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All citizens and allies of the New Republic are to be arrested on sight, shot if they resist if spotted on Nar Shaddaa

maxresdefault copyThe Bareesh tried to meet with Valara twice and she didn’t show up.  The Bareesh Clan put out this statement. “I, Prilla Bareesh, leader of the Bareesh Clan and ruler of Nar Shaddaa am sending word that all citizens and allies of the New Republic are to be arrested on sight, shot if they resist if spotted on Nar Shaddaa. The Bareesh will tolerate no more insults from the Chancellor of the New Republic. This order will be lifted once the Chancellor agrees to meet on Nar Shaddaa with the Bareesh Clan.”

The Great Hunt closing ceremony 9/8/2018

TGH Winner w_ Rolga 1

GNW received a holo-video of the Bareesh clan Great Hunt Closing Ceremony.

The event started off with Rolga the Hutt congratulating Sienna Durra who won the first round of the great hunt.

Rolga Xue in Huttese: ha uni la jimpa, chuba nowan goora bu uran nami kee bu kon palko chu jimuga. kabuk bayjee boga chuba diki chi bu kon makriss be putta bu mukai champio gona bu kon shana. drikunna, drikhi, paa, hajin an akklai. chuba makriss bu mulira chissa an ha un tana hok ee’jaga diura be nallya kee la chi bunno hajin. konchi

Translator Droid 2.2: Rolga Bareesh says “Congratulations Sienna Dura, you have won the first round of The Great Hunt’s triumphant return. Through this competition, you demonstrated all the traits necessary to become the Grand Champion of The Great Hunt. Courage, Patience, Intelligence, Persistence and Determination. You claimed the most bounties and displayed a great deal of cunning to avoid elimination by other Bounty Hunters.”

Rolga the Hutt continue to say

Rolga Xue in Huttese: dobo konchi kabuk palko Jedai makriss, Sichi nei’cha, yama wong an uska. chuba magok dobra dwana akklai an chu un nowan che masa chu chissa

Translator Droid 2.2: Rolga Bareesh says “You claimed bounties on Jedi Knights, Sith Lords, Political leaders and more. You have an exeTGH Winner w_ Rolga 2mplary gift and are a model for other Bounty Hunters”

Sienna Durra was honored with the title of Huntmaster and the Huntmaster’s trophy. Then Rolga the Hutt thank all who competed in the competition and tells them to enjoy the feast.

In Huttease Sienna Durra thanked Rolga and said it was an honor to hunt down these unfortunate people that had a mark upon their heads. She also said she accepted this new title and the trophy and hope it gives other Hunters the inspiration needed. She then said she hopes that the next round has a better quarry.

A member of the Chiss Ascendancy Tes said, ” Thank you to all who competed in this competition and those of you who come to congratulate the winner. Here is the one hundred thousand credit prize for winning first place. Enjoy the feast and the Swoop races that begin soon. The next round of competition for The Great Hunt begins next month. Will you be defending your title Sienna?”

Huntmaster Sienna Dura answered by saying I don’t see why not.

GNW will keep you informed of other Great hunt events as they come.

New Alderaan First Techmaze

pic for the techmaze_001  New Alderaan had her first Techmaze. The fair was held on a facility build inside of a mountain. This place is where New Alderaan work on the most advanced scientific breakthrough. All the members who show up at the fair to display their invention were members of the GFFR but there were others who only came to see the amazing breakthroughs in science.

host to the techmaze_001The Techmaze was hosted by Jubilee, who was grown and born at the facility as part of a clone army created with the joint efforts of the New Alderaanian scientist and Fa’athra scientist.





Aristocra Tilz’enro’sabosen (Tes) one of the leaders of the Chiss Ascendancy brought amazing device and here is what she said about it.
Aristocra Tilz’enro’sabosen (Tes): “This device came from one of the Dread Seeds that was used against citizens of GFFR Space and Hutt Space. The Chiss and the Yavin Jedi were able to obtain two of the seeds. The Chiss have attempted to reverse engineer the one we obtained. This device is of techmaze invent form teh chiss_001course not as powerful as the one that The Assembly produced. ” she goes on to tell us that this is a device of self-defense, it’s a force nullifier. Unlike the Ysalamiri of planet Myrkr, it doesn’t ‘cut off’ the force, it merely alters the flow making it more difficult for a dangerous force wielder to harm innocent lives.




Members of Yavin IV of KOJ displayed a Prototype Medical transport. Master Spintrus told us that it was a Kalway class transport fresh off the ship drydocks of Mon Calamar. We were told that they name the transport afttechmaze invent form yavin iv2_001er the Grandmaster Iria.

techmaze invent form yavin iv_001






New Alderaan also had their own display at the Techmaze. Their scientists and engineers had worked on a rector that was just as powerful as a star. This rector was powerful enough we are told to provide clean energy for the whole planet or moon. New Alderaan was using their prototype to provide power to the same facility. They also have plans to use it for other devices that require power sources like their Alderaan reactor_001





If you missed this amazing Techmaze, New Alderaaanian say there is always next year. GNW looks forward to reporting the latest tech that everyone will be displaying next year and will keep you informed with the tech display this year.

Limmie is back!

LimmieIt was a popular sport played on many planets.  It was the favorite sport of Mandalorians and clone commandos. In Mando’ the game was called Meshgeroya the beautiful game.  In 0 BBY the Galactic Cup was put on hiatus after the destruction of Alderaan and Team Alderaan was dissolved.  Before the battle of Yavin, there were teams like Team  Alderaan, Bylluran Athletic, Team Coruscant, Team Fondor, Team Fwilsving, Team Kinyen, Team Kothlis, Team Kubindi, Team Ord Mantell, Team Ralltiir, Team Tralus, and Team Yag’Dhul.  Great Athletes like Cael Hanarist from Team Alderaan, Jipoly Numifolis from Team Coruscant, and Onila Richblum from Team Yag’Dhul were all stars of the game.

The sport was called Limmie, also called bolo-ball depending on the location.  Minx Bade, the liaison of the Affiliated Fress Systems to the Bareesh Clan and Great Council of the Hutts has told GNW that she has plans to bring the sport back.  The event, she said,  “will be played every other weekend opposite of the swoop races.”  The next swoop event will be on the 19th of this month. Minx is also in search for good athletes who are willing to play the sport.

The game is teams of 3 players, a center, and two forward positions
each half is 1000 seconds.  Two teams play against each other, trying to score a goal. Single points are awarded for minx_001each goal.  Actions like kicks, headers and physical contact in the form of tackles is allowed.  An off-side rule also exists and penalties are awarded for infringements. The game is referred by an on-field referee and two linesmen over two half-times. Minx Bade said this will be a sport that it’s going to be a fun event that everyone can enjoy as well as place wagers.

Nar Shaddaa Ambassadorial Complex

Snapshot _ Mos Espa _ Nar Shaddaa _ Ilum (SWRP) [ILM-CS only],The Kalway Order of Jedi opened the Zenmondo Institute of Diplomacy. The small gathering included Grand Master Iria Tuqiri, Rolga Bareesh, Masters Tanira Ramen and Thalia Spintrus, Jedi Knight Karma Meifft, Captain Minx Bade, Chiss Ascendency representatives Tilz’enro’sabosen of House Sabosen and Anaria Csapla, various others including a delegation for the Celestials.

The purpose of the embassy as stated by Master Spintrus was to open the doors of diplomacy versus perpetuating the myth that Jedi are out to impose morality on the galaxy but rather maintain peace and stability while defending those who need such defense.

It was also stated that the embassy is a natural, logical progression of the work done to negotiate the Nar Shaddaa Accords, as done by Jedi Council Master Zenmondo Wormser, who was also in attendance and for whom the embassy is named.

After the brief statement, Rolga Bareesh heard audiences from the Jedi and discussed a matter that was of importance, showing that the purpose of the embassy was respected by both Jedi and Hutts on Nar Shaddaa.