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Deportment of the Nighsisters bring clan mother to Yavin IV

It was difficult to be granted permission to write this article, but persistence paid off.  I approached Clan Mother Kainel as I saw her disembark a shuttle along with a female Jedi.  I never got the identity of the female Jedi, but she made introductions between Master Atlantis and Kainel.805ae8_62f7c82e39f34a919ba76586ef085256.png_srz_p_675_338_75_22_0.50_1.20_0.00_png_srz

Atlantis said that she’d spoken to some nightsisters on Endor last week and some demands were made, but she didn’t elaborate on what those demands were, but said that she’d given those demands to the Council, I’m presuming she meant the Kalway Jedi Council.   She expressed her desire to avoid war.  Atlantis said that she’d heard the issues started from a padawan from the Kalway Order being persuaded to join the nightsisters clan and it being the last straw.  There was mention of bounty hunters coming here and attacking the Mandolorian base and that somehow being related to the charges against the nightsisters.  According to Atlantis, this resulted in one of the nightsisters bringing back a ship full of dead bodies and there was an attack on the Kalway archives.

Kainel then explained some things from the nightsisters’ perspective. “I seem to understand the situation a slight differently than that, Master Atlantis. The squabbles between Nocturne and the mandalorianare nothing new, the fact she brought it to your grounds was not proper, but hardly a reason to permanently remove them, especially when it was the Mandalorian that initiated the combat. …”

Atlantis mentioned that the Kalway Order hadn’t seen any problems with the Mandalorians’ behavior.  She also said she could tell that Kainel had been unaware, prior to things heating up, that there was a conflict between a nighsister by the name of Nocturne and the Mandolorians.  Whether the Clan mother was really unaware of this conflict this reporter cannot say.  Atlantis mentioned that the Mandalorian base had been attacked.

Kainel replied, “Yes, Tyber was attacked to collect a bounty and then Nocturne. It is unfortunate it happened upon your grounds, but again, to call them terrorists and mass murderers is a bit out of line. They shared your circle with you for some time to have earned that title. ”

Atlantis emphatically denied ever having called the nightsisters terrorists or mass murderers.  She mentioned that though they have different beliefs, she considered Tyber and Nocturne of the nightsister clan to be her close friends.  She, however made the point that when you come to a place as a guest, you respect that laws of that place.  She stated that the laws were broken by the nightsisters and they were asked to leave peacefully. “It didn’t call for the burning of archives and those innocent civilian that were on that ship.”

Kainel then went on to explain the motives behind some of the actions by the nightsisters, “… She burned the archives to divert the attack on Asha and Tyber. You were there, where you not? I do understand laws being broken, but equally they cannot just allow themselves to be attacked and do nothing. Here is where it gets unfortunate. In the heat of the moment so much gets lost in translation. …”

Atlantis mentioned, “I was also told by Nocturne that Lady Asha would take over if their demand were not met and that our entire enclave would be dead by her. …”

Kainel then dismissed this mention of threats by Nocturne, “Nocturne speaking out of anger, the times you’ve spent with her, would you expect that anger to manifest into anything but emptiness? …  As for your innocent civilians. I’d like to think of all the enclaves, the KOJ knows quite a bit of our culture. We’ve been visited many times by your clan. Wouldn’t you agree?”

Atlantis then said, “Yes we visit many of times. I don’t think our enclave had a problem with the entire clan of nightsisters. It was just those who were here visiting Yavin. I am just one member of the jedi council. I also wish that there was some way we can settle this peacefully without it going as far as it is going now.”

Kainel nodded to her, “Me as well, it is why I am here.” she professed .”However the one thing that has me upset through all of this is that you do have knowledge of our customs and our practices. Yet it seems they were purposefully disregarded. Asha came to Yavin on her own ship, yet rather than using that she’d be placed on a shuttle full of males. Why not use her own ship unless it was to purposefully disgrace her, surrounding her by the lesser gender? Now… I’ve written it off to another heat of the moment overlook, but her dishonor had to be remedied. Whoever put her on that ship instead of using her own is responsible for the safety of the passengers.”

So, it would seem that some of this was due to a lack of respect for the nightsisters’ culture.  I’ll leave it to readers to decide if Asha’s response was an over reaction to the slight.

Atlantis explained that she was off world at the time, but that she would never have put Asha on a ship full of men like that, if she’d been present.  Atlantis said she’d returned to Yavin in time to see the battle and the archives building on fire.

Kainel responded with, “I do know that this was more than it seemed. I do know you show respect to our customs. It is why I am here speaking to you. We often misunderstand what we see when first looking at its face value. Had Asha been placed in her own ship I’d not be here now. It is unfortunate as we do not wish to get on any side of a conflict. Our neutrality has served us well and shall continue to do so in the future. So now that we’ve aired some of this, how do we proceed. I defer to your custom on this.”

Atlantis said, ” I am only one voice of the council. I think that you should present yourself to the council to pose this question to the whole body and then we can move from there. I can tell master Iria will not be here until some time later.”

A Mandolorian interjected,  “As a side note, it was two of your council masters that decided the dar’jetii should be deported on that ship in the first place.”

Kainel appeared to loathe responding to this comment by the Mandalorian, but did so with, “You see my dismay in this occurrence, Mandalorian. The council members should know our customs well enough not to do such a thing. It is what led me to believe it was purposeful though I am willing to hear their side of this.”

Then somehow, it dissolved into the Mandalorian and the Clan mother remarking on members of each others’ clans running off and leaving comrades behind.  While this was going on, it was agreed that Master Atlantis would try to set up a meeting for Clan Mother Kainel to meet with the Kalway Council and discuss this matter further.   And then, after that was settled that there would be a meeting set up, the Mandolorian and Kainel continued a little more back and forth where there was a disagreement as to which of their clan members drew first blood and initiated the entire conflict between them.