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Breaking News: KOJ Respond to their former members Investigation

maxresdefault copyFirst, Allow me to state that the investigation of these two Kalway Jedi, do not reflect the views of the Kalway Order of Jedi Council.

Secondly, I will also state that while the investigation seemed to have had merit and we appreciate the concern shown by our now former members, allow me to explain the following by form of text attachment. Attached is the full text of the Nar Shaddaa Accords as negotiated by Master Zen Wormser roughly one half standard year before Master Jayden was a Master.

This agreement has been the bulwark of everything the KOJ has done concerning the Hutt Cartels since it’s inception and acceptance by both the Hutt Council and the Jedi Council of Yavin IV. Our actions do NOT interfere in the Hutt culture nor do we have any influence with them.. we can advise and that has been all that has ever been done. It should be noted that it was advised to the Bareesh Clan by Kalway Jedi not to allow bounties to be placed upon officials from the New Republic. This was not followed as is perfectly right as based upon our interpretation of the Jedi Code… We can not interfere in the normal happenings or operations of Hutt Culture nor would we wish to. Our definition of justice is not the same as any other race or group.. this is the same as Hutts.

As for the Hutt involvement with the GFFR, the Hutts had no say in the operations of the GFFR except as an advisory role… This is well known and the fact that the Chiss Ascendency is allied to the Hutts of Nar Shaddaa and Mos Espa has in no way affected their judgment in the proceedings of the GFFR Senate.

I must state that the investigation conducted by these colleagues, did not in any way utilize the resources available to most Jedi of the Order and not only that the key parties involved were not spoken to nor were they given any chance to respond..

The Nar Shaddaa Accords Proposal (final)


1. A Jedi must inform the Hutt Council, if in the course of their duties they are entering and operating in Hutt space.
2. A Jedi operating in Hutt space must not foment rebellion or encourage others of breaking laws in Hutt space.
3. A Jedi operating in Hutt space must not themselves break hutt law while there. (This includes observation of all taxation and business law)


1. Having complied with all three points in the section above, Jedi have the right to enter and operate in Hutt space. A jedi operating in such capacity, as a diplomatic representative will be subject only to the authority of the hutt great council proper and their direct agents.

2. Having complied with all three points in the section above, Jedi have the right to act as mediators in disputes and have the right to have their arbitration heard and considered by the great council in regards to citizens of hutt space. This privilege allows members of the Jedi Order to act in the capacity of arbiter during hutt legal proceedings, allowing them to represent an accused, or to speak for (or as) a petitioner to the great council on matters regarding hutt space and its citizens.

3. Having not complied with any one of the the three points in the section above, a jedi will be subject to arrest and incarceration within hutt space*, by hutt authorities until such time as their order may be contacted to negotiate the terms of their trial, or release upon the authority of the hutt council.

4. Having not complied with any one of the three points in the section above and having been scheduled to trial by hutt court, a jedi may retain another member of their order for their defense in hutt court, whether to act in a martial or civil capacity** (champion or legal representation)
*their is no statute of limitation or restriction on periods of incarceration within hutt space and a prisoner may be held indefinitely until an arrangement is struck with the jedi order.

**a reasonable period of time will be granted for the transport of the legal representation or champion to hutt space to defend the accused.

That being said, I wish these Jedi well in their search.. but can not concur with their findings.

Master Thalia Spintrus
Sentinel, Kalway Order of Jedi.

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