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Aftermath of the Battle for Nar Shadda

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The only battle that I can recall in galactic history that dealt with Nar Shaddaa was during The Battle of Nar Shaddaa in 1BBY, which was one of the earliest battles in the Galactic Civil War. At the time, an Imperial task force under Darth Vader’s command was searching for Rebel bases in an effort to uncover their supply lines. At the Attack at Datar, a previous engagement in this campaign, Imperial forces managed to defeat the Rebels, but no Rebels were taken alive. Without prisoners to interrogate, the Empire was unable to determine where the Rebels were shipping their weapons.

Meanwhile, the Alliance was busily using a warehouse in Level 88 of the Corellian Sector of Nar Shaddaa as a major node in its supply network. Weapons would arrive hidden in a variety of cargo shipments, and be transferred to blockade runners which delivered them to Rebel bases all over the galaxy.  Now we jump some years in the future, Where we had an ongoing campaign with the alliance of the Affiliated Free Systems, Dantooine, Tython, Yavin. And not counting out the citizens of Nar Shaddaa to stop The combined forces of Darth Malen and her brotherhood and pure blood Sith from Rakata.  The alliance started their campaign by first clearing the droids from Lower Nar Shaddaa and disabling the heavy tanks and then They moved onto the aerial battle lead by Captain Bade.  Several fighters were shot down including Master Thalia Spintrus.  The crash left them wounded. As that was going on, a team of three made it into the Black Sun Casino and activated the self-destruct for all the droids. Master Thalia  Spintrus is credited with disabling the TIE droid controls which allowed the ground forces to land on the surface but Lania Magic and Suvi Igaly were the ones that located and disabled the droid control center that deactivated all the ground droids. This was only the first and second operation.  As you can see in the picture of above, the final operation left Nar Shadda devastated.  My source who was there told me that the battle took roughly about 6-7 hours.  Darth Malen and her associates save one who was there in hologram only were all forced to flee and were all injured. Jedi knight Emily Bloobury was the one that defeated the last sith causing them to flee the moon.  I was told that the injuries were numerous.  On the Allied side, several Jedi took wounds Master Thalia Spintrus, Master Tanira Raman, and Padawan Karma Meifft.  The fall out left many homeless and effort by KoJ’s fleet are being used to assisting in relief work. Who knows how long it will take to rebuild Nar Shadda but in the minds of some Nar Shadda will never be the same again.  GNW will keep update on the future events on Nar Shadda as they come.

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