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Anda Interview-Jedi banned from Hutt Space

I received a comm from the great Kajidii Anda.  It was clear that I had to answer her summons.  What I learned was the purpose, definitely qualifies as breaking news!805ae8_3897123a31e647bc9c625d9c94659746.png_srz_p_512_512_75_22_0.50_1.20_0.00_png_srz

She told me, when I arrived, that she was going to reveal to the Galactic News Watch information that the Cartel Council “has been holding back until such time as the evidence was insurmountable and irrefutable,” as per her words.  I knew it was going to be something big when she said that.  She said there was a grave danger facing the galaxy and that something must be done immediately.  I asked her what that danger was.

Anda responded, “I will speak in basic so that this message is not lost on the galaxy when I say it. We have just received word that hutt employees on the world of Nal Hutta… security agents tasked with defending the residents of hutt space, were viciously attacked by Jedi. A hutt rescue party has been sent to find the injured and bring them to safety. This attack, and other like it, is precisely why Jedi are currently barred from hutt space. But attacking security officers on a hutt world is one step too far. We cannot simply sit back and allow ourselves to be attacked openly by foreign agents. I am hereby furthering my dictate that not only are Jedi not welcome in hutt space, but Jedi found in hutt space will be immediately sentenced for their infringement on our sovereign space. I warned the galaxy through your publication not one week ago that jedi were not welcome, and that dictate has been ignored. The Jedi have become an intolerable threat to the safety of the galaxy at large, and I will now provide evidence that their designs are not simply on the hutts and our home worlds, but upon all civilized and sovereign systems.”

This happened since the incident that occurred after hutt night, according to Anda.  So this was a separate attack she was describing.  I asked if she knew which Order the Jedi perpetrators were from and she said they’d escaped justice for the moment, but that her agents were actively seeking their arrest and she seemed sure they’d determine their identity.  She then brought up another matter as though it was related:

“…Until that time the hutt cartel council wants the galaxy to be made aware of the following: Master Dro Plund of the Kalway Order of Jedi, recently imprisoned for his crimes on Nal Hutta, but released as a gesture of good faith has admitted to his order’s desire to purchase blasters, weapons, and war ships. When he was questioned he refused to state the purpose of these purchases. He was accompanied by one Jedi Master Jesma Pearl, the cartel council was promised that this individual had been removed from the order as a gesture of good will, however we were clearly deceived and not only was she NOT relieved of her duties, she was given a new task of disrupting a hutt clan council meeting with the assistance of Master Plund. The Bareesh clan has records of the weapons, armament and warships that these Jedi sought to purchase and along with the damning evidence that the Jedi had no intention of removing agent provocateurs from their ranks, are attempting to amass a war stockpile, have now repeatedly attacked or injured not only hutt military and security forces, but also civilians and dignitaries, the Cartel Council is left with little other choice but to assume that the Jedi are building a war machine to support their newly ratified federation law. They would appear to be intent on disrupting, attacking and bringing war to non federation states and have decided to start with the sovereign people of hutt space, and their old adversaries in the independent system of Dathomir.”

I asked why Anda thought that the Jedi would choose to target so powerful a set of states such as the hutts.

She replied, “It is no secret that the Federation and its mercenary forces the Jedi order and the Grand Army have never seen eye to eye with the hutts, we have had numerous political incidents and even a few violent altercations. We must assume that they are attempting to bring Dathomir back under control to monopolize the space lanes, as they did months ago, and they are seeking to undermine the hutts before we can act to defend the independence of other sovereign systems. They have not forgiven us our actions to defend the defenseless of Dathomir and other independent systems and now, under new ratification seek to enforce their will on others with the creation of an army. This simply will not be tolerated by free and independent states. Indeed it cannot be if we can hope for any kind of sustainable peace in the galaxy. ”

After my asking if this was all about a grudge, she continued, “I would not be so shallow as to simply assume this was some sort of personal vendetta against the hutts. We did however stop their last effort to expand their dominion onto unwelcoming independent systems, they sought to control a sovereign sector of space against their will, and the hutt fleets put a stop to it. I can only assume this is a second overture to not only claim that space, but to prevent us from moving to help. They have gravely underestimated our will, fortitude and ability to exert our influence.”

From there, I recited how I understood what she’d said so far to make sure I had it straight. She replied, “The Jedi have openly attacked the people of Dathomir again, even when they had lured them in with peaceable arrangements, at the same time, jedi from the same order have been sent to hutt space to cause internal conflict, attack dignitaries, atttack our security forces, buy weapons and actively disrupt our political process. If they are not making a strike against the hutts and neutral systems, I fail to see the explanation. The hutts are aware that not all orders of jedi see eye to eye on the matter, and our concern lies mostly with the Kalway Order and their attempts to militarize and create an army to enforce their will on independent peoples. hutt space was recently intruded upon by the galactic jedi order, however after a brief discussion with Grandmaster Seatreader the confusion was put to rest, they were allowed to leave hutt space peaceably. The Grandmaster even went so far as to distance himself from the actions of the kalway order, stating that he does not support their violent and imperialist attacks.”

I asked for clarification on Grandmaster SeaTreader’s remarks, asking if he’d actually said that the Kalway Order of Jedi are violent and imperialistic, but Anda clarified to say that he’d simply expressed his wish that his Order not be associated with them or their actions.  So, no potentially slanderous statements came from Grandmaster SeaTreader, according to Kajidii Anda.

Anda went on to say in closing, “The people of hutt space have suffered indignity after indignity and violence after violence at the hands of the Jedi. The line is drawn here. Any Jedi or federation representative wishing to speak with us will make arrangements prior to arrival, their presence will not be tolerated here otherwise. Any Jedi found in hutt space will be immediately apprehended and brought to justice. Additionally, for their actions against the free people of hutt space, for attacking dignitaries of other galactic powers, for attempting to amass an army against their own code of conduct, for attacking peace keeping forces in hutt space, and for presuming to enforce their will on hutt space, these jedi can expect reprisal. If they wish to minimize damages, the people of hutt space will give them our demands. If the Jedi so actively seek war, it is war they will get. I warned them that the name Hutt is to be feared, and now I will show them why.”

So, I guess, all you Jedi out there, be expecting demands from the hutts, if you wish to avoid their reprisals.

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