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Prosperous Tides

The last we visited with the Shade Regime, GNW reported on their new palace. Today GNW is reporting the prosperous tide build by Darth Toruk and Slurm Ortho the Hutt.

Our story begins with an interview with two business partners Darth Toruk and Slurm Ortho the Hutt on the stations above the planet Tatooine. We learned that the Shade Regime has changed the title of their group and banner. They are going by the name The Eternal Syndicate. Even with the new name bad tides with GRAE still exist. GNW was told by Darth Toruk that he just return from a fight with GRAE where he was injured but managed to get a great victory over GRAE. We were also told that Eternal Syndicate had built a powerful criminal empire.

Slurm the Hutt in Huttese: “Since his return, he’s accompanied me to last Saturday’s Hutt night where we’ve made great business and still making an excessive profit due to our trades.”

Darth Toruk: “The Eternal Syndicate is growing wealthy and of immense power from the Shade Regime’s structure “

So GNW moved on from our interview with Darth Toruk and Slurm Ortho the Hutt, and we spoke to well known Hutt, who is well known through all the circle of Hutt. He is Shaka the Hutt. GNW wants to know what others knew about the group formerly know as the Shade Regime.

Shaka the Hutt told us that Lorda Slurm of Clan Ortho prefers to be known as ‘Great Slurm’ or ‘The Wealth Slurm’ due to his extreme wealth. He goes on to say that he has been active for several months now. He has a base on Tatooine and claims a large swathe of planets. His Majordomo is a Sith Lord of the Shade Regime, Darth Toruk, and his bodyguards frequently are Sith. Shaka the Hutt said that he was told that Slurm the Hutt has deals in the drug trade and particularly interested in working on a trade deal involving ryll with the Republic Senator of Ryloth. Also has purchased a large number of combat stims for his army along with female slaves, and artwork reputed to be of Sith heritage.

This also backs up what The Eternal Syndicate said about the deal they have made with old Imperial Syndicate like the Crimson Dawn. And they said they done deals with The Pike Cartel and Blood Sands tribe on Tatooine and also made business with a lot of fellow Hutts.

Slurm the Hutt in Huttese: “Expanding our Spice business is one of them. We’ve been making a booming profit off multiple strains of Spice including Ryll and our signature spice called Crimson dust.” GNW could not get confirmation from these groups about deals they made with the Eternal Syndicate and would like to hear from these groups.

The future endeavor of the Eternal Syndicate besides expanding its spice business is a full-on attack on GRAE members as well as setting up more locations for their base operation. Darth Toruk also left a warning to anyone who plans to align themselves with GRAE. That they will feel a painful strike and that he warns not to interfere with their war against them and it was them that prevented GRAE from celebrating Endor day this year.

Sci-Fi con for Relay for Life and GNW Second Honoree!

This article is about three booths made for sci-fi con but not only that is another one of GNW Honoree. GNW met with the creator of these booths and our next Honoree on New Alderaan. SWRP knows her as the Leader of Ka’ra. Mesh’la Morut said, “My name is Mesh’la Morut. Many in SWRP know me as the leader of Ka’ra, but I do more than just that, I’m a builder as well.”

Mesh’la Morut has been part of SWRP since 2011 or so but to her, it feels like forever. She told me that she started building consistently in about 2012 or so. She said she started out building much stuff for herself, but over the last 4-5 years, she has been building things that she sells. She told me she build half of the previous Tython build, and she rebuilt Dantooine after they moved sim. She also told me that she built booths for SCI-FI con and started with NJO and DJE last year. This Year she built booths for DJE and KOJ and her own shop.

LM for KOJ Tomorrowland Kalway Order of Jedi (142, 80, 33)
Title: #10 Kalway[KOJ]-SL Sci Fi COn 12- Tommorrowland

LM for DJE Electric Sheep #21-Dantooine Jedi Enclave (21, 161, 32)
Title: #21-DJE-SL Sci FI Con 12- Electric Sheep

LM for Voxyn Industries Tomorrowland Scifi con 12 Tommorrowland (102, 116, 32)
Title: #11- Voxyn Industries-Tomorrowland-Sci FI Con 12

When asking what she plans to build in the future for SWRP she said, “Not too sure. I hope to continue building booths for Sci-FI Con. I enjoy helping groups get themselves out there and visible, and sci-fi con is a great way to do that while also supporting a great cause, like Relay for Life.
Keep in mind, that I mainly prim build. I have no experience with meshing, despite my name. You can do some pretty amazing stuff with prims.”

I told her I am also a prim building but I branch out and I am now learning mesh but I am still a newbie when it comes to mesh building she laughs and the said, “I tried my hand at meshing once… it didn’t go very well…”

I also asked her what was the over the theme of her booth this year she told me that each sim of the con usually has a theme, but she doesn’t necessarily follow that when building. she said, ” With KOJ, I was really trying to evoke the sense of history with the Massassi temple, and the wild feel of the jungle moon. And with Dantooine… I’ve always found it to be a very… tranquil place. And when I was building the sim, and the booth, I really tried to work that sense into the builds. They are simple, but evoke history, at least that’s what I try for.” she told me that the Booth for her store was a last-minute thing. She said, ” during con setup. I was just poking around, and someone suggested I snag one of the smaller ones for my store… so I did. The build itself is pretty simple. I had to work around the prebuilt booth. I tried to showcase some of my more popular products, and the ones I’m particularly proud of. I also included a hunt item – each year, the sci-fi con has a scavenger hunt. Participating booths place a sign that gives a hint to the item’s location, and an item it placed somewhere in the booth for the hunters to find. This year, the item to look for in a coin, and inside that, you place whatever item you’re giving away. I have a set of sci-fi tools that I placed in mine. Simple props that people can use in any sci-fi setting. It includes a glow rod, a lantern, and a datapad.

Mesh’la Morut would like to encourage anyone who hasn’t experienced Sci-FI con to do so, it’s a wonderful place to visit – lots to see and do, and you can find some pretty neat stuff there. There are all kinds of creative people and roleplay groups represented there, and it’s a wonderful place to network as well.


There is a saying that states, Give me my flowers now. What it is saying is don’t wait until I am gone before saying nice things about me, so GNW Honoree is a GNW way to honor those who have made great contributions throughout the years for SWRP. Today GNW would like to honor Minx Bade.

Minx Bade has been in  SL for nearly 13 years. She started in SWRP in 2007 on old LME. She has been scripting and building since she started SL and she hopes that she had improved over the years. Her first venture into a combat System was in 2008. It was called ZXCS. She said, ” At the time I was working with another person but since that time I have been doing it on my own” ILM was birth out of ZXCS but she told us, to be honest, it has been remade from the ground up since 2011.

She said, ” My goal for ILM was to make a system that would use any weapon but would also make things fair between the classes (force user, soldier, ect…))” To use ILM, a user would first rezz all item out of the box and then wear the ILM-SW and the ILM-SW hover text. The latest vision is 2.9.8. The User is then asked in the drop-down window to pick a Class. (force-user, force rogue, medic, soldier, rogue) No one is forced to keep their character class and can change it at any time. No penalty is given when you change also. Once you have the character class decided you can start using the abilities for that class. Each class has a different set of weapons and abilities. To gain all abilities players need to acquire a set level of skill points, Skill is earned in battles. Defeating droids, which are included in the accessories box for ILM, also gains skill Each class also has a set of quick gestures for calling your weapons and abilities. The gestures can be modified to include other chat commands like unsheathing a saber or drawing a blaster.
she told because she also made the LSC-VII kit the ILM system automatically calls the saber when it’s called from the ILM system.

Minx is also working and building new things for SWRP like she is in her final stages of beta testing for LSC-IX which she hopes to release soon. LSC-IX will be a free kit like LSC-VII was.

She also has few more ships she has been working on. A tanker/cargo ship. She said, ” I’m including the space station so it can offload the cargo and tanks. It’s a bit of a challenge due to the size. The ship is a physical flier but is 64 meters long.”
The ship is nearly complete. It is called MX5944. boy does it have a lot of space. Minx said she wanted to make a ship where RP was possible and would still be able to fly as a physical. Droids are placed to hold the seat but vanish once a human takes the seat. the tanks and cargo containers are automated to dock with the ship or the space station. The ship can also dock with the station just like the MX7701 (Arden Lyn) The two ships can also dock with each other. She said, “The MX5944 is one of the few that have this capability, but I have plans for a Hutt transport that will have it also.”

If anyone wishes to buy any ILM items they buy it with your ILM Credits at MInx Small lot where she set up ILM credit vendors. Minx is also working on some Avatars. She said, “I am currently working on a Hutt avatar. It’s coming along slowly due to RL life happenings and the learning curve for rigging. I’m also working on a K2-SO and rancor. These might be a little longer down the road as I am learning rigging and also trying to complete other ships.”

GNW always ends our interviews with the last response from the interviewer. This what Minx Blade had to say to you her supporters. “I want to personally thank everyone that supported me over the years. It was greatly appreciated and never forgotten. You gave me the strength to keep going when I wanted to give up.”



ILM-CS Support Group:


Ziost – Forgotten Home of the Sith – Rendevous Rock (216,115,2493)

Tython: NJO – New Je’daii Order SWRP – Northern Halland (56,80,1228)

Yavin IV – Yavin IV (213,230,25)

Kamino – Home of the [-GAR-] – SWRP – Assassins (140,156,2053)

[SWRP] Dantooine – Semmering (134,135,3800)

New Alderaan and Bespin – Two Ravens Solsgangsett (21,197,2001)

If you are looking for products related to ILM-CS please visit my Market Place

ILM-cs store, Vail

If you know anyone in SWRP who have made great contribution throughout the years for SWRP, Please contact KinsaShala or Aryk Blackdragon.

Endor Day of Weeks of Peace

main-qimg-38463695e8c5f768771fb49992d10a5fEndor day of weeks of peace is a celebration that is celebrated by GRAE. It lasts for two months and it is celebrated with food and drinks among friends.

It has been 20 years since GRAE has been founded since the destruction of the second death star. Making their enclave one the oldest enclave in the galaxy. GRAE has a lot to celebrate this year. with their alliance with Mandalorian Prudii clan. they are two mutual friends who have a common enemy. The Shade Regime and their Hutt ally.

The festival started once Mary Jane Rexsus arrived. The table was widespread with food and drinks. GNW learned while there thatewok celebration GRAE and Prudii Mandalorian clan plan to merge group with no name changes.

Arbitras Rexsus II sighed “we’ve tried many to make alliances with but it seems Prudii knows what’s what and we’ve decided to merge with them”

Vod Prudii grunts stepping in ” No name change though GRAE has space already in their terms Elite forces in the none force-sensitive side ” he grumbles “BUT I have my services vowed with the one called Elder Vyres here “

grae celebration3_001Before GNW went on our way, we asked GRAE if there was anything they wish to tell our viewers. This is what the Grandmaster of GRAE had to say. Arbitras Rexsus II nods ” It was 15 days this next month twenty-fifth of May these Galatia basic years we destroyed Death star II we accomplished imperials as rebels then we will now ” he’d say as quote ” Ewoks as many republic citizens don’t see know what they’ve been through those years and beyond ..I intend to educate that my fellow furries friends are not always primitive “

The Expansion of GRAE

rex and mary jane_001It was February 25 when GNW wrote about the marriage of the happy couple Arbitras Rexsus II and his wife Mary Jane Rexsus. so It has been over two months and GNW travels to the Forest moon Endor to look into the happy couple to see how things were for them for these past few months.

On our visit, we learned where the couple spent their honeymoon. Mary Jane Rexsus said, “Oh it was beautiful we went first a secluded beach on Naboo, and traveled to Tython and many other peaceful planets ..then we saw the hidden gems of Endor which had just more pretty beaches and lovely mountains”

I was told that they visited the old Gupin Sacred grounds. which she said that her husband Rex had told her all about and how he’s the last of their kind. She said that The Gupin Mountains are sad but beautiful. I have never been to the Gupin Mountains on Endor so I want to know much about them. Rex said, “Gupin is half my race. They are a very powerful Shapeshifting race. There have been tales of them migrating here many many years ago. The Ewoks will tell you how they’ve protected them over the years but were lead to near extinction because of the Empire “he nods “They had homes way up the Forest moon’s Mountains which is why it’s called that”

One of the things I notice when I arrived on the base of GRAE was the completed renovation of the base. The room we spoke in was the Tyler dormitory. It was named in the remembrance of Rex’s son. Rex told us that there was a statue across from where I was in honor of Jessant Cassius. Rex told us that Grae had lost many cadets and recruits. As I notice, they continue to grow and to honor those they lost.

Mary Jane Rexsus smiles warmly and said, “There’s even an office for me AND infirmary above us and a new Council room for us” She also said, “I actually have two recruits I am training now and we’re expanding and making alliances ” she nods with a happy tone ” With a few hiccups and attacks from our Regime enemy and Hutt ties” she frowns at this.

They still have the Regime and their new Hutt ally to deal with but their new allies Mandalorian clan Prudii seem promising as they are the enemies of their enemies.
Rex said, ” “The Prudii Leader has been very generous with us and have seen to our aid quite a few times,” he said softly ” They are a very unique Mandalorian clan”

Mary Jane Rexsus and Arbitras Rexsus II last words were they were looking for anyone willing to join them and their family. they are welcome anyone around the galaxies willing to enlist.

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