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Breaking: Malignant Besadii The Hutt’s Death was no accident!


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Yes! You herd right here from GNW.  Malignant Besadii the Hutt’s death was no accident.   On yesterday, at Hutt night, Malignant was attack by Rancor.  The Rancor took his head clean off.  The Rancor headed straight for Malignant then took off which got me to wondering why he went for Malignant and no one else.   With permission from his nearest relative Sunee the Hutt, GNW was allow to take samples of Malignant skin.  I brought the samples of skin back to Yavin IV  where test was done on them.  What we discovered was shocking.   There was traces of Rancor Pheromones on his skin.   This make me believe that Malignant was murder.

GNW last report  that Malignant was offering one million credit to person who help him find his sister.



I  am here to discuss things I do not know, so cannot discuss them, but it is my hope that you, and you, the reading public at home that is reading this publicly will respond to the one thing everyone has in common, credits. There for, I am offering 1 million credits, and by offering what I mean is I will pay one million credits to anyone willing to help and by help I mean finally solve this ghastly murder so we can lay to eternal rest Whadii Beadii once and for all.




Could the person who killed Whadii also killed Malignant as well?  We at GNW  don’t know but we promise to keep you inform if anything comes up. I ask all GNW viewers to not let  Malignant and Whadii death  end right here.   I appeal to the better side of all of us when I say  Justice needs to be service.   We at GNW go out of our way not to choose sides and allow the viewers to make their on choice about what was discus, but this is different.  If the killer can take down mighty hutt, who is safe.

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