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Fai’ra Tereschenko is allegedly in prison for Treason

Fai'ra Tereschenko_001 GNW interview a prisoner on Yavin IV. An Amaran by name of Fai’ra Tereschenko who was picked up and question by the Grand Army on Onderon. After being questioned, GAR transfer Mrs. Tereschenko to Yavin IV where she is being held right now waiting for trial. When GNW herd about Mrs. Tereschenko, we wanted to get her side of the story. When we met Tereschenko, she was in her cell meditating. After introducing myself, she told me who she was and I began to ask Mrs. Tereschenko some question. One of my questions was why was she being attained.

She told me that the events surround the Sarapin empire and GFFR conflict was the reason. She told me that during that time she was a soldier for the empire because she was made to fight in the name of the empire and had some regrets for doing so. I have seen Fai’ra Tereschenko on Bespin. So asked her aren’t you a citizen of the Federation? Why would you help Sarapin?

She said, “Remember the piece you did about Bespin pulling its ties from the GFFR it was a deal that was made between my dad and the Emperor of the empire. I also made a deal of my own when I found out that Emperor was my grandfather. He told me if I helped him bring down the GFFR, he would spare Bespin. So I joined the Sarapin empire as a mercenary for hire.”

GNW followed the next question about how she got captured and place in this cell on Yavin IV. She said, “Well… They found out I cFai'ra Tereschenko2_001ommitted war crimes and treason I was captured by means of force as I hid behind my security droid.” She told me she threw someone against the wall and then got her snout beaten in and she had to have surgery done after one of the bones in her snout was dislodged by a trooper of GAR called Snooper. We ended our interviewer with final remarks by Mrs. Tereschenko. She said, “I did what I did to survive and what I did I deeply regret and I hope that the GFFR and the galaxy can forgive me.”

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