments regarding Empress H’ta by Senator Koda and talk of possible diplomatic solutions to mutual problems. Since the ending of the event, it has been confirmed that Hapan assets have indeed been removed from republic space.


Despite the dramatic mishap during the event, the Royale should be pleased to consider the overall affair a huge success. All of the guests seemed to be very entertained, interested, and willing to part with credits for a little fun in their elegant environment. We look forward to following this business closely in Taris, and to see the overall impact that it will have on the economy, and variety of entertainment that tourists and denizens alike can enjoy.

Lifestyles and Lairs: Shade Regime

Last time we visited with the Shade Regime, it was to report the takeover of the Prudii Stronghold. Today, we were invited to tour the facilities of the Shade Regime on Tattooine (LME) and decided to take them up on the offer, having an exclusive inside look at what is reported to previously have been the palace of the great Jabba the Hutt. Upon arrival in a shuttle that was sent to fetch us, we were greeted outside by the Supreme Leader of the Shade Regime, Darth Toruk. When asked what made our visit newsworthy, he had the following to say: “To begin, this was once the palace of the great Jabba the Hutt” … “We’ve expanded and provided a powerful weapon to the tower. But, (it) also holds many records Jabba once had and artifacts”.


We were watched by many guards throughout the visit who seemed to be providing security and assistance where needed, such as in the cargo area. Overall the palace was a large interior of halls, twists, and turns with several notable locations including healing chambers featuring bacta tanks and medical supplies, a saber workshop where apprentices and Regime members can fashion their blades, multiple cargo storage areas to hold drugs and valued goods, a meditation area featuring a large holocron within the center, prisoner cells, and the ‘Room of Pain’. The Eternal Court was a large area where business and affairs could be conducted, and featured a trap door to the Rancor pit “for any traitors and people who try to con us…” said Toruk. He indicated that the beast has been given poisonous augments and regenerative tissue. Nearby, along the walls, were three prisoners encased in carbonite. One resting in the center was said to be an old threat of Jabba the Hutt, and the other two were prisoners of the Shade Regime, a female Jedi and a Rebel Officer.


Atop the large tower of this building there has been a large weapon installed. When asked if he could tell us more, Darth Toruk didn’t disappoint. “The tower’s cannon is powered by a bled Sith alchemy tuned Khyber crystal” he smirked, “Even a light sider going close to the giant shard would have their mind tell them dark.. dark things” he laughed, “This crystal I’ve had for about 8 years … It now powers this palace and it’s weapon”, said he. Darth Toruk also indicated that he had acquired this palace one to two years ago, but just started fully building things, and prepping has come to a close with the aid of Slurm the Hutt, his business partner and friend, as of last month. The two partners indicated that they were to begin hosting events on Sundays or Mondays beginning in a few weeks. Events such as Hutt Nights and other gatherings where business and entertainment could be enjoyed. The Shade Regime is known to be drug traders who expanded to include slaves, and soon to be dealing in weapons as well according to Toruk.

Republic Sees New Chancellor Installed

It can be dizzying to try and keep up with news on Taris, but among the highlights in our week we came to find out that Taris has recently had a new Chancellor installed, after the previous Chancellor Bianti has stepped down. We got the opportunity to interview Chancellor Vashti on several topics. Here is what she had to say:

To start with, for our viewers, could you please tell us who you are, where you’re from, a little about yourself, and your current position?

“My name is Riyo Vashti, though my friends call me Ri….or Rice.” She added that last bit with a small chuckle. “It comes from my habit as a child of sticking rice in my nose….I must have gotten it confused for my mouth.” She lofted her brow bone, conveying her thought of ‘crazy kid’. “I was born and raised on Shili, my uncle being the senator of Shili. I tutored under him, went to school for law, became his assistant, and eventually his senior aide. I ran for his senatorial office at twenty-one years old, got it the next year. When I came to Chandrila for the first time, I became fast …acquaintances with former Chancellor Bianti, perhaps even friends. She trained me for this, I became her vice chancellor after some time of hard work….and I took over for her when she stepped down. I am very grateful to be serving the people.”


It is always good to see situations where hard work and dedication pay off. And with that, we wish you a sincere congratulations on recently being named Chancellor, how do you feel about inheriting this great responsibility that has befallen you?

“Thank you very much. It’s very new, but I am excited to be where I am. When Chancellor Bianti took me into her office and told me she was stepping down, I must admit I was utterly terrified….at the end of the day, I am quite young, it is rather daunting, but I knew it was my duty to uphold the laws of the Republic. The fear is still there, but it is a new fear, for every one of the citizens at stake in the universe.”


I cannot imagine the weight of that responsibility, I do not envy you there. How long do you foresee your term as Chancellor being? Is there any time limit set given the circumstances?

“I will serve however long I am needed, however long I am able. Our Republic is unstable in these hard times; they, the senate, may decide to keep me in this position for years to come, but we shall see in good time.”

The Republic seems to want leadership who can identify with their needs. What do you feel that the greatest needs or areas of impact where you hope to make a difference?

“I want people to feel safe in their homes again, and more importantly, I want to clean up the violent streets of the Undercity. The people there believe we have forgotten them, but I have not. The senate has approved the construction of a homeless shelter in the Undercity, where people will relieve medical care and warm food. Finding a location is a priority at the moment.”


That sounds like a fantastic way to make a good start, Chancellor. How do you feel that your skills and experience uniquely qualify you to be effective in these areas?

“I come from a people of hunters and warriors, who fight for the needs of the many rather than the few. You contribute or you die. This way of life has taught me the value of your neighbor, of your….tribe. You do not abandon your people, you provide for them, blood relation or no. The Republic is my tribe now. I also know what it means to come from a humble life, my family certainly wasn’t rich, but I still made it here, so anyone can. Resilience is my greatest strength. I am hoping these facts will allow me to be a leader people feel connected to.”


You kind of alluded to some of this already, but if you don’t mind indulging me: There are so many under cities and struggling populations throughout the Republic. What do you say to those out there who don’t think they have a reason to care about what’s going on with the Republic? In addition to homeless shelters, do you have any other specific plans or ideas of how to help those people in addition to benefiting the greater cities and metropolis areas?

“I can understand why they do not care, or have interest to…why would they, when they’ve been ignored for so long? This can only change when they witness the betterment themselves. I can say anything I like, but actions are louder than words. I would want them to know that I am not perfect, but I will submit my perfectly imperfect self to ensuring a brighter future for them, bit by bit” … “At this last senate meeting, we approved the Taris Civil Authority, or TCA, they will be the people’s protectorate. So what I urge is for people to volunteer – sign up – be involved, and help us bring peace to this world, and then help bring it to others.”


The Republic, under the previous chancellor, had an alliance with the First Order. How is that alliance holding up, and is it still serving it’s purpose?

“Unfortunately, the situation is rather….unstable….and at this time, I am unable to reveal our current course of action. However, I will admit it’s not going…as originally intended.”


Do you seek to make any other alliances to aid in the Republic’s current struggles? Is there any group or faction that you would like to bring into the fold, so to speak?

“We are always seeking new alliances, though at the moment we have none in serious consideration. As for a group…” She seemed to hesitate on this, but finally relented. “The Madalorians are an enigma on Taris, they seem to have an ongoing conflict and adhere to their own set of rules and guidelines….this has proved to be……problematic. There is not much else I can say on this front as it is a delicate situation, one that requires care, but I am sincerely hoping to work out an alliance with them, if at all possible.”


Endor Day of Weeks of Peace

main-qimg-38463695e8c5f768771fb49992d10a5fEndor day of weeks of peace is a celebration that is celebrated by GRAE. It lasts for two months and it is celebrated with food and drinks among friends.

It has been 20 years since GRAE has been founded since the destruction of the second death star. Making their enclave one the oldest enclave in the galaxy. GRAE has a lot to celebrate this year. with their alliance with Mandalorian Prudii clan. they are two mutual friends who have a common enemy. The Shade Regime and their Hutt ally.

The festival started once Mary Jane Rexsus arrived. The table was widespread with food and drinks. GNW learned while there thatewok celebration GRAE and Prudii Mandalorian clan plan to merge group with no name changes.

Arbitras Rexsus II sighed “we’ve tried many to make alliances with but it seems Prudii knows what’s what and we’ve decided to merge with them”

Vod Prudii grunts stepping in ” No name change though GRAE has space already in their terms Elite forces in the none force-sensitive side ” he grumbles “BUT I have my services vowed with the one called Elder Vyres here “

grae celebration3_001Before GNW went on our way, we asked GRAE if there was anything they wish to tell our viewers. This is what the Grandmaster of GRAE had to say. Arbitras Rexsus II nods ” It was 15 days this next month twenty-fifth of May these Galatia basic years we destroyed Death star II we accomplished imperials as rebels then we will now ” he’d say as quote ” Ewoks as many republic citizens don’t see know what they’ve been through those years and beyond ..I intend to educate that my fellow furries friends are not always primitive “




Galactic News Watch is very pleased to be announcing the opening of a new branch location in the Upper City of Taris. GNW Expands to TarisOur new office is easily found not far from the Senate Chambers, and news terminals are being placed throughout the city so that all citizens will have at-will access to the news being reported. Our central GNW Headquarters will continue to remain on Yavin IV in addition to this new branch office. Along with this new location for us comes a new reporter, Xavaier Epstein, who is undertaking this post as his first assignment. We are confident that he will do a stellar job, and will help to continue growth for GNW going forward. We are also looking to on-board new reporters for this location, interested applicants may contact Xavaier Epstein.

The fact is: no matter how many offices and locations we have, we cannot bring you the news without great sources and interested citizens giving us the leads and information to report. So, for that, we offer our most sincere thanks. We look forward to partnering with the citizens  and businesses of Taris, and we look forward to being the number one provider for your news.