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The Aldera Wildlife Project

indexGNW went to New Alderaan where we met up with Madam Chancellor Pjaysiv Panteer who is a native to New Alderaan.  Madam Chancellor Pjaysiv Panteer told us that New Alderaan was working on a wildlife project.  Pjaysiv said, “ My Great Great Grandfather had a wildlife reserve on a planet he shared with his brother. My late uncle. so taking care of wildlife is in my blood.” She going on to say that a long time ago Thranta was wiped out because of circumstance that was not under our control. Like many Native Alderaan who were off-world when this happen so were the Thranta who thrive outside of Alderaan. She said that New Aldera’s Government has plan to work with the Government of Bespin to see if we can bring these Alderaan natives back home. She told us that New Alderaan is planning on setting up a wildlife reserve to get them ready to survive in this new world before releasing them back in the wild.

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