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Dark Lord Vaskar Bann Call to Arms

[Vaskar Bann] Dark Eternal Fleet (Profile Picture) 1

GNW travel to Saraphin where we spoke with Dark Lord Vaskar Bann, who told GNW he had call to arms to make.

When asked what was his call to arms, He want on to state, ” I, Vaskar Bann, am seeking able bodies who wish to be something more than they are, to come to me and speak to me about joining an Elite Battalion under my guidance, both force sensitives and non force sensitives may come, As i am planning an expedition on my own accord and require a fair amount of troops. So, I call for arm of men and women to adorn the Uniform loyally, and be part of a grand picture in the galaxy. Under the name of Seraphin Empire. as my own Elite Battalion”

GNW then ask what is The Elite Battalion and he told us that The Elite Battalion is in essence, his own personal army, and that He was loyal to the Seraphin empire, and that there was a clear understanding between him and Seraphinus that he had his own goals as well. He continue on to say, ” after all I am his Inquisitor, my loyalties lay here. All those who come under my battalion need not worry of attempted betrayal to the seraphin empire, but they will need to show loyalty to myself. we do not operate ad past Sith have and betray for power…. loyalty is rewarded. failure, punished. simple.”

He also told GNW that The Elite Battalion will be paid and the amount of payment will be based on the level of skill the individual offers, placement in rankings, as well as their specific duty. Also all credits will be handled accordingly and transfered automatically upon completion of the duties. that he had some training skills he could teach on defense and offensive for non force users but all required to use the saber pike and that he will be provide to them.

Dark Lord Vaskar Bann finally remark as we close was, “To all those who seek to join these ranks, Look forward to a long line of possibilities, hard work, and great rewards. And get the honor of serving under the Seraphin empire.” GNW will keep you up to date on more of the Elite Battalion as it comes.

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