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Athiss Order of the Sith (AOTS)

A Zabrak member of the Athiss Order of The Sith recollects her experience:

The lure of the Dark Side can be irresistible and it is no wonder that many crave being a Sith. While there are many Sith Orders in the Galaxy, some of them with a long standing reputation, the Athiss Order of The Sith (AOTS) prides itself on being founded on true Sith ideals, determined to dominate using the Dark Side of the Force. Continue reading

the New Jedi Order (NJO)

Master Acker Talks about her experience in become Jedi in NJO

I had found I was force active when I was a kid, but as a Kid I
didn’t get on with authority, I didn’t get on with my family, I
didn’t get on with anyone at school, so when I reached age of majority I wasn’t really in a joining frame of mind. Continue reading

KOJ, Dark or Light? Moonsong Dark Order, Good or Evil?

GNW want to dantooie to get Lady Requiem view on arrest by New Alderaan

Lady Requiem looked to Kinsa “There have been…concerns…that the Kalway Order has been growing Dark, quite a lot of the Jedi there have shown signs to quite a lot of people…the only ones to report that…are myself and my brother…a Nightsister and a Nightbrother…so not many believe us…” Continue reading

Fate of Jessant control by dark artifact

Arbitras Rexsus II (Matt Braveheart) smiled weakly as he bowed his head “Welcome my dear ..its has been awhile glad for you to join us. ”

Nicodemus Cortello (Zodus) grunts softly not really thrill on reporters.

KinsaShala is picked up and brought on Gare ship and then she walk up to the ship’s bridge and then she bows then said, “greeting commander Rexsus II and Nicodemus.” Continue reading

Trouble brewing on Tython

Psychotol Acker: Yeah, we seem to have two Sith orders, one wasn’t an attack, it was two Sith from Nilash showing up and telling us ‘kark off or die’, we’ll be finding¬† more about them and working out our response, and we also had a recon droid show up and start an attack for some reason, that came from Athiss, we’re going to be having a word with them about that. This does seem to be a sudden spike in activity. Continue reading