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Tiona Twine

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Explodey Droid at Hutt Night

This is reporter Trisha filling in for Tiona Twine:

A droid exploded at the last Hutt Night.  Attending Jedi received no warning and so their Jedi reflexes were for naught, though they did try  ((*cough* no opening for the Jedi to post *cough*)).   There were no casualties, but some were injured.  It was fortunate that attendance was light both on the part of those seeking audience with the Hutts or just watching the proceedings and the Hutts themselves.

Before the explosion, a Jedi by the name of Master Pearl asked the Hutts, for the proper fee of course, if they could put her in contact with an investigator to help her in her search for the Galactic Federation of Free Republics’ Secretary of Defense, Cyrus Vale.


In previous Hutt Nights, Anda the Hutt announced that she would be away for an indeterminate amount of time as she took care of issues in the outlying regions of Hutt Space.   Hutt hierarchy and politics are nearly impossible for outsiders to understand, but it seemed it was the huttling, Sunee the Hutt who was left in charge of whatever Anda the Hutt presided over.   Shortly before that and since then Sunee has been appearing as a hologram at Hutt Nights.   It almost makes you wonder if she knew a bombing of some kind would occur.   2015-07-19HuttNight

Byss Further Reassures. Federation Ambassadors? Deals with Clandestine

News coming to you from an unknown source from an unknown location, but apparently someone with access to GNW news feed.


Hutt Night started with a visit from acting Empress, Executor Rowe.  She gave the Hutts further assurances as to the intentions of the Empire and assurances that the words and actions of the sith Cyra were not to be tolerated.  Rowe was heard to say in regards to Cyra, “If she weren’t less than a wad of navel lint I assure you I would peel off her face and soup her brains out of her bleeding skull right here in front of you all as a show of good faith that she has zero authority within the empire.”  Kashyyyk was also discussed and assurances given there and even some arrangements for supplies to be run to the Byss outpost they say they’re maintaining there.

Next up were the ambassadors from the Galactic Federation of Free Republics.  They expressed a desire to open up friendly dialogs with the Hutts and presented themselves as the candidates to be the ambassadors to the hutts for the Federation, if the Hutts so chose to accept them as such.  There were misgivings from Anda the Hutt toward Jedi Master Jesma Pearl due to past occurrences. Nothing was really settled, but the gift of a precious metal called Iridesium from the planet Thustra in generous quantities to each of the Hutt Council helped to soften the Hutts somewhat.  The ambassadors were sent away with the message that to really improve relations between the Hutts and the Federation the key was good trade.

Lastly, Lady Clandestine, the one back from the dead somehow, and her entourage addressed the Hutts and discussed trade deals.  Her verbose spokesman had this to say, “”Greeting Great and Mighty wonderful Hutts, im here on Behalf of The Sith Consortium Mercenaries.  My name is Ghost Ion IronHammer. Sith Consortium Mercenary General Hammer to all of My enemys. Last week My Dark Lady came to you all to extend the Services of My Merc and My self to you all. We are Here to do Business with you all and try to keep the Peace with all dealing here in the Galaxy with out bumping heads and here on your Lovely Planet….. SO im here to introduce myself to  you all Great and Mighty hutts and let My voice be heard for all of you here to day.”  Rolga offered to hire them at a wage of 2000 credits a week.  They offered a gift of 50 pounds of Glitteryll, ten pounds to each hutt.

And Hutt Night was then concluded.


New Reaver

This is Tiona Twine reporting from an unknown location.  I’m in a lot of trouble.  However, I’m reporting to you in secret.  Here is the information I was able to get from eye witness report and other sources:

Dateline, couple days ago, location, Nar Shadda.
Fireworks constantly rained down over the Reaver’s club in lower Nar Shaddaa where inside the Reaver family celebrated the soon to come birth of their first newborn on the Smugglers Moon. The party got underway with Phee Reaver suppling music as a large crowd including people from all factions gathered to wish Ivy Reaver all the best with her pregnancy and offer up a gaggle of gifts. As the night progressed the libations flowed and everyone seemed to be having a good time until Ivy suddenly fell off the top floor onto Mad Reaver causing her to go into early labor. She was then rushed to the hospital where she had a healthy baby boy that was named partially after the departed Tulpa Reaver.

Ivy's baby

Hutt Night: Updates from the Empire, Slave Traders and The Reavers

Hutt Night saw the Ambassador from the Empire Darth Inviktus address the Hutt Council assuring them that Darth Cyra of Nilash III did not speak for the Empire when she made her threats against Nar Shaddaa and has indeed been stripped of rank and a death warrant issued for her.

Darth Inviktus went on to assure the Hutt Council that the Imperial occupation of Kashyyyk was not to be interpreted as designs on Hutt space and that traffic around the planet would return to normal soon.  However he did state that the Empire intended to maintain a presence on Kashyyyk while not absorbing it into the Empire.

Proceedings were interrupted by an intoxicated reporter, sadly one of the GNW team who was detained and escorted out of the hall.

Traders of the Trident Corporation, Togrutans Zatta Neso and Jee’Ki  then offered one of their prized slaves as a gift to the Hutt Council.  The Togrutan spokespersons for Trident Corporation informed the Hutt Council that they operate from an illegal black market in Federation space a grim reminder that the Galaxy is not a safe place.

The Reavers announced their celebration of new life with a baby shower for Ivy Reaver, GNW will bring you more on that event shortly.


Sunee the Hutt accused the Reavers of bombing her lair however Anda the Hutt quickly wrapped up proceedings stating that this was a matter to be discussed in closed council.

GNW will be observing the events at Hutt Night with great interest.

The Sith Are On The Move…or are they? Last Hutt Night

“I wish to bring news to all of you but, the news i bring is not good. Im unsure how aware all of you are to this… The sith want to invade nar shaddaa and this  has started due to a sith group known as genesis. They are begining this because they believe nar shaddaa and the hutts are in league with the jedi of yavin. Since the jedi of yavin have been pronounced enemies. I come to you with this information as the once now EX commander of the sith genesis stormtrooper legion. They had beytrayed my trust. Nar shaddaa is like a home to me i cannot stand idly by and watch!”

— Cloud Dasher


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