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Chiss Ascendancy’s Respond to Master Raven and Jayden’s investigation

tes_001“This news report from Master Jayden and Master Raven is troubling and full of inaccurate information. These two could have spared themselves a lot of trouble if they had contacted the proper individuals in question instead of listening to only one party’s side, and we can guess which that is. That of the separatist leader of the new republic faction. Their statement echoes that of the separatist leader’s own statements we’ve heard in the past. Targeting myself, targeting the Kalway Order. This so called investigation is nothing more than a smear campaign during our elections designed to influence the vote.

Two Jedi return from a long absence and instead of speaking with any sort of leadership personnel within their own Order, the Federation, or the Ascendancy at length, they repeat the same things that Valara Kira has spewed in the past. I can only guess that based on reporting from my informants within the separatist faction that these two former members of Kalway are agents acting on behalf of the separatist faction and it’s leader out of desperation since her base and power is shrinking and so she seeks to weaken the Federation and undermine it’s good relations with other groups.”

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