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An attempt at unity under relentless attacks

KinsaShala said, ” Greetings Governor. I am glad you could make it. Please take seat.”

Xaraec sits at the table and looks around “This is a nice studio, and might I compliment the Galactic News Watch on their excellent work thus far”

KinsaShala said, “Why thank you. GNW would like to talk to you about what is going on on New Alderaan. First their was an attack then the Lady Chairman was taken?”

Xaraec: Yes there was an attack, our Militia Chief herself led the defense but she could not contain the Sith and her Majesty the Queen was taken by the Sith. Her Majesty of course decided to compromise for the moment in order to avoid further bloodshed

KinsaShala said, “Who was involve in bring the Lady Chairman back home?”

Xaraec: It was a joint operation coordinated by Senator Aiden with the Kalway Order of Jedi and the Galactic Jedi Order this was a historic cooperation and of course our Militia Chief was there too, but the people of New Alderaan are grateful to Yavin IV, the Kalway Order of Jedi and the Galactic Jedi Order for all their efforts

KinsaShala said, “What does New Alderaan plan to do to strength security and defense?”

Xaraec: Well that is a question for our Militia Chief Lady Jacinda, however that is classified information, we would not want to reveal our defense plans to our enemies

KinsaShala said, “Yes of course so you were eclectic governor not so long ago. Do you have any plans or laws to push for the citizen here?

Xaraec: Yes we have drafted some new regulations that I am sending for the Chairman’s approval so that it may be placed before Congress for us to vote upon

KinsaShala said, “What type of regulation?”

Xaraec: The first is a Health care regulation including procedures for Quarantines, I think the recent threats make them necessary, the second is an Official Secrets Regulation which covers what matters may be shared and under what circumstances and the clearance levels, this is vital in inter planetary information sharing. The third is a regulation which is only meant for New Alderaan, it is a succession bill which if approved by a referendum on New Alderaan will mean our world will become a Republic and the Monarchy will come to an end once Queen Rebellia’s rule is over. It basically means Queen Rebellia will be the last Queen of New Alderaan as no one can succeed the throne in Her Majesty’s place if her rule should come to an end. Now this regulation is not my idea, it was brought to our Parliament and by Law we have to have a referendum on it

KinsaShala said, “How does the Chairman feel about her being the last Queen to rule. New Alderaan has rich history of the Monarchy.”

Xaraec: Sadly her feelings are irrelevant, by law Parliament has to bring this regulation to the people for their direct vote. It is in the hands of the people

KinsaShala said, “Over all the queen has the sign the vote into law.”

Xaraec: If the people vote in favor of this regulation then yes, Her Majesty must sign it into Official Law, unless there is some legal or technical defect, then she may refer it back to Parliament for correction

KinsaShala said, ” If there is no more queen, then You will be the power behind New Alderaan or the next governor, Will parliament establish some check and balance?”

Xaraec: Parliament is and will be the power of New Alderaan, the check and balance is the people, this is why our laws provide for a referendum. Her Majesty and myself believe in democracy, but I can understand the reasons for this law, Her Majesty is the last of the original Royal Line. I understand that by bringing a law like this the people of New Alderaan do not want to risk an outsider claiming the throne of New Alderaan for their own.

KinsaShala said, “Weather the people vote for it or not I wish the queen and yourself and citizen of New Alderaan the best. Is there any last words you would like our viewers to know?”
Xaraec: These are challenging times, our enemies try to spread lies and rumors in their attempt to weaken us and the Sith seems to have taken an interest in attacking out world under no provocation by us whatsoever. However I appeal for us to be calm and united. If we stand united we should be able to tide over these times successfully.

KinsaShala said, “Greetings Lady Chairman. I am glad you could make it please have a seat.”

QueenRebellia takes a seat in the studio she was tempted to ask for a bigger chair but didn’t trying to fit into the civilian environment

KinsaShala said, “First GNW want to welcome you back. My first question before we talk about your escape is. I just talked with the Governor and he spoke about some new laws and regulation he would like parliament to vote on. If passed, one of those laws will make you the last Queen to sit on the throne of New Alderaan. How do you feel about that?”
QueenRebellia: Thank you, yes there are some citizens of New Alderaan who feel that a pure Republic system of Government is best however I would like the Monarchy to continue. There is a tradition that we have tried to uphold and I am not in favor of tearing it down. However this is up to the people of New Alderaan and I am confident that they will display their trust in the Monarchy if this matter indeed goes to a referendum.

KinsaShala said, “Before we move on, is their something that you are doing to rally the people behind the monarchy, so that it will continue for future generation, and not become a page in history.”
QueenRebellia: No I would not like to aggressively campaign for this, I prefer to continue to offer good governance, and take care of my people’s interest. I think that is the best way to connect with them.

KinsaShala said, “Now to your capture. Please tell us what happen?”
QueenRebellia: I would prefer not to go into the details of my capture, it gives the perpetrators unnecessary publicity. I will say however that thanks to the brave people of Yavin IV, the Kalway Order of Jedi and the Galactic Jedi Order the plans of the Sith were thwarted. It is not clear to me why the Sith attempted to capture me. No doubt the Chairman of the Galactic Federation of Free Republics is an important post however we are a democracy, all the legislations we propose have to be approved by Congress and the Chairman then has a duty to implement the law. It is clear that the Sith do not know how democracy functions else they would have realized they have nothing to gain by kidnapping the Chairman.

KinsaShala said, “The Governor said in I quote “Yes there was an attack, our Militia Chief herself led the defense but she could not contain the Sith and her Majesty the Queen was taken by the Sith. Her Majesty of course decided to compromise for the moment in order to avoid further bloodshed” Is this true did you compromise to avoid further bloodshed?”

QueenRebellia: Yes, if I did not compromise and go with the Sith there was the risk of further bloodshed, I think I did what any ruler would do, try to protect the lives of their people.

KinsaShala said, “Now that you have been saved and now back home. What are your plans for the future as you continue to be the leader for the federation?”
QueenRebellia: Well there are some proposed legislation we are working on, The Healthcare Legislation and the Official Secrets and Communications Legislation and we are also very active in Foreign Policy, New Alderaan has been a place where almost everyone can come to freely engage in lawful trade and business, just like the Federation and I want to develop and foster this spirit.

KinsaShala said, “I think you Lady Chairman for taken the time off to speak with GNW. Is there any last words you would like to tell our viewers?”
QueenRebellia: The Sith seem determined to demonstrate that the Federation is weak. However the recent events prove that if we stand together then our United Front is stronger than any challenge posed to us so I would urge everyone to stand together even in challenging times