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Dominion Assault on unknown Imperial Fleet

Anoat Siege - Hanger LandingGNW was able to get an onboard footage of an attack on a small unknown Imperial fleet. Several drop-ships breach the hanger that just deployed every fighter it could. Cannons clear a few troopers before the doors on the ships open and heavy-armored Assault team jumped out. Among them there seem to be a few individuals wielding lightsabers attacking a legion of stormtroopers. As the assault forces, move forward, the squad of stormtroopers started running for the lift but was unsuccessful as the lift was locked down by their own. Once the stormtroopers was taken out by the assault forces, A slicer was used to slice into the lift to get it active again.

Once the lift was active, the assault force rode to the next floor where they were met with heavy resistance. From the footage, we could see that assault force were facing more troopers as well as Sith. The assault force was victorious against their opposition.

From our sources, we learned that the assault forces that attacked the unknown imperial fleet were a group calling themselves Dominion. A former para-military group run by some Shistavanen extremists. Now with Agir leading it, who inherited the group from his grandmother.Anoat Siege - Corridor Agir-vs-Sith

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