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In this breaking story, the Galactic News Watch Team brings you an update that Jesma Pearl former Master with the Kalway Order of Jedi and Master Dro Plund a Council Master with the same Order have been detained due to their involvement in a conflict during a Hutt Clan Meeting.805ae8_3897123a31e647bc9c625d9c94659746.png_srz_p_512_512_75_22_0.50_1.20_0.00_png_srz

In the words of Lady Anda herself who was extremely gracious and generous to give the Galactic News Watch Team a direct interview “..Last evening, after the Clan Council, there was a disagreement between two employees of the clans. Unfortunately, this disagreement escalated into a conflict. A Hutt was injured the fighting. However as Hutts are terribly resilient and long lived beings, they are expected to make a full recovery very shortly. During the disagreement, two Jedi interceded. This intercession caused the fighting to escalate resulting in the injury of several Hutt employees, and a Hutt lord. The fighting became intense enough that as the Council person to Nal Hutta, I called for martial law and requested the aid of the military to sieze control of the building and regain control. The Hutt employees in question are being held for interrogation, and the jedi saboteurs are currently incarcerated pending questioning and sentencing for their involvement in yet another attack on the Hutts Sovereign Government”

It is clear that the Hutt blame the Jedi for the escalation in violence by interfering in internal Hutt affairs.

The Hutt believe quite strongly that the actions of these two individuals are backed by the Kalway Order of Jedi despite Jesma Pearl having been stripped off all rank as Dro Plund currently serves as a Council Master of the Order.  In the words of Lady Anda ”

“The Hutts, myself personally, were told that the attack on a foreign dignitary, committed by Master Pearl was not to be tolerated, and that she had been excused from the order for her actions. Yet last night we saw her, with another jedi from the same order, openly interfering with a hutt internal matter. What else are we to think? We have clearly been deceived.”

Lady Anda had this to say when questioned on the motive for the attack “”well… we will do what can be done to determine that. I do find it interesting that with the recent ratification of the Federations new laws and the coronation of their new leader, that their force sensitive enforcer mercenaries, the Jedi order, have redoubled their efforts to undermine what could be seen as an emerging galactic power. Really, I think the motivation is quite clear. I would encourage either the Federation or the enclave to speak with us on this matter lest it become a much larger conflict. That said however, they will need to contact us before they arrive as we will not be tolerating any Jedi within hutt space until the matter is resolved.” Lady Anda added “..Yes, we would be most open to a Federation delegate who’s designs are not nefarious. However at this point, we are cautious to do any kind of negotiation with either the Enclave or the Federation. Their motivations are quite clear and we would be fools to permit them another opportunity to harm the Kajidics, or the people of Hutt space.”

Lady Anda was however reticent on the fate of the two individuals ” I’m afraid I cannot give details as to the fate of the two Jedi. They will be interrogated, if they are found guilty of crimes against the people of Hutt space they will be tried (sic).”

The Hutt Lord who was injured in the conflict is expected to make a speedy recovery due to the inherent resilience of the Hutts however the reconciliation between the Hutts and the Kalway Order of Jedi will not be easy as Lady Anda had this to say “..we as a people and as a sovereign government have been attacked and undermined by a foreign body of political saboteurs. Is there a proper reconciliation for that? Our law demands blood for blood, but as the Hutt lord who was injured is currently unavailable to claim his right of vengeance, the future of our relationship with the order and the federation remains in question. I fail to see how such an egregious action can be simply bartered away. We attempted such a peace offering the last time the jedi interfered with us. We will not be as lenient this time.”

Clearly the Jedi would have a lot of work to do if they are to resume relations with the Hutt Kajidics as Lady Anda says “..Any apology that the Jedi wish to make to calm our rage should be significant if they want to come to the table with us. As of now, we are not entertaining the thought of peace with these mercenary cultists.”

In closing Lady Anda had this to say “”I will state that the Hutt Kajidics are now stronger than ever. Those who have chosen wisely to seek our counsel and ally themselves with us are prospering notably. We are strong, our allies are strong, our will and the loyalty of our allies is un-bending. Hutt space is sovereign and welcoming to all nations and governments who seek us with proper respect. Those who act against us, and seek to undermine us, they will be reminded why the Hutts have been a dominant galactic power for all of recorded history. We would advise these galactic powers to use proper discretion when dealing with us. The Hutts and the people of Hutt space are not a force to be trifled with and dismissed. We were here at the beginning of creation and have seen entire species rise and fall, we will be here when the galaxy ends. We are the Lords of our domain and any who would presume to threaten that will learn why the name Hutt is feared.”

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