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Break down on the hunted asteroid

With our Communication satellites across the known galaxy, GNW picked up this warning message from Captain Durso

If you found this message you may still be able to spare your lives. I am recording this message in hopes of saving would be travelers the same fate as I. My ship became disabled and I landed on the station having little choice otherwise. The station is all but abandoned, less a few unnatural guest still roaming about. The asteroid has become a center of the evil of which I have never felt before. While most things on the station are explainable there are things happening that defy reality. It would also appear I was not the first to venture in this area of Hutt space. A cargo ship carrying a most horrendous creature called a Massif landed on the station. The creatures became unsettled, escaped, and are running wild on the hangar deck. My situation is bleak and hopeless, without my ship I am doomed to this hell. I tried to make my way multiple times to the detention level I discovered that a machine is located there that can fabricate the parts I need to repair my ship. I tried, again and again, to get to the lower detention level but the spirits that inhabit this station are most determined to keep me here to my end which I can only hope comes quick. My final warning to anyone that sees this message. Leave this station at once and do not return.

landing party_001 A party set out to investigate this asteroid and GNW was there to record the events for our viewers. These creatures called Massif ran out and attacked us. We were able to take them down with our blasters and lightsabers. As we traveled deeper, we were confronted by ghost troopers. While there, I discovered a chewed arm. I don’t know if it was part of Captain Durso’s crew. After fighting off the spirit and the Massif, our crew was badly injured. We found a medbay in Asteroid and treated our injuries. There were some who agreed to take nap in the medbay. How anyone could sleep in this place I don’t know. We were able to fix our ship and get out.

GNW warns our viewer to listen to Captain Durso warning and stay away from this asterghost trooper_001oid.torn arm_001creature_001

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