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Candidate Chairman of the Galactic Federation of Free Republics Mediator Downz

I met with Mediator Downz, after he agreed to an interview, about his run for Chairman of the Galactic Federation of Free Republics.   When I asked him what his platform was, what he most hoped to achieve, if he is elected Chairman, his response was:

“I hope to achieve, further progression for the Galactic Federation of Free Republics, not only in the way of attending to our lack of Military Forces, but also to attending to be able to provide better health care and better education.”

I asked what he felt was lacking in the Federation’s health care systems. He had this to say:

“As a rather baby of an intergalactic government, we don’t have any real protocols in place for deadly diseases, or even any real health care or education standards, all are governed by local planets, however, with additional assistance from an intergalactic body, those health care and education systems could be vastly improved, to produce not only better results in education, but less waiting times and more cost effective methods of medical assistance.”

Asked about his ideas for the military front, Mediator Downz replied:

“A strong military force is needed, not only for the safety of our citizens, but to ensure that our planets don’t fall when enemy forces come. Strong protocols and a strong recruitment drive, should effectively help with our recruitment, however, first Congress needs to sign off on an actual creation of a Defense Force.”

When asked about the event of war or some catastrophe requiring military might occurring before he was able to enact his plans, should he be elected, he indicated that he had things well in hand, that he only wished to strengthen the military forces of the Federation, not that the Federation didn’t have enough to draw on already to defend themselves adequately. He mentioned allies as well.

For those wondering what experience Mediator Downz might have, he was a former Major General of the Grand Army of the Republic, highly decorated. He served as the Bakuran Senator, and the Supreme Chancellor of the Galactic Senate of the New Republic.

I asked him what made him first want to get into politics and he replied:

“I have been dear friends with several politicians, I was also married to Queen Talia Kristan-Seda of Bakura, of which I do, when using a last name, still use that name. My interest in politics originally was to assist Bakura, and to also help get the Senate back on track, which is what I ran on during my nomination for Chancellorship. I was friends with former Senator of Bakura Lucian, who became the Chancellor of the Galactic Senate. I wanted to make a difference really and represent the rights of Grand Army Clones.”

Education was the last point I asked about, asking where he felt the Federation education system might be lacking and he had this to say:

“I don’t think we are lacking per say, I just think we could do better. Actual Federation Universities where the young people of today, can get degrees in fields that matter and will see them progress and have a great future.”

Tiona Twine: “Intriguing idea. Do you think the individual planets will find that point where they think the Federation is becoming too much of a power as opposed to their individual sovereignty?”

X-1619 ‘Downz’: “I think they would welcome Federal funding for the most part. We may only set up one or two Universities.”

So, to voters out there, Mediator Downzs shares the following slogan:

“A Vote for Downz is Up. Up for a better Federation.”

Downz_Election Interview

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