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Federation comes to Thustra aid

5bd66a382714afdcc278470e40a052bfGNW has learned that there is battle going on with Imperials and Thustra.  What we learned from our sources is that the Imperials came to break the Thustra defensive blockade. They took out the Thustra fighter squadrons and one of the Thustra frigates. Thustra took out the Imperial flagship called “The Immovable will of the Emperor” and then forces coming out of Bengat came to Thustra aid with two droid squadrons and a Mandalorian vessel. Finding themselves outnumbered, even after their successes, the Imperial fleet turned to retreat. Thustra forces were led by General Norock Turoth, second in line for the Thustra throne. Then forces coming out of Bengat were led by Slade. GNW has no confirmation as to which planet the forces belonged to.   We are told  that the battle is still on going and that Thustra forces and  forces coming out of Bengat are not letting the Imperials retreat without a sound beating and we at GNW will keep you inform if we hear anything new.

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