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The War to End all Wars

The war to end all wars is what he said. Anytime that word is used it meant great slaughter and destruction. No other person than a Jedi could sense the pain of such an outcry of bloodshed that war brings and we only take the path to go to war when we have no other option but this was no Jedi that spoke those words.

It all started when I received notification on my comm to come to Sullust. My padawan Shaala and I were escorted by Grand Moff Thrawn and no not Grand Admiral Thrawn but distance relative to his. our introduction with him starts off with him speaking about GNW’s last feature A Sith Wedding somewhere on Sullust. What I was told by him was that the wedding couple did not last and that Lady Gelsti Toruk was deemed a traitor by the Syndicate and she was executed. He wouldn’t tell me what she did to be deemed a traitor but said that I had heard it from the supreme leader himself.

Grand Moff Thrawn bites his lip softly “She was deemed a traitor to the Syndicate and executed” he said lightly “I think this is best to ask the Supreme Leader himself..” he nodded” In the meantime note we’ve now fully staffed Sullust and have Many Sullustan’s crosses from Republic to our side and aid us here making it Syndicate home territory”

We travel to a tower and head up to the throne room of Darth Toruk and his new wife Countress Kaa’lla Toruk which Darth Toruk said is his true wife. it really piqued my interest to know what happen to his first wife and I was told by Countress Kaa’lla Toruk that she caught Lady Gelsti Toruk selling Syndicate Info to Prudii Clan and possibly GRAE and that Grand Moff predicted that this would happen.

Countess Kaa’lia Toruk “I caught her selling Syndicate Info to Prudii Clan and possibly GRAE ” she hissed lightly “Thanks to Grand Moff’s prediction that foul woman has been eliminated and I took her place” Countess Kaa’lia is Supreme Hand to the Supreme Leader. Heir to a spice family who was killed by Jedi thinking they were sith.

I then went on to ask what is the Syncicate up to now? He went on to say “Regrowing after the damages my former mate’s betrayal…The Countess and I have been blossoming our relationship moving to territory planet by the planet and making sure everything is fortified our war preparations with GRAE and Prudii” he said nod softly ” This will be a war …to end ALL wars” he grunts “a Bloody final battle”

Now we are back where we first started this story. What we learned that the Syncicate has with the help of Grand Moff Thrawn has unburied old forces from Korriban that has been reprogrammed and add to their forces, they have awakened Grand General Darcrux’s old trooper army that had many alchemy modifications and are preparing them to be transferred into their forces.

Darth Toruk said, “that any and all allied forces should reconsider their ties with GRAE with our Criminal Empire at play…We’ve grown and anyone whose anyone in the way will face our wrath but we welcome anyone who wishes to join our troop forces, for we are like no other imperial syndicate”