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Coronation of Princess Passion Kira

Steps of Onderon’s past as they move on to their future horizon:

ChihSnapshot _ SW_ Generations - Japrael Sector - Onderon - Closing3aru Onohara begins by saying citizens of Onderon and visitors of the Galaxy, we are gathered here for the most important ceremony of Onderon’s traditions. To crown a new monarch. Onderon’s current monarchy has stood for over four thousand years. It began with the Ancient Dark Lord of the Sith, Freedon Nadd. It continued with many descendants all trained under Freedon Nadd’s leadership. King Ommin and his father and grandfather before him, and Queen Amanoa. Then the Dark Side was vanquished on Onderon and Queen Galia ascended the throne, soon marrying Oron Kira, the leader of the beastriders that dwelt in the jungle. Their marriage ended millennia long wars and brought peace to Onderon. Though it was not to last. Soon the Mandalorian wars ravaged across the Galaxy, beginning right on our moon of Dxun. Onderon was liberated by the Republic, and Queen Talia ascended the throne..

“A few decades pass and the galaxy is again thrown into a war to overthrow the tyrannical Galactic Empire. The war raged on for many years until the final battle took place on Onderon, where Luke and Leia Skywalker managed to end Emperor Palpatine’s reign of terror for the last time. The damage had been done, the monarchy was thought lost and the recovering Jedi took up residence here to try and piece Onderon back together after such massive

“Prior to the war with the Galactic Empire, the Separatists took over our planet. We were betrayed by one of our own, the Bonteri family! They removed our rightful King from power and placed Sanjay Rash on the throne! Thankfully, Steela and Saw Gerrera lead Onderon’s citizens to revolt against this false occupation, with the help of Lux Bonteri. King Ramsis Dendup was returned to his rightful place in the Onderonian monarchy just before the war with the Empire was to begin! Just before our monarchy was lost.”

Chiharu Onohara turned to the reigning Queen and bowed low, then returned to face the crowd. “It was then that Valara Kira came to us from the far reaches of the galaxy, a Kira returning home from being lost for centuries. Her blood was tested and her claim to the throne validated and she was crowned rightful Queen of Onderon by the Jedi who had been looking after the planet. But peace was not to last for the new queen. The Jedi, discontent with their sudden loss of power, turned to the dark side, and waged a civil war against Queen Valara. In the end they tried to destroy the entire planet and caused mass extinction events around our world. But our Queen was prepared, taking flora and fauna from the planet beforehand she was able to re-seed our world in a massive planetary reconstruction effort. The dark Jedi fled to unknown regions of space and Onderon began to thrive once more.”

The Crowning of a Onderon’s new Queen

Chiharu Onohara gestured gracefully to the knelt Princess, “Now we have her daughter, Princess Passion Kira. The Queen has proclaimed her ready to ascend to her rightful place on the throne and take up leadership of the Onderon people and the Japrael sector. To prepare her we anoint her with the Oil of the Sun.” she turned towards a small covered box near her and lifted the cloth covering, revealing a golden bottle, which she took in her hands. “Samples of molten rock were taken from our sun Japrael long ago and ground down, and an oil made with the mixture. It is a rare substance, as we are unwilling to take any more of our precious sun than what is needed.” she held the bottle up so all could view it, before she turned to face the princess. She opened the bottle and dipped her fingers in carefully. “I anoint you, Passion Kira, with the oil of our Sun, so you may ascend to the position you were born to.” she rubbed the oil in the shape of a round circle, their sun, on Passion’s forehead.

Chiharu Onohara capped the bottle and placed it back in it’s display case, which was immediately whisked away by Palace guards to the vault. She then approached another covered box. Lifting the cloth from this one revealed the Crown. She picked it up and stood behind Passion, holding it aloft. “Here we have the Royal Crown of Onderon. The two horns represent the beasts that so dominate our world, as there are still even today more of them than there are of us. The disc in the middle represents the sun, which the Onderon people worshiped for many thousands of years and it is still a great part of our culture even today. Together they complete the symbol of leadership and stability for our people.”

Chiharu Onohara ceremoniously lowered the crown onto Passion’s head, not removing her hands until she was certain it was secure. She took a step back and bowed before her, “Rise Queen Passion Kira of Onderon. Long may you reign.”

The future course of Onderon by the mother and her daughterSnapshot _ SW_ Generations - Japrael Sector - Onderon - Closing

The crowd cheer and shouted and chanted Long may you reign. Passion Kira stood up, holding up the scepter to display it before those gathered. She smiled at the gathering crowd, bowing before them all. “I vow to look after my people as long as I shall live. I hope I can rule as dedicated as my mother did before me.” Valara Drayen-Kira walked up to the crowd, placing a hand on her daughter’s shoulder. “Long may she reign!” she said, in an elevated voice. “Many of you I am sure are wondering why my daughter is taking her place as Queen now, rather than upon my death as is customary. The truth is we have a great announcement to make. One that will affect the galaxy as a whole!” she then continues, “First of all I would like to thank you all for coming. We are having a ball with plenty of cake and booze after this is over and you are all welcome to attend for dancing and conversation.” she continued, “As for my big announcement, the reason I am stepping down as Monarch is because I am moving to larger tasks. Since the Sith all but destroyed the Republic in Coruscant, I have decided to work on a reformation. We will be bringing back The Republic to once again, a stronger Republic. With the Grand Army once again taking it’s place as the Grand Army of the Republic. We will be based on the planet of Chandrila, and hope to usher in a new era of peace and security. I will be taking my place as a Senator of Onderon while my daughter leads the people here at home.” Passion Kira smiled at her mother, stepping forward a bit. “Onderon will be the first to join this New Galactic Republic. Many more planets have come forward to join after we sent our Ambassadors to them. We are hoping many more will soon follow and once we are set up will elect our first Supreme Chancellor.” Valara Drayen-Kira nodded at her daughter, “This concludes my announcement. If you have any questions or are a planetary representative who has interest in joining the New Galactic Republic, I will be happy to speak with you at the ballroom.” she replied, then politely nodded at everyone, before heading inside and up to the ballroom.

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