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THE REMNANT – Does the Sith Race still exist?

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On the request of a person named 1Vergil1, GNW travelled to an uncharted and hence unknown planet . There were astonished to meet an ancient race of Sith who were created by the Dark Lords of the Sith a thousands years ago to be a replacement of the current sith if they were all wiped out.

new sith_001 1Vergil1 said, ” The planet we are on is a planet that has been in secret for hundreds of years. Our race is ancient and one of the original prototypes created by the Dark Lords of the Sith. Thousands of years ago they created us to increase themselves Just in case they were ever destroyed so that the bloodline could live on. Our civilization has been kept in shadow by some of the greatest force infused technology ever made, but Unfortunately the galaxy is changing due to certain shifts in the atmosphere. Some of our advantage Technology has gone dormant allowing our position to be revealed. This disturbs us greatly as we strive to remain unknown.”

1Vergil1 told GNW that they were instructed by the Dark Lords of the Sith, which he also calls the Gods to remain hidden but due to the fact that their technology is now breaking down it seems it can’t be helped that their existance and location is now being revealed.

1Vergil1 also informed us that his people are asleep in deep stasis and that he was awoken from stasis because of the malfunction. He He told us that some of the others are still asleep and that they were not scheduled to wake until all the current sith were wiped out.. Also we learned from him that the malfunction of the technology prohibited the download of information their minds needed to pick up from the fallen Sipat and veg_001th civilization.

1Vergil1 said, “Since I have awoken, I have attempted many times to use the force of the old ways to interact with our technology, but my many attempts have failed. The others can not awaken from stasis until the proper technology is used to fixed the problem. The weather changes in space above us has meddled with this planet and caused a great punch hole in our ways. normally one is awoken and the awakened wakes the others through the technology. I too was in the same stasis as they, but only I and a few others have awoken. Our original plans were to wake after the old Gods were destroyed and then learn their history and apply it to our lives. See we were made in a laboratory located in the upper levels of this area not far from here. We were made by a mixing of their DNA genes and force energy. the midichlorians and other enhancements to be stronger then they were but we was held in sleep by the Gods and meant only to arise if they should fall…it seems they have fallen since I do not see anyone resembling their faces since I have woken.”

1Vergil1 told GNW that “I hope to find help from a trustworthy company that could aid us in fixing our technology lest we wither and die with the old Gods of the sith if we do not get the planet fixed soon, I feel we will need to flee from this planet and seek out new worlds or die…. if you know of others like us, or have the power to help us fix our broken world, I will grant access to the security systems once i recognize who is here.”

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