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What is The Aldera Protocol?

The Aldera Protocol is a new law past by the GFFR Senate that brings the Federation and Jedi closer. The Governor Xaraec was the one who wrote up the bill that has now become a law.

When GNW asked the Governor, NJO, GJO, KOJ about the law, they had this to say.

“It is a breakthrough in foreign policy, all I will say at this moment is that it is a protocol that provides a legal framework to how the Federation and Jedi interact, skeptics might say nothing changes, but I believe this brings the Federation and Jedi closer. It recognizes the special status of the Jedi, it also sets out a framework for the formal alliance and information and intelligence sharing.”

Master Marsh Solo (NJO) “Yes we have heard of this bill and my feeling on this bills well seem to be that the federation would like more power over the Jedi’s then anything else even Master Zac himself has the same feeling that i do…As we seen in the past the Jedi was always ruled over by the government. Even the new republic before its down fall like it when they can tell the Jedi order what we can and cannot do. This not what we are here for. We are the guardians of peace and justice and here to serve the people when they need it. Not to be control by there ways or there rules. Yes I does give the council little more lee way on who they should punish on breaking a law but however my feeling on that is no one even a Jedi is above the law.”

GJO Grandmaster Xzhar “The GJO is in complete support of the Bill and have backed it the whole way. It allows the Jedi to interact with and support the Federation appropriately, reclaiming the position we held for Millenia to Galactic Republics. It allows us to assist the Federation with legal backing and be able to provide advice when they need counseling and direction….the very purpose of the Aldera Protocol is to enable the Jedi to support the Federation.. but it does not allow membership. As we represent a Jedi Order, we will be acting as advisors rather than enforcing our will on others. The Federation will be allowed to run and operate itself, and so long as the Federation’s ideals run alongside those of the Jedi, namely freedom and democracy, the Jedi of the Galactic Order will be there to defend and support it.”

KOJ Grandmaster Iria Tuqiri: Well I can’t speak for everyone, but on behalf of the council, I feel very good about the Aldera Protocol. Past governments have tried to manipulate and control the Jedi. This protocol clearly outlines the status of Jedi within the federation. … as an example, in the past all Jedi had to “register” with the government, there were also many rules and red tape that made it difficult for a Jedi to do what they need to do to function as Jedi. We were essentially untrusted and treated with derision.”

KOJ Council Master ZenMondo Wormser: “I think that in the most succinct way to put, it does not seek to restrict Jedi from our core mission of conflict resolution, but gives a charter not bound by politicians but the liberty to act as the Force directs without government interference or hampering….the Aldera accords are some of the best legislation that I have ever seen come out of any senate with regards towards the relationship between Jedi, the government, and more importantly the people of the Galaxy.”

The full text of the protocol is provided for reference:
Section 1. Introduction and purpose

This aim of this protocol is to formalize the relationship between the Federation and the Jedi Orders who are signatories to this arrangement and to provide a legal framework for our cooperation.

Section 2. Legal Status of Jedi Orders

This protocol accords distinct and separate legal status even though some of them may be citizens of the Federation.

Section 3. Exemption from Federation Laws

The Jedi would be exempt from Federation Laws on the condition that they would be governed by the Code of Conduct of their respective Orders and tried for any offenses or crimes by the Council of their Orders. In the event a group of Jedi or an individual Jedi does not have a Council or fails to hold a trial within two months of an alleged offense, the accused may be tried in a Federation Court.

Section 4. Foreign Policy Cooperation

The Councils of the respective Jedi Orders would take responsibility for the actions of their Jedi in dealing with groups and organizations of non Federation worlds.

The Councils of these Jedi Orders and the Federation Congress agree to share information with each other if such information is deemed vital to the defense of either the Federation or any of the signatory Jedi Orders and their homeworlds.

Section 5. Advisors to the Federation Congress

This protocol formally recognizes the signatory Jedi Orders as Advisors to the Federation Congress and gives the right for an Ambassador of each Jedi Order to attend each meeting of Congress and to voice their opinions. However these Ambassadors will only have the right to be heard and not have a right to vote

Section 6. Military and Intelligence Cooperation

The Federation and signatory Jedi Orders may cooperate in Military and Intelligence matters through:

1. Information sharing
2. Joint Operations
3. Training
4. Set up of outposts and bases
5. Weapons and supplies trade

Section 7. Dispute Resolution

Any disputes will be resolved through discussions between Congress and the respective Jedi Councils.

Section 8. Individual arrangements and treaties

This protocol does not over ride any individual arrangements and treaties that Federation members may have or enter into with Jedi Orders, however such treaties and arrangements must be made public to Congress.


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