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Attack on the Tome Clan: Tome Clan Suspect GFFR Involvement

Buurenaar Tome_001

Greetings I am KinsaShala your editor of Galactic News Watch. GNW is reporting on a explosion that took place on Bespin two days ago. Holocam on Bespin Undercity on a nearby building showed an unconscious Mandalorian. A woman was viewed near the Mandalorian but a positive view of the woman could not be taken.

GNW went down to Bespin Undercity to speak to the Mandalorian who was actively doing her work even with her injuries. Mandalorian told us that her name was Burrenaar Tome. That she is the Alor’ad of the Tome Clan. She went on to say two days ago her clan’s yaim was attacked by a hut’uun who could not even bother to show their face to them. She said, “They shot at us from a distance and they turned my swoop bike into a bomb that nearly took my life. They then stole from us”

Burrenaar Tome told GNW that some item that was linked to an investigation her clan was running was stolen. She said they were investigating possible corruption within the GFFR after the Escape of a dangerous prisoner that was in their custody at the time of her escape. She spoke of Fai’ra Tereschenko who carbonite chamber has gone missing and replace with a fake.

Buurennar suspect the female attacker was sent by someone within the ranks of the GFFR. She said, “Even though we know the GFFR will deny any knowledge of anything happening that makes them look bad. The item would have been used to further on prove just how dangerous the person they let escape their custody was.” Burrennaar did not get a good look at her attacker but she told GNW that it was one person and she admits as cowardly as they were to keep hiding it was also a smart move. she goes on to say, “By the time the attacker showed herself at all, I was already on the ground out cold. I saw the security recording later but again I never saw the attacker’s face. I just have this gut feeling someone is trying to get us to end our investigation which also tells me there’s stuff worth investigating…people normally don’t try to shut you up unless they have something to hide”

Buurennaar Tome told us that she was the only person attacked when it happen thanks to the streets being mainly empty at that time. We ended our interview with her saying that they are planing to continue the investigation and gather more evidence. Maybe ruffle some feathers so to speak. she said, “It’s amazing what putting pressure on something can do to it. but at least now the GFFR will realize that we are watching them closely and we’re ready to remind them why you don’t mess with Mandalorians”