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Chiss Ascendancy desire to join the GFFR

Chiss Ascendancy_001 The members of the Chiss Ascendancy travel to Yavin IV and GNW had the chance to confirm rumors of whether they had the desire to join the Galactic Federation of the free Republic. We had spoken to Aristocra Tilz’enro’sabosen of the House of Sabosen, Jettha’niara’Csapla of the House Csapla, and Ethsn’ant’thamac of the House of Thamac.

At the time of this interview, We were told that the Chiss Ascendancy had to wait for the Senate to vote to agreed to give them membership. Since this interview, GNW can confirm that the Chiss Ascendancy was granted membership. The day of the interview, which was Sunday, the Senate had not yet voted and It was Aristocra Tilz’enro’sabosen who said when asked has the Senate voted yet. “Not yet at this time, I think that may happen today if time allows. The Republic’s regulations for membership are thorough and lengthy. I admire that to an extent.”

We learned from Ethsn’ant’thamac that the relationship between the GFFR and the Chiss Ascendancy was always shown in goodwill.  Even by sending agents like herself to help and it was through this action the Ascendancy had decided to become more than a source of occasional goodwill to the GFFR.  Ethsn’ant’thamac said, “I wornantha ysf reduxe this serving on loan to this planet years ago. I wear it now willing to serve the republic and the Ascendancy as part of it.”

Jettha’niara’Csapla spoke of the superiority the Chiss but how through their expansion of the Ascendancy they needed to join forces with the alien in order to further their goal and this was one of those times.  She went on to say, “The Heart of the Ascendancy must stay within the ‘Unknown Regions’ to protect the 28 planets we control. We have offered a very minute portion of our personal fleets as well as training and other resources.”

We were told by Aristocra Tilz’enro’sabosen (Tes) their first goal as members would be to meet with the Chairs, and see where the most immediate help is needed that we can be effective. Whether it’s an aid mission or of the military nature. There are new threats popping up daily and worlds in need of supplies because of those threats.  She end our interview by saying, “We hope that the Republic and the Chiss Ascendancy can join in a working partnership for all of our peoples. We have a history that we’re not proud of, but we’re more than our history. Times change and views with them. Already we’re working hard to show we’re sincere and dedicated. We just ask for a chance.”

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