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Kreega Zell

Kreega Zell

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Klavox continues his unbeaten run – Friday’s Fight Night

The first round of the Ultimate Galactic Fighting Championship an event of the Fa’athra Hutt Clan at New Alderaan and promoted by Mara Starrdancer  was off to a great start with the independent Iridonian ship captain Xotru Klavox continuing his unbeaten run at the Friday Fight Night defeating the less skilled Fa’athra hired gun Fenri Keldau.


The fluid fighting style of Captain Klavox dominated the street fighting cunning of Keldau with the latter taking several blows to the mid-section leading to broken ribs and sore kidneys.  Keldau however did show how dangerous he could be in the ring catching Klavox with a low blow which in turn caused the Iridonian to display his aggressive side ramming Keldau with his horns much to the delight of the crowd.  Klavox then managed to end the fight by slamming Keldau unconscious against the stone archway of the arena proving he had a mix of outright power along with his skill.


Curiously the audience included what looked like Sith members of various groups though the authorities made no attempt to detain them.


The second match of the Fight Night event saw Shadow Sith Clan Inquisitor Lord Arlen against a huge beast.  The vicious beast did manage to wound the Sith with it’s claws however the Force attacks by Lord Arlen proved too much for the beast to counter and met its grizzly end in the ring strangled to death with its ultimate fate of being served up to the Hutts as a snack.


Despite this rather public appearance of Lord Arlen, neither the GRAE nor the New Alderaan security forces made any attempt to detain him despite the fierce war fought on Lehon between the Grey Jedi and Sith not too long ago.

Stay tuned for the exclusive reports on Friday Fight Night and the Ultimate Galactic Fighting Championship here on GNW.

The Shadow still casts gloom across the Galaxy

GNW navigated through the asteroid belts of the Outer Rim Territories to reach the Horuset System not far off from the lone planet of the System, Korriban, famed for Valley of the Dark Lords.  In the ship the Crimson Tide, GNW had the opportunity to speak with the Grand Marauder Darth Toruk of the Shadow Sith Clan.


The war on Lehon between the Shadow Sith Clan and GRAE had not gone well for the Sith, and Darth Toruk conveyed the current state of the planet “..dead trees,most animals killed and Regime trooper camps in flames and craters ….A lot of my troopers died on the battlefield there and some we couldn’t retrieve the bodies from because some parts of the forest has toxic fumes from the bombed debris….It’s possible it could take a long good set of years for Lehon to grow back it’s state.  The war left damages in our numbers..and I nearly died getting out of Lehon and so did my surviving set of troopers ”

Corporal Spectre of the Shadow Regime Troopers also gave us an insight into the war “…my training grounds and Regime trooper dorms  were demolished also”  The Corporal and Darth Toruk’s personal mercenary managed to escape Lehon with their lives and are attempting to rebuild the Regime.

“…Younger sithlings,acolytes and cadets starting out  in the Regime..Even Diplomats are added to our loss list” said Darth Toruk when describing the casualties on Lehon.  On being asked what led to the war the Sith explained “..The war happened because it was bound to happen that GRAE were going to retaliate and declare war..”

On the whereabouts of their weapon the Shade Needle GNW learned from Darth Toruk that “The Shade Needle has taken small minor damage and luckily The Overlord moved it out from Lehon Space and away from the action with a few  minor problems.  Then he’s placed his artifacts and objects valuable in his personal ship and hidden it deep at Korriban..While the Shade Needle will remain kept in safe territories guarded and repaired”

Darth Toruk gave us a detailed account of the battle and his escape “During the flames spreading and raging and my troopers were battling GRAE’s forces some of their droids and agents were killed also , there were fatalities I believe of minor troops  I suppose but I was mostly in the middle of the battle and flames battling Jessant their Investigator..The GRAE member came disguised and caught me off guard ..I nearly had him but a bomb was dropped right by us,,damaging me and him and he made a escape by a ship …..I had to crawl out onto a last minute ship from Lehon while flames spread when he left”

GNW learned that Lord Arlen another prominent member of the Shadow Sith Clan was off world from Lehon during the battle and would be assigned with troopers to hunt out and capture the parties of GRAE who caused the damages to Lehon and bring them to the Overlord” the main targets being Jessant and Arbitras.  The Shadow Sith Clan are searching for barren planets on which to take over and spread their influence.

Darth Toruk issued a clear warning “There has been a order from the Overlord of a all out action and retaliation against those who are with or aid GRAE..this goes for loved ones,allies..members and family …we will be retaliating to make a example that the actions they’ve cause means full hostility against all that is with them..Be warned some are to stay clear from us..and for those sith who wish to come allies or aid in this battle to call upon us.  The war may be over but our battle has just continued..”

On being asked what it would take for there to be peace with the Shadow Sith Clan the Darth replied “”Peace?..There will be only complete surrender or death..Or avoid our way in causing the days of darkness to all opposing forces”

Clearly the Shadow Sith Clan still casts their long shadow of gloom and doom.






Besadii declares war over and victory, gets back to business

basadii nite hutts_014

While the prominent Besadii Hutts, Malignant and Krulne [later joined by Sunee the Hutt]  gathered on Ryloth’s Jixuna Resort on Wednesday for their Business Night, joined by Shaka the Hutt, the Fa’athra Clan hutt cousins, Bubaj and Hutt, The Reavers, Laura the Representative of the Bareesh Hutt Clan and others, the Besadii Leader Chaggah was notably absent.

Malignant Besadii presided over the meeting with the announcement that “..the war between the Fatale Clan and the Besadii Clan is over. The Hutts will no longer have to worry about Femme or her minions as the war is over. I would like to thank all those who helped and contributed, and pay Susan the 5 million credit reward.. not for ending the war, but for playing an instramental part in it. Mad will get you the credits. So, war is over! Celebrations are in order”

Susan Tamalyn collected the 5 million credit reward,  however the assassination of Whadii Besadii is still an open issue as Femme Fatale is now not believed to have been Whadii’s killer and an investigation is underway on Seraphina One.

With the main announcement of the evening made, the Hutts went on to discuss other business such as the spice trade and a representative Hulio of the Vandrus Corporation paid tribute to the Hutts for safe passage of their cargo and listed their many services and operations such as cybernetics, star ship engines, medical research and weapons which drew interest from the audience especially medical research for cloning.

Hulio then went on to explain the value of Nova Crystals that Vandrus Corporation mines which are used to make blasters more powerful.

Eliza D’Camarilla of Emberline offered the services of her Mistryl Shadow Guards to interested buyers, followed by the Jedi Lenore of the TJO who invited the Hutts to a Galactic Trade and treaty Conference. The idea of the Trade Conference though was met with reluctance on the part of the Hutts possibly as they preferred adhering to their current Hutt and Business Night traditions where interested parties would offer them tribute to pitch their business offerings.   That this conference was being organized by a Jedi further fueled suspicion and mistrust in the Hutts as to the motives of this Conference with Malignant saying “…I don’t like the idea of this trade union and think Besadii would be better served by trying to disassemble it before it grows into a powerhouse, if in deed it even can..” and Hutt Berpa Skun saying “..I am also not a big fan of doing business with Jedis. Jedis are my enemies”

However despite the Jedi Lenore clarifying “.. “the conference is not led by a Jedi or any group in particular, if the Hutts wish to represent their interests it would make sense to come to the conference and see for yourself that its not led by any one group, hence why the conference goes to planet to planet..” the Conference still did not have many takers.

The Jedi Lenore also announced that she is searching for information relating to the whereabouts of her Grandmother the Director of the Legion and that she was searching for ruins and remnants of the Rakata and that the Legion was offering a reward for any information or artifacts on the Rakata.

GNW are keenly observing the subsequent developments regarding the search for Whadii’s killer, the Vandrus Corporation, the idea of a Galactic Trade and treaty Conference and the search for the Director of the Legion and will update our readers on these stories as events unfold.









Skill trumps brute force at Fight Night

The Iridonian Smackdown the main event of Friday’s Fight Night at New Alderaan lived up to expectations with the vociferous crowd cheered on the ship Captain Xotru Klavox as he put up a dazzling display of skill to defeat the brute force contender Rundgrar.


Rundgrar had a lot of bets riding on him leading to the Fa’athra Clan Hutts the promoters of Fight Night raking in a good amount of credits from the duel.  Rundgrar kept charging at his opponent who skillfully dodged and danced around the ring countering the hard punches and kicks with his deft footwork.  Captain Klavox dazed Rundgrar by landing a series of blows to his head and finished the fight off with a sleeper hold rendering the bigger Zabrak unconscious.

The crowd was treated to a second fight, between Twilek bounty hunter Izi’Shizu and the Fight Night host Mara Starrdancer.  Both women were evenly matched with Izi attempted to gain an advantage through her acrobatic kicks and jumps which was countered by Mara’s high tolerance to pain and skilled footwork to avoid any serious injury.  With neither combatant able to execute a finishing blow the second fight was adjudicated a draw.


The Friday Fight Nights at New Alderaan is now a regular event attracting some of the best unarmed combatants in the Galaxy.  Stay tuned for GNW’s next report.


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