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The Ramikad Declaration

mandalore statue_001GNW has learned that Buurenaar Tome of the combined Mandalorian clan has declared Bespin Mandalorian Territory. This follows the announcement that Tychus has assumed the title of Mand’alor.

Buurenaar Tome assured Baron Rhialto of Bespin that this is not an invasion but an offer of protection and that the Mandalorians consider Bespin their home. Bespin authorities have confirmed the assertion that the declaration of the Ramikad is in no way hostile. “..In essence, nothing has changed for all practical purposes. The Ramikad Aliit has simply formally declared their stance…” Baron Rhialto of Bespin informed GNW.

The declaration was followed by a shiny new statue on the promenade level of the city asserting the presence of the Ramikad in Bespin.

The Shade Regime returns to Lehon

GNW had the opportunity to travel to Lehon and speak with Darth Toruk of the Shade Regime. Darth Toruk informed us that their old rivals the GRAE ambushed them on Geonosis injuring the Grand General Darcrux and so they returned to Lehon to strengthen ties with their old friends and Sith allies especially the Dark Lord Sinous.

Darth Toruk made it clear that he does not stand alongside the Seraphin Empire despite them having a common enemy in the GFFR. The Shade Regime in particular consider the GRAE and DJE of Dantooine as their enemies. Darth Toruk also confirmed that the rebuilding of Shade Regime was financed by the personal wealth of Grand General Darcrux and their allies.


GNW learned that the Shade Regime has developed a new fearsome weapon in the form of a Meditation Sphere, which is powered by a large red kyber crystal. Darth Toruk declined to mention the exact source of this crystal but did confirm that they had obtained some crystals in their mining and excavation activities on Geonosis. GNW also learned that the Sphere had been tested on some uninhabited moons and planets and even on some stars.


Darth Toruk also informed us that he welcomes any troopers that are willing to enlist in the Shade Regime. In closing Darth Toruk told GNW that traitors and enemies would face swift retaliation if they attempted to attack them on Lehon.


GFFR Chairperson shot!

lady chair Tiplaria_001

Breaking News:

GNW can confirm that there was an assassination attempt on the GFFR Chairperson Tiplaria 3 days ago during the GFFR Congress meeting at New Alderaan. The official GFFR spokesperson informed GNW that the news was kept under wraps initially so that the hunt for the culprit was not compromised.

The attempt was not successful however the Chairperson was shot in the arm and lost a lot of blood. GNW was informed that the Chairperson’s condition was stable and that she will chair the next GFFR Congress meeting on Yavin IV amidst high security.

While there is speculation, a motive for the assassination was not ascertained, Commander Craw of the New Alderaan Navy was of the view that “…this does not look like an attack by the Seraphin Empire, the Sith are more frontal and brutal in their attempts, however we are not ruling anything out.”

Lt. Niyathi, of the Yavin Security Force (YSF) echoed similar views adding “…thus far there is no evidence of Sith involvement, I cannot reveal more as we do not want the investigation compromised.”

GNW sources have confirmed that the prime suspect is a red skinned male Togruta and our interviews of locals of Togrutan descent on New Alderaan confirm that the GFFR forces have been detaining and questioning red skinned Togrutans. “..It’s disgraceful” said one of the locals, “..You can be hauled away just because of how you look!” Neither New Alderaan nor the YSF have commented on these allegations, however Commander Craw did state that “…We will no doubt do all we can to bring the culprit to justice and we ask the public to bear with us as all travel in and out of New Alderaan will come under scrutiny.”

GNW can confirm that our crew’s equipment and luggage was thoroughly searched and our crew’s background was subject to intense scrutiny. Stay tuned as GNW will bring you more about the next GFFR Congress meeting.

Is the war a big conspiracy ?

-A GNW editorial

The war between the Galactic Federation of Free Republics (GFFR) and Seraphin Empire shows no sign of ending just yet.  Tython is still occupied by the Seraphin forces.  The situation on core and outter rim GFFR worlds is deteriorating with the prices of food and fuel sky rocketing and black market traders profiteering from the situation.

GNW however spoke to civilians around the Galaxy to understand how the war is affecting them.  In particular workers of the Trident Weapons and Ship Factory are extremely upset at the working conditions having had to work over time. “It’s disgraceful, we work more than 15 hours a day and with no overtime or raise in wages!”  a worker told us.


At the same time the war has driven up commodity prices of Phrik and Bronzium, both metals used for making weapons, armor and ship hulls has increased substantially driving up the share prices of the Trident Weapons and Ship Factory by over 10 times.

“It’s just good business” said Shuume Dacaash, Chairman of the Galactic Merchant Bank and CEO of Dacaash Holdings, “We took some risks and invested in loss making mines, turning them around, remember… there are no free lunches”


The Togrutan Workers Union a big source of factory labour threatened to go on strike if working conditions were not improved.  Lunch it seems just got a lot more expensive for everyone.


So GNW asks, is this war just a big conspiracy to make a few people richer?  Stay tuned!

In the Dark Valley of Geonosis

GNW had the rare honor of traveling to Geonosis and speaking with the Grand General General Darcrux.  GNW also had special permission to take holo recordings of our visit.  On our visit it was apparent that the Shade Regime has dug a new valley out in Geonosis and has total control of this system.


The Grand General informed GNW that he has “…much more in store for our foes” adding that he had “…Many cruisers and strong weapons we’re maintaining here and we plans to work hard to grow the Regime heavily.”

On asked about the GRAE, the Grand General replied that “..An old member of theirs who killed my brother and the former leader of this group Darth Necrosis was there but we believe he’s on the run but a jedi of DJE …The Knight Sir Jessant Cassius..Which I’ve placed a hefty bounty on”he said calmly “Some of my finest hunters will be out of him and his Kin” he continues “DJE also is of not much concern but is a threat ..GRAE we think maybe returned  to Endor and we know they are working hard also to  retaliate back against us”

The Grand General also issued a threat to Endor “.. In time I will make a strike against the Forest moon but will take some long processing.”


The Grand General told us that “…Geonosis’s valleys are predominantly sand ,we’re doing much much digging and searching for artifacts and managed to surface a temple ” he said with smile “This is where the dark religious side of our group the Shade Regime Imperius studies works their force training” he laughs lightly as he continues “We hope to find more through our digging and have much to surface”

On asked if any historical artifacts were found he told us “We’ve discovered alot of old trinkets from Count Dooku and a few archives he took from here long ago ” he nods softly “The Late Dark  Count was on Geonosis for abit  and left some things during the Clone war”


When we asked the Grand General about  the war between the Seraphin Empire and the GFFR, and if the Shade Regime planned to side with Seraphin, he declined, saying “We right now have the former Queen of Alderaan in our carbonite ,Seraphin though have no quarrels with we remain neutral with nor will side with them ”

On asked why the former Queen of New Alderaan was captured, GNW received this explanation “..New Alderaan in the past has been much a threat to us ..along seeing they are ties to GRAE and among  many other of our enemies she’s a good hostage and suspect to take”

In conclusion the Grand General added “We’ve found some Kyber Crystal resources here which My Grand Marauder is investigating and handling” he calmly sits back “The Hutts I’d be glade to do business with in all due time also ” he shrugs brushing a gray from his face “I much to process and plan these on coming weeks”
and added “I also have a few traitors in former groups I was with that will be a target , some that contaminate my home world of Kalee ..for those still there there will be swift strike on them soon ” he chuckles “And we are calling on ALL former ex clone troopers, troopers who are lone and those who are mercenaries ” he said calmly “we are starting to enlist as many as possible ..Along with anyone force sensitive for our Imperious group”

[The Dark Valley of Geonosis is a second life SWRP sim and is open for roleplay, do check it out]



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