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A Daughter and Mother reunited

Vice Chairman Pjaysiv and her lost Daughter Pelora Panteer_001Nearly 800,000 children are reported missing each year. That’s more than 2,000 a day. 57 percent of them come home alive and 40 percent are killed. The rest remain open cases. It is great news when a child is found and is brought home like the family GNW had the pleasure to speak to today. GNW was asked not to give the location of the family because of the fear that the child may be taken again.

Vice Chair Pjaysiv Panteer of the GFFR told us that before she got into politic, she was married to a Jedi and their home was on New Alderaan. She goes on to say after two years of marriage, they had Pelora. Then she jumps head to tell us how Pelora was taken. she said, “My husband and I was attacked by Sith. Though my husband tried to hold off the Sith, there was too many for him to handle. He was killed and I was left for dead and my daughter Pelora was taken.”

Pelora Panteer has no memory of what happened that day all she does remember is that they hurt her with light sticks as she calls it and blasters.

Our story continues with Vice Chair Panteer telling us how she found her daughter. She goes on to say that she was at the Senate meeting on Nar Shaddaa when the building was attacked. Being informed that they were in a safe place, she said she continued the meeting. After the meeting, she and another person who I am told will remain anonymous, found a young lady name Angel. Angel was badly wound and was rush to Mos Espa because the medbay on Nar Shaddaa had not been rebuilt yet.

Pelora Panteer who was going by Angel at the time told GNW that she didn’t know who attacked her but said she was at the Embassy on Nar Shaddaa because something kept telling her that she had to go to that place and that something or someone was looking for her.

On Tatooine in a medbay on Mos Espa,  Angel was fighting for her dear life. She had lost a lot of blood and to make matter worst the medbay on Tatooine was low on blood supplies. Vice Chair Pjaysiv Panteer allow her blood to be tested.

It might seem like blood is blood and it all looks pretty much the same to the naked eye. But although all blood contains the same basic components (red cells, white cells, platelets, and plasma), not everyone has the same types of markers on the surface of their red blood cells. These markers (also called antigens) are proteins and sugars that our bodies use to identify the blood cells as belonging in our own system. There are 4 different blood types. The most common blood type in the population is type O. The next most common is blood type A, then B and the rarest is blood type AB. The blood type of the donor must be compatible with the recipient. The rules for blood type in transplantation are the same as they are for blood transfusion. Some blood types can give to others and some may not. Blood type O is considered the universal donor. People with blood type O can give to any other blood type. Blood type AB is called the universal recipient because they can receive an organ or blood from people with any blood type.

The immune system produces proteins known as antibodies that act as protectors if foreign cells enter the body. Depending on which blood type you have, your immune system will produce antibodies to react against other blood types.

If a patient is given the wrong blood type, the antibodies immediately set out to destroy the invading cells. This aggressive, whole-body response can give someone a fever, chills, and low blood pressure. It can even lead vital body systems like breathing or kidneys to fail.

While testing Vice Chair Panteer’s blood, the medical droid discovered that Angel was the daughter of the Vice Chair. Pelora Panteer told GNW that she didn’t expect the results and that she is still is in shock of the news. Vice Panteer told us that she hasn’t been with her daughter in a long time and she plans to reconnect and that she was glad to get a second chance. She goes on to say not many families who lose a child can say that. Pelora Panteer is hoping that the Sith that took her will never take her back.

If one of your children have been taken, the best way to get them home safe is to get the child’s holo image in front of as many eyeballs as possible as quickly as possible.

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