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Yu’Shaa escapes cause commotion on yavin IV

KinsaShala said, “Greeting lady Raven and sir Lukas. There has been big commotion today. can you tell me what happen?”

Jayden Lukas: Dear I really must get back to work if you will excuse me I will be in the circle.

Raven listens as Kinsa mentions a commotion. “Yes there was. Earlier today there was a ship that crashed by the landing pad. After going to the crash we found that it was an old ship possibly dating back to the time of the Old Republic. Near the ship were two bodies that were wearing unique armor. Unfortunately there were no survivors of the crash. We did notice the certain markings on the corpses. They seemed to look similar to someone we had imprisoned in the security cell. As we looked upon the corpses we got a emergency comm from the Death Star from the security droids. Several of the Jedi and help from some others went up to the Death Star to see what was happening. ” she paused then continued “What was found was that the prisoner Yu’Shaa was there out of his cell with several of his followers.” Continue reading

Empire of Sarapin wants to bring Salvation to New Alderaan

KinsaShala walks into the chamber and bows then said, “Greetings Darth Cyprus. I thank you for taken time off to speak with GNW. First our viewers would like to know about the unprovoked attack on New Alderaan. The day Lady Chairman was voted into office and then last weeks kidnapping?” Continue reading

An attempt at unity under relentless attacks

KinsaShala said, ” Greetings Governor. I am glad you could make it. Please take seat.”

Xaraec sits at the table and looks around “This is a nice studio, and might I compliment the Galactic News Watch on their excellent work thus far”

KinsaShala said, “Why thank you. GNW would like to talk to you about what is going on on New Alderaan. First their was an attack then the Lady Chairman was taken?” Continue reading

A Plaque on Yavin IV !!

GNW travels to Yavin in protective gear to get the story on plaque that hit Yavin.

KinsaShala said, Sir Trakker do you mind talking to the press?”

TrakkerCarrde: shakes his head and comes out of the mini-blackout he went into. “…what?….press? ME??”

KinsaShala said. ” I just want know about what going on here. Why the suit. is their some type of break out on Yavin IV?” Continue reading

Rebel leaf 1

While on New Aleraan, GNW had the pleasure to speak members of GRAE about their  orbit station.

KinsaShala said, ” greetings Arbitras.”

Arbitras Rexsus II bowed his head, “greetings lady Kinsa welcome to our orbiting station.”

KinsaShala look around and then said, “looks nice. What is your orbiting station use for?”

Arbitras Rexsus II smiled softly with a gruff chuckle, “Its often used to bunk ourselves…monitor traveling tourist and suspicious ships that pass our scanners” he chuckles “Also store a lot of our precious valuables ” He points to the crates by them “If one must say it has multiple tasks.” Continue reading