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moderator_001Today at the Galactic Federation of Free Republic (GFFR) Congressional meeting the floor was open up by Moderator Ehob’jani who said, ” the IGO has reported starting operations regarding the enemy and until they have something to tell us, that’s as much detail as they’re going to get. Now we come to pitches for the Chairperson position, all applicants, I believe there’s just one at the moment, but that might change if others decide the policy platform they hear is egregious enough they them selves want to run, anyway, let’s hear some policy pledges.”



The candidate unopposed for now is the Senator from Yavin IV Senator Tiplaria.

She said, ” Greetings senator of yavin_001senators. As you know at the last meeting, I talked about running as chair or vice chair if the former chair runs again. I talked to her and she plan not to run again, so I will step up as your candidate for chair. to my right, is Maiasar if I should win, she will take my place as Yavin IV’s senator. As chair, I plan to devote my time and talent to work for the citizens of the federation. To have a open door policy to all members of the federation. to have an open free trade with our Maiasar_001allies. To help support growth. I plan to set my office here on Yavin IV but will continue the meetings on all the planets and moon that are part of the federation. I plan to put the GFFR first but still be a leader that will provide aide to our allies. If any senator have any question for me I can answer them now.”


There was one question from the senator from the Republic of Balmorra who was Senator Nox.

nox_001Nox clears her throat then speaks clearly “You say you plan to open free trade but can you elaborate what you mean by that, cause I don’t see how trade will grow if costs are not covered.”

Tiplaria responded, “Tiplaria said, ” I will have a economic policy of not discriminating against imports from and exports to foreign jurisdictions. Buyers and sellers from separate economies may voluntarily trade without the federal government applying tariffs, quotas, subsidies or prohibitions on their goods and services. This does not mean that each planet or moon can’t not set up they own taxes it just mean the federal government will not.”


There was no follow up question from Nox. The Moderator move on to other congressional business.

Ehob’Jani asked, “Alright, if that’s it for questions for Tiplaria, I now ask if anyone would like the vote to be put off to next session to come up with more questions or if the chairperson vote should occur now.”

Senator Cymiria from New Alderaan raised her hand was called upon by the Moderator

Senator Cymsenator of New alderaan_001iri ta said, “We should wait to next meeting before we vote. This will give us time to make up our minds if we have not already before we vote. I would also suggest that if no one else comes forward to be candidate be side Senator Tiplaria by time we vote at the next meeting then they are out of luck.”

It was voted on that voting for the new chair will be at the next session. The moderator asked for any other business there was none so it was voted on to close this congressional session and the next session will be held in two weeks on New Alderaan, Sunday at 2 PM SLT unless notified otherwise.

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