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The ARK has been raised and transported to Nar Shadda

The Galactic News Watch Team recently met with Director Steel of the 13th Legion to get her update on the status of the ARK and the Isotope – 5 cargo.  According to Director Steele “…it was touch and go honestly the ship felt like it would blows apart. Then the Hannibal had to help slow the ship for docking using its tractor beam…”

As Isotope – 5 is capable of being used to produce weapons in addition to its main use of generating energy. The 13th Legion had to hire support beyond their usual sources and relied on a variety of Imperials, Jedi, and the Bareesh Clan to safeguard the cargo. The 13th Legion were given a share of the rare Isotope – 5 for their trouble. However any interested in trade for the Isotope would probably have to contact the Hutts as they have the lion’s share of it.

Balmora is however using the Isotope to generate power and currently the unfinished core generates 15 million mega watts with the finished core expected to produce more. The core however is armed with a series of fail safe devices to avoid the Isotope being stolen.

Further, Director Steele was interested to learn that the Galactic Federation of Free Republics was still functioning and it will be very interesting to observe if Onderon does actually join the Federation.


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