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Clan Ne’haryc

The clan is lead by Sarad Ne’haryc  and Jai’galaar Bes’bavar

Clan Ne’haryc is one of the older clans currently active in SWRP. Originally formed as Clan Munit’kad in 2008. The clan was formed as a more military oriented Mandalorian clan focusing primarily on defense contracting and consulting, armor and weapons manufacture, and electronics as money makers for the clan, with the clan’s combat specialty being rapid insertion commando operations. Continue reading

the Hutts

Hutt space is a very different system from much of the rest of SWRP and as such many players can feel confused when they try to roleplay with us.
For starters there is no heirarchy in Hutt space besides the Hutt council, and everyone else. There is no specified rank structure, no obvious recruitment (except for military units), and there are no set trials, lessons, or missions to accomplish. Continue reading

Athiss Order of the Sith (AOTS)

A Zabrak member of the Athiss Order of The Sith recollects her experience:

The lure of the Dark Side can be irresistible and it is no wonder that many crave being a Sith. While there are many Sith Orders in the Galaxy, some of them with a long standing reputation, the Athiss Order of The Sith (AOTS) prides itself on being founded on true Sith ideals, determined to dominate using the Dark Side of the Force. Continue reading