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Death Watch Attacks Onderon & Princess Held Hostage

I traveled to Onderon to meet with the Queen of Onderon Valara Drayen-Kira and discuss the recent happenings regarding Death Watch, the destruction of some shield generators, and more importantly how the Death Watch is holding the heir to the throne, Princess Passion Kira hostage.

The Queen reported that Death Watch, using terrorist tactics, destroyed the two shield generators that protected Onderon, one on the planet’s surface, which needs to be completely rebuilt, and the one in orbit, which needs extensive repairs. The one in orbit will be repaired sooner, but only protects the capitol city of Iziz. The one on the surface, which protects the planet, will take months to rebuild.

GAR has been moving its fleets into orbit around Onderon to protect the planet while it remains vulnerable without its shield generators. I asked if Death Watch had a fleet to pose a threat to GAR and the queen didn’t believe so due to the terrorist tactics Death Watch employed. However she said that in the past they’ve employed allies to help them and that they may be doing the same now.

When I asked if the queen had any speculation on what allies Death Watch might call on, she mentioned that there were ISM banners still hanging outside the base the Death Watch are occupying, “Well there are banners of the ISM hanging up all over their outpost on Endor. While I have not really confirmed anything, it seems that may be one possible ally. I have spoken with the Sith Emperor on this matter and he says that Byss has no intention of aiding the Death Watch against Onderon, as neither of us really wishes to go to war with the other for the sake of the catastrophic level of lives being lost. The Hutts were under suspicion of being allied with them as well, but we cannot confirm that yet either.” So, we’ll see who the Death Watch find to help them.

GAR is not the only defense available to Onderon. The queen had this to say when asked about additional allies for defense, “We have the Galactic Jedi Order here as well as the Mandalorian Clan Ordo, led by Nicci Ordo who did not turn Death Watch with the rest and seeks vengeance upon those that did. I believe the Death Watch have made a serious error attacking so formidable a force, and hope to see justice delivered to them in the end.” She also indicated that there were more allies than just those she listed.

It has been confirmed that Princess Passion is being held at this base occupied by Death Watch on Endor. The princess, outraged by GAR’s lack of action on behalf of one of their soldiers, decided to try and rescue him herself. She challenged the Death Watch leader to a duel that if Passion won she’d take Lieutenant Nades with her and they’d both be free, but if she lost, she would be taken in the Lieutenant’s place and he would still go free. Death Watch leader, Reeza Ordo agreed to this and won the duel, taking Princess Passion Kira hostage and releasing the Lieutenant.

The strange thing is that Death Watch has yet to make any demands regarding the Princess’ release. Queen Valara says that she is pursuing diplomatic options to try and secure her release, but she didn’t wish to divulge details of the channels or with whom those diplomatic talks would be going through for security reasons.

Let us hope all goes well and that the Princess is safely returned and Onderon remains safe from attack.


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